by Max Barry

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The Thriving Lands of
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Male of the cisgender variety. Sexual degenerate of the "B" classification. Devout atheist. Apprentice historiographer. Pretentious academic. Interwar culture fanatic.

The NFE can be seen as a deep, extremist parody of many of my views. Or just an enjoyable setting playing with some unique ideas. Either way.

Pro - Keynesian Economics, LGBT+ Rights, Individualist Feminism, LinkGeolibertarianism, Socialized Medicine, Technocracy, Progressive Democrats (US), "Soft" Imperialism, Greater Westernization, LinkLiberal Gun Club

Mixed - Marxist Theory (not Socialism/Communism), Zionism

Anti - Traditionalism, Austrian Economics, Neoliberalism, Fundamentalism, Nationalism, "Fascism" (a nonexistent ideology), American “Law and Order” (the most evil institution in the modern West), NRA, "politicization" of gun ownership

LinkHistory does not make for good evidence.

LinkTraditions often aren't worth the trouble.

LinkAcknowledgement is the key.

LinkIslam is bad. Muslims not necessarily so.

LinkProgressivism is paramount to prosperity and dominance.

LinkDon't ban guns. Ban the NRA.