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Tyrannian Infantry Weapons and equipment.

L145A1/A2 Standard Service Assault Rifle.

Weight: 3.32 kg, 4.35 kg fully loaded magazine and add-ons.
Length: A1: 999mm, stock extracted, 758mm, stock folded. A2: 860mm, stock extracted, 615mm, stock folded.
Barrel Length: A1: 480mm. A2: 318mm.
Ammunition: 5.5645mm.
Action: Gas-operated (short-stroke gas piston), rotating bolt.
Rate of Fire: 730RPM.
Muzzle Velocity: 860m/s.
Effective Range: 830 meters.
Maximum Range: 980 meters.
Feed System: 30-round detachable box magazine or a 100-round C-Mag drum magazine.

LA125 Designated Marksman Rifle.

Weight: 3.58 kg, 4.41 kg with fully loaded magazine and add-ons.
Length: 990mm.
Barrel Length: 410mm.
Ammunition Type: 7.6251mm A-HP-SAP.
Action: Gas-operated (short-stroke gas piston), rotating bolt.
Rate of fire: 320RPM.
Muzzle Velocity: 995m/s.
Effective Range: 870m.
Maximum Range: 1,015m.
Feed System: 20-round detachable box magazine.

LA85D Adaptive Combat Weapon System.

Weight: 2.92 kg, 4,24 kg with fully loaded magazine and add-ons.
Length: 1,000mm, varies.
Barrel Length: 450mm, varies.
Ammunition: 5.5645mm/7.7x54mm, varies.
Action: Gas-operated (short-stroke gas piston), rotating bolt.
Rate of fire: 935RPM, varies.
Muzzle Velocity: 960m/s.
Effective Range: 600m.
Maximum Range: 890m.
Feed System: 20, 30-round detachable magazine or a 100-round C-Mag drum magazine.

LP1A5 Personal Defense Weapon.

Weight: 1.2 kg, 1.9 kg with fully loaded magazine and add-ons.
Length: 638mm.
Barrel Length: 180mm.
Ammunition: 4.630mm.
Action: Gas-operated, rotating bolt.
Rate of fire: 950RPM.
Muzzle Velocity: 735 m/s.
Effective Range: 270 meters.
Maximum Range: 350 meters.
Feed System: 20, 30 or 40 round box magazine.

L5D Semi-Automatic Pistol.

Weight Standard: 2.7 kg.
Weight Up-sized: 2.95 kg.
Length Standard: 23.50 centimeters.
Length Up-sized: 26.70 centimeters.
Barrel length: 116.8 mm.
Magazine Size: 8 rounds.
Maximum Ammunition: 40 Rounds or 5 magazines.
Operation: Short recoil principle.
Ammunition Type: 12.7x40mm Semi-Armour-Piercing High-Penetration/.50 magnum rounds.
Effective range: 20 to 40 meters.
Maximum range: 40 to 70 meters.

L6C/SOCOM Semi-Automatic Pistol.

Weight Standard: 1.8 kg.
Weight Up-sized: 2.7 kg.
Length Standard: 22.86 centimeters.
Length Up-sized: 26.7 centimeters.
Barrel length: 155.4 mm.
Magazine Size: 12 rounds.
Maximum Ammunition: 60 rounds or 5 magazines.
Operation: Short recoil principle.
Action: Double action only.
Ammunition Type: 12.7x40mm Semi-Armour-Piercing High-Penetration/.50 magnum rounds.
Effective range: Between 30 and 50 meters.
Maximum Range: Between 60 and 115 meters.

L11AG-160 Point Dart.

The L11AG-160 Point Dart is a man portable fire-and-forget missile with a lock-on before launch and automatic self-guidance.

With a range of over 11km the missile is designed to take out a wide range of aerial targets such as helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and light supersonic fighters under 4,000 feet.

The missile can also take a top-attack profile against armoured vehicles and a direct-attack mode to serve in an anti-structure and infantry role.

AC-565 Advanced Crew Served Weapon.

The AC-565 is a box-fed grenade machine gun with smart shell capability. It is lightweight and designed to be two-man portable, as well as vehicle mounted. The AC-565 can kill or suppress targets way out to 3,370 meters, and is designed to destroy light to medium weight armoured vehicles, light watercraft, and helicopters.

The AC-565 has the ability to fire airburst rounds which make it much easier to bypass walls protecting enemies that could cause unnecessary collateral damage if fired upon directly. Operators do not have to shoot through the wall, just through an opening or over the top to kill the people behind the cover, leaving the structure of the building intact.

Integrated Soldier Equipment Technology.

Integrated Soldier Equipment Technology is a project by the Tyrannian Army, which aims to greatly enhance the standard infantry man's combat effectiveness.

The goal is to integrate a modular system of all equipment, weapons and their sighting systems, radios that the individual soldier carries or uses, in order to increase his or hers overall effectiveness on the battlefield.

A major complement of the project is a new upcoming tactical communications systems, which gives secure communications to the troops on the ground, allowing for simultaneous transmission of voice, utilizing a wide range of new technologies to achieve network-centric warfare capability. To improve fire team and local commanders' awareness of the situation.

The project also includes areas such as route planning, enhanced physical endurance and GPS locations, survivability includes armour covering self-protection against small and heavy caliber arms and nuclear, biological and chemical agents.

The project particularly focuses on the infantry squad in combination with its transport vehicle, providing the squad with network centric capabilities, power supply and allows data transmission. The vehicle's should have the necessary weapons and equipment on board so that elements can be selected from the modular system.

AVW-9 Jericho Missile Launcher.

Nation of origin: The Fascistic Autocracy of Riysa.

Weight (Launcher): 2.2 kg
Weight (Loaded): 10.3 kg
Length: 1.00 m
Ammunition: Tandem HEAT, Thermobaric.
Caliber: 120 mm
Muzzle Velocity: 265 m/s
Effective Range: 800 m (with VMT sights)
Maximum Range: 1.00 km
Sights: Iron, Variable magnification telescopic, Laser.
Yield: 900mm RHAe behind ERA, 1000mm RHAe if ERA absent (tandem-charge warhead).

Stormcoat Body Armor.

Nation of origin: The Fascistic Autocracy of Riysa.

New Tyran bought 10,000 kits of Stormcoat body armor to supply to their reserve forces such as the militia and military police.



The Stormcoat is designed to provide maximum protection to the torso region; thus, it encompases the entire torso. It provides protection from the neck to the waistline, and even has extended shoulder coverings. As such armor is generally heavy, extended deployment with heavy armor will place strain on the body of the soldier. To help with this, the Stormcoat armor is shaped and padded in key areas, such as the lumbar region, to provide an ergonomically sound structure. In addition, low-weight materials are present, to increase mobility. To reduce any vulnerable spots, particularly at the sides, the Stormcoat operates as a single piece, although it is offered in varying sizes. The end result is a high-performance, high mobility, armor suite providing protection against both bullets and shrapnel.


The Stormcoat is a composite armor, comprised of multiple materials. It is in fact, quite simply layered. The primary layer is of "TiDi" ceramic plates, backed by "Dynamo".

The first layer of Stormcoat is an encompasing set of "TiDi" ceramic plates. TiDi is short for Titanium Diboride, a ceramic similar to titanium carbide. Titanium diboride is one of the hardest materials available, with up to 35 GPa Vickers - almost hitting the 40 GPa limit for classification as a superhard material. It has a very high melting point of 3225 C, while being completely resistant to oxidation up to 1100 C. Titanium diboride, while being extremely strong, is in fact a lot lighter than most ceramics - nearly a fourth the density of tungsten carbide, and nearly half the density of tungsten disulfide. Although denser than silicon carbide and twice that of boron carbide, the two most common ceramics in use with body armor, tungsten diboride has vastly improved hardness compared to either of those two, in effect allowing much less tungsten diboride to be used in manufacturing compared to virtually all other ceramics, keeping both the weight and the cost down.

The next layer of protection are sheets of "Dynamo". "Dynamo" is a type of UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular-weight polyethylene) fiber. UHMWPEs are a subtype of thermoplastic polyethylenes, which have extremely long molecular chains composed exclusively of carbon and hydrogen, and have molecular weights in the millions. UHMWPE fibers are made up of these long polythelene chains, and derive their strength from Van der Waals interactions between each molecule. Individually, Van der Waals bonds are very weak; however, as each chain is incredibly long, many of these interactions occur between the various molecules, causing inter-molecular strength to be high. Owing to its simplistic chemical structure, UHMWPEs are resistant to water and atmospheric moisture, UV radiation, and most chemicals, making it incredibly durable under most battlefield conditions - even during chemical attack. "Dynamo" has a high yield strength - 3.0 GPa, and a specific gravity of 0.98. This is in fact not highly exceptional, as armor-grade UHMPWEs have yield strengths generally around 2.4 GPa and specific gravities less than that of water. The resultant strength/weight ratio is over 15 times that of steel, and much more than that of aramids such as Kevlar.


Stormcoat has multiple layers. The first layer is a hard shell made of TiDi. The purpose of this layer is to immediately disrupt the path of the projectile and release/dissipate its energy. Unlike SAPI inserts, which rely on fragmentation to help achieve this effect, Stormcoat acts in a much simpler way - just let the projectile hit a hard-enough material, not unlike how tank armor operates. While titanium diboride ceramic plates are extremely effective in this situation, the amount of energy released upon impact is guaranteed to cause adverse conditions to the soldier wearing the armor, such as being knocked back to the ground. To prevent any harm from coming to the soldier, multiple Dynamo sheets back the TiDi hardshell. Dynamo itself is very strong, and its properties cause any stress to be distributed throughout all molecules "in touch" with each other, via Van der Waals bonds. Thanks to multiple Dyanmo sheets in contact with each other, the force is distributed evenly, reducing the impact felt at a single point and keeping the soldier upright. Thanks to this configuration, the Stormcoat can provide protection against 12.7 x 108mm rounds travelling at 860 m/s (roughly equivalent to a .50 BMG travelling at 950 m/s), while remaining only 6.0kg in weight overall. Please note though getting hit with multiple high-velocity heavy rounds in short duration of each other - such as that from a machine gun - will more than likely knock the wearer down to the ground.