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New Ladavian Constitution

New Ladavia
Capital: Ninvoth
Motto: Fortitudinem per Sapientia

Constitution :
The sovereign state of New Ladavia proclaim its sovereignty and ensures the rights of Freedom, Justice, Equality and Protection to all who reside in our bounds.

Article I:
I: The ability to draft legislation is vested in the House of Representatives.
II: Each region may elect a number of members proportionate to the region's population where each member of the
house of representatives can only represent 100,000 people.
III: The House of Representatives shall choose their speaker by the majority on the first
session of the House of Representatives. (If a tie arises then those another vote will be
held although only consisting of only those candidates)
IV: The speaker shall have no vote unless the house is equally divided.
V: To impeach the prime minister the house must have a two-thirds majority
VI: If the prime minister signs a bill put forward by the house then it is signed into law.
At this time the presidential veto may be used
VI: A two-thirds majority is required to overturn a veto
VII: House members may opt out of voting.

VIII: The House shall have the power to:
-Set taxes
-Set value and weight of currency
-To trade and regulate commerce with other foreign entities
-To declare war and call for peace
-Lay duties and tariffs
-Draft legislation

XI: No region shall have the ability to raises duties and tariffs, enter with an
Alignace, Treaty, Declare war unless attacked or form an Alignace with any other region

XII: The decision to go to war and call peace must have a major majority (2/3)

Article II:
I: The executive power is vested into the prime minister who shall serve the state for three
II: The prime minister shall be the leader of the party with the most seats in the House of
Representatives. Each seat is decided by a direct vote by the residents of the region

III: If there is a tie of the number of regions the candidate controls(has been voted in)then
the decision will go to the previous house

IV: The prime minister will have the executive decision on all matters of diplomacy but cannot pass treats, trade deals,
tariffs, without a majority in the house

V: The prime minister will have the power to veto any law but that veto may be overturned by a majority in the House

The Republic of New Ladavia