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The Para-Verse Hub

    Welcome to the Future.

    Everything sucks and you're probably going to die.

    If you haven't already been kidnapped by some horrible eldritch cultists, you're being eaten alive by mutant cannibals. You might get lucky and just end up experimented on and probably murdered by a rogue government agency. Maybe you'll be wiped out of existence by some spatial anomaly, or gunned down by junk-robots or secessionists.

    No matter what happens, everything is trying to kill you.

    The universe is a product of some ancient lovecraftian war before time even existed, Earth is constantly threatened by extraterrestrials, and you're probably getting doped up by drugs in the water. Every conspiracy theory is true, and odds are that the only person that really knows what's going on is the gibbering homeless man out in the street, ranting about the end of days.

    Welcome to a world where the paranormal exists, and thanks to an explosion at Area 51, everyone's finally started to figure that out. Nobody's quite sure how or why it happened, but it rattled windows in Vegas and effectively broke reality across hundreds of miles of Nevada desert. The government, doing what it does best, locked the whole area down and shot anyone trying to get in or out. It worked about as well as you might expect. Now, it's called the Containment Zone, and it's the lynchpin that broke the entire masquerade. The same masquerade that had kept the paranormal hidden for thousands of years.

    Now, the supernatural is out in the open, and people have to deal with it.

    Welcome to the Para-Verse. Enjoy your stay.

    The Para-Verse is an ongoing writing project, conceived by New Grestin with contributions from True Refuge, Kentucky Fried Land, Wallenburg, Tayner, and Relikai, along with other writers involved with THE ZONE. It was created with the intention of producing quality written content within a shared, loosely connected universe. Said universe centers around a world where the paranormal was once hidden, but no longer is thanks to the events leading in to the THE ZONE Survival Roleplay.

    The Para-Verse was created to provide an existing universe for future roleplays that required little prior knowledge of the lore, as well as to deconstruct and subvert common science-fiction and horror tropes. Essentially, it is to provide a toolkit of preexisting characters, backstories and the like for future roleplaying projects.

    If you would like to contribute, or you have questions, comments or concerns, please contact New Grestin

A series of short stories and supplemental material taking place in and around the Para-Verse.

Updated November 7th, 2017

Supplemental Materials collected by the The Pandora Initiative regarding anomalous activity within the Containment Zone and around the World.

Updated November 18th, 2017

Supplemental Materials collected by the The Pandora Initiative regarding other realities and the anomalies therein.

Updated December 8th, 2017

A collection of art created by Para-Verse Writers


An in-universe blog run by a freelance investigator for DARKNET, an organization dedicated to exposing the truth.

Updated December 5th, 2017

The first Roleplay set in the Para-Verse. A surreal, paranormal road trip into the savage heart of the Containment Zone.

There are a lot of secrets at the bottom of the ocean, and some secrets should stay buried

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