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Nation: The Franco Kingdom of Trimainia

Capital: Pari

Important Cities: Pari, Bastagone, Maginot, Brest

Government Type: Total Monarchy

Head of Government: King Pierre II

Head of State: N/A

Economy Type: Mixed

Population: 60 Million

Military Size and Description: The Trimainian Military has never been the top of the food chain. They are much more reliable when focusing on defense. And, with the new fortifications that were completed in the Maginot mountains, they are more capable of doing it by garrisoning the mountains. Her navy is dominated by Trekan ships, with a helicopter carrier, aircraft carrier, and battleship being what's left of the old navy and being the only thing home-grown by the Trimainians. Her airforce is capable but is somewhere in the middle of the chain. Total: 100,000 Enlisted Personel

Ethnic/Racial Group(s): 50% Anglo, 25% French, 15% Minachian, 10% Other

Language(s): English, French, Latin

Religion(s): All are recognized and equal/no established state religion

GDP: 3,756 Trimainain Credits, 626 Million Trekan Dollars

GDP Per Capita: 248,778 Trimainian Credits, 41,463 Trekan Dollars

HDI: .909

History/Factbook:(N/A) None/Ask me and I can storytell. If someone wants to write one, let me know, but I'm not going to.

Map Claim: I'm already on the map

Geography: Mountains on the border, forests, and plains inside the country

Climate: Trimainia generally enjoys cool winters and mild summers

Status within the region: Minor Power

Role-Play Sample: N/A

Additional Information: I've been here for a while, and I used some of the information provided by Treka to make my app. 1 Trekan Dollar = 6 Credits.

The sitting government of Trimiainia is under heavy dispute. In its base and sitting sense, it is a total monarchy in which the reigning monarch makes use of advisors to make fair and important decisions that affect the entire country. At a local level, the local governments follow a United States-style of State Gov -> Country Gov -> City Gov. While the local governments have authority, their authority can - and often is - overruled by the Royal Government that sits in Palace Vari (Ver-ahi) in Pari, which was the historical seat of the older monarchy that was abolished at the beginning of the modern era.

The culture of Trimainia is that of a Franco-style nation. With a majority of the French people in the interior of the country and the majority of the Anglo people on the coastline - languages matching the ethnic regions. The Franco people hold a large majority over the political system and the large businesses. But, the primarily Trekan colonist descendants of the coast hold the majority of sailing and labor-intensive jobs, including that of the navy and marines. In essence, Trimainia is a cultural mix of a nation.