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Sons of Adam

The Sons of Adam

Chairman: Vens Verbum
Vice-Chair: Rivine
Secretary of the Party: New Gandor
Recruitment Officer: Vacant

- Vens Verbum
- Rivine
- New Gandor
- The American German Imperium
- West Sovessaria
- Guelder
- True Northern Empire
- Vrijstaat Limburg
- Marvinton
- The Reddington States

Founded: 11/10/18 by Vens Verbum

Seats in the FCN Senate

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The Sons of Adam Policy and Beliefs:

Border Security: This past year, the regional population has exploded like never before. As our population increases our influence, power, and prestige increases with it, but so does threats. In response, we must continue to enhance and build our border security to ensure the safety and progress of our great region.

Crusades: The most danger threat to the FCN is it's leftist enemies who spread their lies and propoganda throughout NS. Their power and control in NS both regionally and in the World Assembly has gone unchecked for many years. This has lead to oppression, destruction, and persecution to conservative nation's within this region and abroad. Many peaceful attempts at finding middle ground have been tried before ending with little to no progress being made. It is time to rise up against the leftist menace and purge them from our midst. It is essential for the survival of our region and our like-minded sister regions we lead a new crusade against the enemies of freedom.

Against the World Assembly (WA): Recent events have shown our region how truly corrupt and evil the WA is. It has outpoured liberal propoganda and routinely over stepped its authority. Of course, the ones who have suffered the most from this is conservative or even right-leaning nations. Any WA proposal promoting leftist policy must be struck with extreme force and any delegates proposing such proposal are chiefly responsible and should be met with a similar amount of force.

Alliances: With conservatives being a minority in NS it is crucial we seek out allies and like-minded comraderies whenever possible. However, these alliances should only be made if they benefit the region as a whole and present minimal threat to security.

Building a Community: As our region grows it is vital we build a thriving community that welcomes the regions many new nations. Many former regions failed at such a task and as a result are mere shells of their former glory.

Pro-Gun It is a God given right of each individual to defend their life, liberty, and property. We support the right to bear arms. It is impossible to find a gun control law that has worked to reduce the rate of crime, the supply of firearms to criminals, or an increased amount of safety to the public. Furthermore, the regulation of firearms stems from the state's fear of citizens with firearms. The right to bear arms is paramount to preventing the rise of a tyrannical government.

Pro-Life: We oppose abortion and euthanasia

Encouragement of Judaeo-Christian Practices The Judaeo-Christian worldview is the foundation of all Western society. Without such beliefs, the West would of never rose to such prominence and today's conception of inalienable rights would have never developed. Any beliefs that are contradictory to such views are an enemy to the State and Western Civilization as a whole. It is the duty of every nation to ensure, encourage, and enforce the Judaeo-Christian Worldview in order to ensure peace, stability, and unity.

Laissez-faire Economics: It is the God given right of any citizen to engage in commerce. The only time one's activity should be 'limited' is if that particular action violates the rights of another individual. It is essential that such a philosophy take place within a States market place. Laissez-faire econmoics is the foundational ideology for all capitalist markets in the West. To ensure a successful and thriving nation the State should remain limited in their regulation of the economy.

God bless the Federation of Conservative Nations!