by Max Barry

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Brief History

What if the Cold War ended? What if it didn't continue? What if the Soviet Union didn't pushed the U.S. to the brink?

Fearing the spread of communism, the U.S. aimed to defeat the Soviet Union through democratic means and interfering with foreign affairs. Détente was what they called it. They essentially quarantined communism in fear that it would infect the rest of the world. During the years the Vietnam war wrapped up and America was in a state of despair and turmoil, the red scare began to ware off. Sputnik became a novelty as technology and weapons advanced. People even hoped nuclear arms were going to be overtaken. Eventually in 1985, the Year the World Stopped, had world leaders Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev meet in Geneva the first time in decades. Reagan believed he would finally slay the beast, what a lie.

Nuclear holocaust began while the meeting was taking place and ended within one day. The U.S. was able to eliminate Gorbachev in Geneva before he escaped back to, what was assumed to be, a Russian wasteland and saved Reagan in the progress. The only few states not scorched remained on the west coast and California became the new capital. Reagan gave a speech that was lost to time but one line stuck out till this day. "This shall be our city, our new cyber-city!" No one knew what Reagan was smoking to come up with that. Through the years the fear of communism made many in the old state of California purely capitalistic for fear of becoming the monster that the Soviet Union had become. They only begged for protection like a child to it's parents when a monster appeared.

Thus the name stuck and the city spread, overtaking the wasteland. One city in one nation, New Cybercity. Technology of the future has been made and communism is something of a nightmare. Fat cats now rule the city and the rest of us eat the table scraps or bite the hands feeding us.

Freedom to do as we please, Cybercity is our home, our foreign place. Our paradise, our Hell. Our city, our nation.