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The Holy Empire of
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The Commonwealth of Nevertopia

The Commonwealth of Nevertopia

"Be critical of your role."

Established: Stardate 27-MAY-12020

The Commonwealth of Nevertopia, commonly referred to as Nevertopia, has a form of government known as an inoffensive centrist democracy. The beloved national animal of Nevertopia is the Almiraj. The economy of Nevertopia is classified as capitalist. The economy is tied to the strength and value of the Maro, its national currency, and is driven by government/state-owned industry where much of the population is employed in some capacity or another. Civil Rights and Political Freedom in Nevertopia is classified as accessible.

Within the region of the east pacific The Commonwealth of Nevertopia is considered a democracy. Nevertopia has taken on a peacekeeping and humanities role within the east pacific theatre and the World Assembly. The nation mainly focused on building trade agreements, genial geopolitical partnerships and establishing prosocial stances on world-wide policies or events. These progressive methods and a reputation around the world for having high integrity within it government has positioned Nevertopia within the hearts and minds of everyday people in many nations lending them a subtle yet felt influence on the world stage.

General Information:

Location: The East Pacific


Link"Be critical of your role."


National Animal:

Founded From:
Stardate 27-MAY-12020



1. a native or citizen of the Commonwealth of Nevertopia:
"I'm a proud Nevecian."


of, relating to, or characteristic of the Commonwealth of
Nevertopia or it's inhabitants:
"the election of a new Nevecian Prime Director."

Capital City: LinkYharnam, Mystra

Prime Director Aisling Duval

Major Religions:


Total Area:
Link7,692,024 km2

4,000 km

3,700 km

% Water Area:

Official Language:
Common, Sylvan

Time Zone:
+4 UTC

Drives On The:

Calling code:

Internet TLD:


While a variety of theories have been postulated for the etymological origins of Nevertopia, the name is now accepted as coming from the portmanteau of "Neverland" and "Utopia". In 12008, the future first Prime Director Autumnbirch fumbled the words together in an attempt to speak the English words Canadian refugees used to describe the settled area around the wormhole they entered through.

Canadian refugees later used the word Nevertopia to refer not only to the settlement but to the entire area subject to Archdruid Autumnbirch, mistakenly believing that to be the name Autumnbirch had given his grove; by 12020, Faerun books and maps had begun referring to this small region along The East Pacific as Nevertopia. By this time the Nevecian democratic assembly would constitute itself and officially categorize the nation as a "commonwealth", recognizing "Nevertopia" as its official name.


A brief History

In August 27 2094, an approximately 10m diametre stable LinkEinstein-Rosen bridge self-manifested in LinkDauphin, Manitoba where folktale entities and humanoid soldiers equipped with late middle age era armaments advanced out of the wormhole, causing massive casualties in an attempt to annex the local area. This would later be known as the "The Dauphin Incident". Immediately after the attack, the LinkCanadian Armed Forces launched a counter offensive, and repelled the invaders back to the wormhole and reclaimed Dauphin. To establish diplomatic relationships with the world beyond the wormhole and hold accountable the ones responsible for the massacre in Dauphin, the Canadian Forces, under orders by the Prime Minister, are to Linkestablish a military foothold within the other side.

On LinkEarth, the Linksecond cold war had escalated. The Linkfree states of America and Linkconfederate states of America were engaged in small military skirmishes over territory disputes brought on by a plague that wrecked havoc across their combined territory. The LinkEuropean Union had devolved into belligerent nation states fighting for preservation as LinkChina, landlocked by the Hong Kong-led South Asia Coalition, fought LinkRussia for Linkgeopolitical control over the entire continent of LinkAfrica. LinkCanada having fought off various annexation attempts by China, Russia and the former United States of America had become a Linkland-bridge battleground between the three superpowers on who could gain access to the Canadian Arctic shipping trade routes ultimately leading to the dissolution of the Linkunited nations.

Sensing weakness from the world powers on the Canadian war front, LinkSaudi Arabia inflated the Linkprice of oil worldwide to exert more international influence, the world economy would be plunged into disarray and would never recover. Due to a volatile Linkglobal stock market, and acute Linkglobal petroleum reserves stockpiling, and generations of Linkoverfishing, coupled with Linksevere marine pollution and the full affects of Linkglobal warming causing inprecedented worldwideLinkdroughts and Linksinking of coastal cities, it became self-evident that there was simply not enough exploitable resources left on the planet. This point in history would be known as Link"the resource wars."

Archdruid Autumnbirch, circa stardate
27 May 12220.
On the other side of the wormhole the Canadian soldiers found a Linkplanet inhabited by Linkneverland creatures such as pixies and dryads. Amongst these people was an elderly Archdruid treant named Autumnbirch who ruled over the land that the wormhole resided in. According to Autumnbirch, due to a great war between a magically advanced nation called LinkNetheril and the Linkgoddess of magic Mystra, breaches within spacetime had started opening up in the continent of Faerun, and various aggressive entities had taken this opportunity to cause as many casualties as a form of ritual sacrifice to the local pantheon's Linkmurder gods. Magic, gods, elves and access to parallel universes had been confirmed as scientific fact and the inhabitants of Earth could potentially build relations in Faerun to ease the worldwide conflicts over resources. The Canadian Forces promptly asked Autumnbirch to attend an emergency summit in Canada to explain their findings to Earth. Autumnbirch agreed.

Once Autumnbirch reached Canada, he answered various questions in front of international delegates about the Linkutopia he came from, its inhabitants and the anomalous form of energy he referred to as "magic". For the first time in half a century mankind had hope, but that hope had been extinguished as quickly as it was lit. Magic did not exist in LinkEarth's universe. Magic as Archdruid Autumnbirch would point out, was an artificial layer of the Linkfabric of reality that was weaved by the Linkgods to prevent their "realms" from dissolving into the LinkFar Realms, a primordial void that caused maximum entropy to adjacent universes. The universe which Earth resided in, he posited, did not have magic since it had no gods protecting it. The revelation caused mass outrage and dissonance within Earth's religious communities.

LinkGlobal conflict and Linkcivil unrest erupted overnight as religious nations lost international recognition and Linktenuous ethnic relations turned violent. The last overtly religious nations of Earth and their armies lead by the confederate states of America invaded Canada to destroy the other world on the other side of the Einsten-Rosen wormhole to reestablish legitimacy and as another attempt by America to annex the area. As a last ditch attempt to save her inhabitants, Canada ordered all its citizens to head to the wormhole and fully mobilized to protect its borders from sea to sea. After 42 hours and only a third of its total population transported to Faerun, military personnel in Faerun detected a Linknuclear detonation before the wormhole promptly evaporated.

Within the coming decades, Humanity and the inhabitants of Abeir-Toril within Archdruid Autumnbirch's grove would come to share their technology, magic and lives together. Humanity and Fey would give birth to Linkhalf-elves in their union, Linkdragonblood would mix with man, their children featured the claws and scales of their ancestors, and humans with Linklaguz parentage would be born with animalistic features and the ability to transform into a powerful animal based on their parental bloodline. Faerun was a primitive, medieval continent and the Canadians brought with them the tenants of civil rights, modern culture and democracy. Two-hundred years later this partnership would culminate in what The East Pacific would come to know today as the commonwealth of Nevertopia.


Located at the southeast peninsula of the East Pacific, Nevertopia is surrounded by the Pacific and the North Pacific oceans and separated from the West Pacific region by the Lazarus and Osiris seas. By land area including its large proportion of fresh water lakes, it is one of the largest nations in the region. Of Nevertopia's 7 provinces and territories, 5 border an ocean and only 2 are landlocked (LinkPelor and LinkJoestar). Ellesmere also sees most of the East Pacific's shipping traffic through the LinkDragon-vein Seaway which connects more eastern regions to the rest of the East Pacific by naval travel.

Nevertopia is consisted of 3 distinct forest regions covering up 42% of the land acreage available in its borders, made up mostly of spruce, pine and Linknetherwood. It is geologically active, having many earthquakes and potentially active volcanoes, notably Mount LinkGreyskull, LinkMount Moon and LinkMount "Big M.T." Big.

Average temperatures vary from region to region with winters being harsh ĭ̶̢͇̮̱̫̊̾͂͒̔͊n̴̹̰̙̠̘͈̋̽̉͘͜͝ ̶̹̦̝̙͈̉̉̏̄̿͠͝s̸̛̗̞̜̯̯̘͆̍̓̍̕o̶̟͍̬̅̊̊͑̽͜ṳ̴̺͂̏͆͊͒͒͝t̴̡̧͙̬̹̬̖̆͆̕h̵̻̮͇̼͍̾̈́́̕͝e̵̜̼͓̭͉̩̦̔r̸̫̞̖̖͕̄̒͊ͅn̷̖̟̄̈́̓͑̍ ̷̫͠p̷͔̅̒͒͆̌͜͠r̷͎̫̥̝̼̪̐o̶̢͙̫̱̭̥͒̍̇͆̎͗͜v̸̻̭̟̻̠͗̿̉͘͝ͅí̴̻̞͚͔́̔͊̚n̵̨̢̝̼͈̳̉̏͆̉̾͠c̵̢͕̖̈e̷̮͛̒͆̓s̶̘̠͕̰̽͊̐̔̓̆̕͜ ̷̳̜̄w̷͔̼̽͒̎͆h̴̛̤͔͉̋͂̇̚̕ĕ̶̫͋͜ŕ̶͍͍͖̥̓̃̎͜ȩ̶̗͓̠̀́́̂͘͘ͅ ̴̹͍̰̈́͝ḑ̵̜̳̙̊̽̓̋ͅa̴̧͖̜͈͆̐͝͝i̵̧̹̪̻̭͌̒̂͛̓̚͝l̷̰̓̆͗y̸̱̠͛̅̑ average temperatures are near -15c but can drop below -40c with severe wind chills. Snow can cover the ground for almost half of the year while northern coastal provinces have an average temperate of 20c with some occasionally exceeding 40c.

Government and Political Structure

Parliament Hill, home of the federal government in
Nevertopia's capital city, Yharnam.

Nevertopia is described as a Linkfull democracy, with a tradition of Linkliberalism, and an Linkegalitarian, Linkmoderate political ideology. An emphasis on Linksocial issues has been a distinguishing element of Nevertopia's political culture. LinkPeace, order, and good government, alongside an Linkimplied bill of rights are founding principles of the nation's political structure. Nevertopia has a Linkparliamentary system that is dominated by two major parties and three minor parties. The two major parties are the centrist-left LinkSummer Court and the centrist-right LinkWinter Court. The three minor parties are the LinkSpring Court, the LinkFall Court and the LinkSerenes forest party. Far-right and far-left politics have never been a prominent force in Nevecian politics and are strictly opposed by all parties. The leader of the party with the second-most seats usually becomes the leader of the official opposition party and is part of an adversarial parliamentary system intended to keep the government in check. This alongside multiple parties and Linkinstant-runoff voting keep Linkgerrymandering and political tribalism low.

Nevertopia has a parliamentary government based on the LinkWestminster system and has an elected Linkhouse of commons and an appointed Linksenate. The position of Prime Director is the Linkhead of state and typically belongs to the person most likely to command the confidence of the House of Commons; this individual is typically the leader of the political party or coalition of parties that holds the largest number of seats in the Commons. Seats in the House of Commons are distributed roughly in proportion to the population of each Linkprovince and Linkterritory. However, some ridings are more populous than others, and the Nevecian constitution contains provisions regarding provincial representation. As a result, there is some interprovincial and regional malapportionment relative to the population.

The Prime Director chooses a Linkcabinet and formally swears in his or her choice of candidates. Members of parliament may hold office until Parliament is dissolved and serve for constitutionally limited terms of up to five years after an election. Historically however, terms have ended before their expiry and the sitting government has typically dissolved parliament within four years of an election according to a long-standing convention. In any case, an Act of Parliament now limits each term to four years. The current Prime Director is Aisling Duval, the former Minister of Linksecurity, containment and protection of the previous administration and leader of the Spring Court of Nevertopia.


A LinkCD-2F Eagle, Nevertopia's main suborbital stealth
multirole combat aircraft. It comes equipped with dual
1D cannons, a 1F burst laser and 3C bi-weave shield.

Nevertopia is recognized as a Linkmiddle power for its role in international affairs with a tendency to pursue multilateral solutions. Neveropia's foreign policy based on Linkinternational peacekeeping and security is carried out through coalitions and international organizations, and through the work of numerous federal institutions. This has played a major role in the nation's global image in the last century. The strategy of Nevertopia's foreign aid policy is aimed at eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, universal primary education, gender equality and empowering women, reduce child mortality, improve maternal health, combat plagues, environmental sustainability, positive global partnerships and responding to foreign humanitarian crises.

The nation employs a professional, mandatory conscripted military force of approximately 300,000 active personnel and 1,200,000 reserve personnel at any given time. The unified Nevecian Forces comprise of the Nevecian Army, Nevecian Navy, Nevecian Air Force and Nevecian Arcanum. Its yearly military expenditure is around 15% of its yearly GDP and is expected to rise to around 25% within the next 10 years. During the last World Assembly inspection, it has been confirmed that The Unified Nevecian Forces are in possession of approximately 500,000 land vehicles, 1,000 Naval ships, 2,000 aircrafts, and 4,000 LinkWMD(a)'s which include 6 Linkpattern screamers, Link2 helvaults and 4 necropotences possessed by the Nevecian Arcanum.

Nevertopia's military strength is renowned in the East Pacific due to their access to several types of WMD's. These include nuclear, biological, chemical, radiological, hazard-memetics, and limited access to Epic Magic colloquially referred to as 12th tier spells. The lists of spells of this caliber available to the Nevecian Arcanum or their various casting restrictions are a closely guarded military secret but in the past Nevertopia has shown its capable of Linkterraforming, Linkweather manipulation and placing the entire nation under an impervious dome barrier for 8 hours. Nevertopia's standard military armaments are a mix of conventional, emergent space-aged and contemporary arcane. They have developed early Linkplasma-based ranged/melee weaponry, Linkpersonal piloted golems, orbital Linkspelljammer ships, an experimental weaponized AI(b), modernized spellcraft warfare, and technomancy.


A voltron crystal.

Nevertopia runs on a LinkRhine capitalist model and is within the 80% strongest economies in the world with a nominal GDP of 4.61 Maroes a year as of LinkStardate 12220-JUNE-20. As per 12220 international census, it is quite specialized and mostly made up of the Trout Farming industry, with significant contributions from Information Technology, Woodchip Exports, and Uranium Mining. State-owned companies are reasonably common. Average income is 55,562 Maroes, and evenly distributed, with the richest citizens earning only 2.4 times as much as the poorest. Nevertopia is in the top 10% least corrupt nations in the world and is one of the world's top 40% trading nations with a highly globalized economy.

Nevertopia is one of the few developed nations that are net exporters of energy and is rich with exotic power sources such as Linkdyna-therm "voltron" crystals and Linkargent energy. This coupled with investments in nuclear and renewable energies means the nation is least dependent on energy imports while being able to export its own in the market. Among its other exotic resources include the super-metals Linkmithril, Linkorichalcum and Linkadamantite. Mithril when alloyed possess two times the Linkstrength-to-weight ratio of LinkTitanium. Orichalcum alloys are known for their similar properties to Linkbrass yet having a markedly higher resistance to Linkstress corrosion cracking and Linkmelting point. Adamantite registers at 10 on Link the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, sharing other properties with Linktungsten, and often used in the construction of nuclear and argent reactors. The three super-metals are highly sought after by nations that are interested in developing their space programs, electronics and armaments among other things.

A focus on scientific advancement by the government has lead the nation to be within the top 25% most scientifically advanced in the East Pacific with ongoing research on the sciences and further understanding of magic producing modern marvels such as artificial intelligence, Linkmutagenesis, reality anchors, the afterlives studies and inter-dimensional travel. Several major technological firms in the East Pacific have built their headquarters in Nevertopia in hopes of developing the private space travel sector. Nevertopia's space program has not been made available to the public.


Nevertopia has one of the best-developed infrastructures in the East Pacific. It meets the requirements for high-tech business and international trade. The telephone system is state-of-the-art and supported by a satellite system and 300 relay stones. There are also 5 international underwater cables. ̸̨̛̮̞̱̻̱͑̎͑͐͝͝ In addition, there are 750 Internet providers. All major cities.̵̳̲͒ ̶̡̢̗͙͎̦̙̱͇̺̏̒͜͝ have Linkhigh-speed Internet capabilities and it is estimated that 5 in 7 Nevecians have internet access. Nevertopia's communications infrastructure involves a Link"cyber-border" where international in-traffic is partially blocked and regulated to prevent cyber attacks by foreign entities as seen during Earth's second cold war.

Nevertopia's internet is divided into 3 sections and are divided into kid-friendly, universal and adult to help the populace regulate personal online consumption. Websites as part of registering a domain must classify as one of the three. Providers can reclassify at a later time and cannot change classification for a minimum of 1 month. Kid-friendly domains are aimed towards children and are heavily regulated to ensure safety. Universal domains makes up the majority of the internet and is what one would typically expect when browsing online. Lastly the adult domains are host to adult entertainment such as adult sexual videos and gambling. Those violating their domain guidelines are fined per infraction and may lead to incarceration.

Critics argue that the Nevecian Cyber-Border impedes international online dialogue and that it holds Nevertopia down economically by prohibiting firms the use of certain services that they use. Another important argument a̴̢͓̤̖̜̘̗̺̮͚͎̞̥̬̾̽̿̊͂̽͝g̴̢̨̮̗̬͓͔͕̹͕̗̹̥̼̊̋̏͆͂̄͋͜a̷̢̝͇̟̱̝̝̟͈̺̜͔̳̲͓̒̾̓́̕i̷̧͕̹̜̳͖̟̙̖̺̚ṋ̵͕̮̗͉̥͍͔̣̟̍̎̆͆̍͆͊̿̊͘s̸̤̻̀̍̀͠ṭ̷̹͓͚̱̹̥̝̱̠̘̉̌̀̊̿̓ ̷̡̟̤̰̪͂̈́͋̃̅̈͌̒̎͊̾̀͂̀͝t̴̛̛̙̩̱̞͍̖͇̰͕͓́̈́́͆̃́̀͌̿̓͘ͅẖ̸́̈̽͘e̶̙̰̘͕͉̖̝̿̓̍͑́̚̚ ̴͙̫̹̬̣̌̈̎͜C̴̨̻̟̞̰̟͒̾̄͋̄̚ỵ̸̨͎̠͍̥̠͈̮̬̲̼̥̊͜b̴̢̭̬̭̪̥͙̪̺̮̀̀͜ͅę̸̫̼͕̼̲̞̠͖̙͙̼͈͈̿̋͌̐͐̿̅́̆̋̾̐̒̑͗ͅȓ̶̛̯̦̗͍̮̈́̄͐̒̒̉̌̌͋̾͝͝-̴̭̦͌͂̿́̔̈̋͌̇̕͘͝͝͝B̸̨̰̤̝͓̠̾̒̃͆̒̑̆̒͌͋͐͝ͅͅo̵̱̞̣̿̊̀̎͛͊̉̏̓̆̋ŗ̵̜̰̤̻̙̰͔̗̈̓̓̂̀͋ḑ̶͚̭͍̰̥͇̻̣̳̗͌̉͂̈̅̈͝e̵̢͖̙̹̣̘͗͊̾͗̓́́̈́̾̀́̚r̴̢͙̤͖͖̯̦̲͚̘̫͕̗̹̍͗̓ͅ ̷̢͍̹̝͔̣̠͒́̌̀̎͗̾̿̓͆̋̚̕͘͘͜ȁ̵̳ṉ̴̩̦̱̲̥̲̽̽̈̏̂͋͂͝ḑ̸̡̳̼͍̗͉̱͗̿͒̏͒͑̽͋̌̓͘̚͝͝ͅ ̸̘̹̟͇̣̍̉̒͛̀̀̍̍̿͐̚͝͝ͅf̴̝̬̮̠͋̔̏̉̿̐͊͘̕͠è̸̢̳̙͇̰̖̆̅̊̊̍̄̊͝ȃ̷̢̯͒̅̈́͊ŕ̸̨̛̜͕̯͎̗̱̞̠̟͋͆̾̌̆̓̇͝ ̶̗̺̠̦͉̰͓̉́ͅt̸̗̟̬̬̝̾̀͑̒͒ḥ̷̈́̑̔͑͜͝a̷̤̻̅̀͊̈́t̷̫͈͕͈̼̐̚ ̸̳̝̆̉̂̄̍͌͑̋̄̓̚͘̚͝the critics have is that if other big countries begin following Nevertopia's approach, the whole purpose of the creation of the Internet could be put in jeopardy. If like-minded countries are successful in imposing the same restrictions on their inhabitants and globalized online traffic, then the Linkfree global exchange of information could cease to be. The government addressing these concerns is ongoing.

People and Population

Nissa Beleren (27), a half-elf adult female.

Nevertopia is a Linkbilingual nation, the most widespread of the two being "Common", a magical language that possesses the unique Linkmemetic property of allowing any sentient creature across all realms to speak and understand it from birth or on initial exposure. The other official language is "Sylvan", a language typically spoken by those with origins from the Feywilds such as treants, and laguzes. It possesses the same memetic property as Common for Feywild creatures but unlike Common, Sylvan is not universally translated. It can still be learned like any other language. Other minor languages typically spoken by the Nevecian people are Elvish, Draconic, Giant, and the Far realm language called "LinkEnglish". English possesses the unique property of being the complete opposite of Common where no sentient creature can speak or understand it at birth or initial exposure, it can only be taught, further distinguishing its alien origin.

Nevecian society is known for its Linkequal marriage laws, Linkuniversal healthcare, Linkcompulsory organ harvesting for those of adult age and parental licensing. A period of Linkmilitary service is compulsory for all citizens. LinkCannabis and Linkshrooms may be legally purchased and private industry is permitted within a market-based economy. Its people's demographic is composed of half-elves and hu�mans as the majority, followed by a mixture of Linkgoliaths, dragonborns, satyrs, pixies, dryads, nymphs, treants and laguzes. Nevertopia's culture draws influences from its broad range of constituent races, and policies that promote a "just society" are constitutionally protected. Nevertopia has placed emphasis on equality and inclusiveness for all its people. LinkMulticulturalism is often cited as one of Nevertopia's significant accomplishments, and a key distinguishing element of Nevecian identity. As a whole, Nevertopia is, in theory, a cultural mosaic—a collection of regional ethnic subcultures.

Nevertopia is religiously diverse, encompassing a wide range of beliefs and customs. Nevertopia has no official church, and the government is officially committed to Linkreligious pluralism. LinkFreedom of religion in Nevertopia is a constitutionally protected right, allowing individuals to assemble and worship with few limitation or interference.The practice of religion is now generally considered a private matter throughout society and the state. With Mekhanism and Ortothanism in decline, Nevertopia has become a post-religious, Linksecular state. The majority of Nevecians consider religion to be unimportant in their daily lives, but still welcome the influence of the benign gods of the pantheon.





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    • Lalena, Arpeggio El (12217) "Adamantite, Mithril, Orichalcum and their Applications". Doctoral Thesis. Alnus Hill University

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�̸͎̞̑̌̾̐͂͒̐̏̏̊́̆̇͠ͅ�̸̢̛̖̼͎̮̠̳̝̜̏̑̏͒̾̒̎̚͝ͅ�̸̡͎̠͇͈̱̫͉̯̼̪̗̠̫̃͂̒͆̅͑̓̐̍̈́͌̈́ ̵̘̘̬̃̎̔̇͂͐͑͐̏ ̷̞͖͚̪̦̭̦͑̓̈́̎̉ͅ ̴̨̧͓̖̦͎̟͍̖͇̩̳̜̘̜̈́͗̀̽̚ ̸̣̗̼͚̰̫͔̜̪̰͌̐̍̄̀̂͗ ̴̞̪̪̆̌̈́͗͆͌̿̏̌͒̾̚͠͝͠ ̶̡̨̨̙̼̱̳̞̘̭͓̜̗͎̭͍̒͆̐͛̅̚͘͠ ̸̲̤̀̽̑͊̈́̊͗͘ ̴̭̯̐̇͆̊́̆͋̄̾͊̈̀͑̋̈́̕ ̶̡̡̯̙̘̥͚̟̫̠̟̇ ̸͙̠͍̲͖̇̿͗̆̕�̶̟̩̫̗̅̈́͑̌̊̂̉̈́̓̄͂̆͘͝�̴̧̖̫̺͎̮͚̲̟̻͖̝̊͂́̄͛͋̇̾͐̍́͜ͅ�̷͖̮̥̰̖̞̫̯̼̪̠̭́̏̊͐̅͌́͌̚�̴̨̢̡̡̛̜̩̗̯̟͖̤̠̬̣̜̃͊̓̃̓̐̌̇͜͠ͅ ̴̥͍̰͓̟̲̺̗͔͙̫͖͎͚̖̍̑̌͋̎̔̀̌̇̈̓̓͑̚͜͝͠ ̷̧͈̹̒͑̇͗̈̑͊̑̉̊͗̑̕̕͜͝ ̶̧̡̝̗̟̦̳̖̽͜ ̴̡̨͔̺͌́͛̌͋̈́͛̅̀͊͜ ̶̢̧̼͓̲̞̜̝̩̎͊̍̾́̏̃̋̄̓́͝ͅ�̷̢̡̜̥̠̩̟̬͚̰͎͓̼͓̉̀̇̀̎̕ͅ�̷̧͖̮̫̹͚̟̈́͜ ̴̧̧̝̩̝͕̦͋̍̉̌͆̓͗̍́͒͗͐͋͘͝ ̵̧̢͚̠̣̭̲̜͖͙̝̓̌̈̌̍̉͊̈́̀͊̃͌̀̄̒̈́̀ ̸̢̧̘͍͉͚̠͍̠̗͕̗̟̇ͅ ̷̢͚̬̗̙̣͙̲̱͕͈̠͉͎̆̽͊ ̷̡̛̯̘̠͉̗̹̝͇̭͍̪̇̀̂͠͠ ̸̗̀̎̂̈́̐̀͛̾̽͘ ̶̨̛̬̥̫͓͉̙̝̻̪̖̫͇̟̾̊̎͑̕͜ ̵̨̖̺̠̙̘̲̤̹̦͖͔̬͊͆̇̎̔͐̆͝ͅ ̴̨͉͓͎̲̠̑̓̏ͅͅ ̵̧̢̭̟͚̳̆̔̈́̿́̊̂͌̕͝ͅ�̸̟͙̲̼̱͖̞̰̦̖͉̝̝̬͍͋̑̿͆͊̄̃̋̐̑́̚ͅͅ�̸̮̹̥̥̦̮̈͊̀́̕ͅͅ�̷̧̢͉̫͖̯̫͖͙̬̘̳́̎͐̓̈́̈́̒̍̇̐́͊̐̇̕̕͝�̷̛̳̰̭̥̗̦̼̝̻̲̗͙̌̉̀̓ͅͅ�̷̹͕̥̝̘̻͎͇͔̞̮͚͑̍ͅ ̴̢̛̟̥͎͖̭̝̝̇͛̄̏̏̀̈́̈́̂́͐̍̓̒͘ ̵͚̺̥͉̼͎͉͍̖̤̫͉̜͕̘͊͆ ̴͍̦̺̠̋̿ ̵͈͕̫̗̘̟̱͑͐̏̃̓̄̂͒͛͠͝͠ ̶̛͚̹̃͆̊̔̂́̔̅͗̇̕͝ ̸̡̢̪̻̬̺̜̻͇̜͎̯͔̳͕̦͌͊̅ ̷̨̡͉̼͈̮̟̼̙̄ ̴̛̘̈̈́̎̏̽̈́̈́
̸͕͉̂̅̀̂̾̄̈́̈́̽̑̎̃̆͐̊͘͜͠ ̷̩̅̎ ̸̧̜͓͉̺̥̠̬̻̺͙̜̆̒̀̐͌̓̋͐̑͒͐́̉́̎̈͜͝ͅͅ ̴̧̢̢̛̠̝͈̖̩̪̱͓̻̈́̋̒͒̒̓̆͋̾̎̇͐͘ ̴̧̜͈͙̳̹̭͕̬͇̅̌̎͝͠ͅ ̷̧̡̛̭̻̪̙̮̮̮̥͂̇̇̈̒̈́͑ ̶̢̱̣̘͖̱̞̝̈́́̀͂̓̀̅̀͆̓̎̉͋͝͝ͅ ̸̫͚͎̘̖͎̥͎̎̃̚͘͜ ̷̢͙̖͓͈͍̰̬͇̟̣̙̖͂̃͐͋̾̑̾̔͗̿͘�̶̡͈̳̞̻͑̅́͊͌̈́͌̏̅̇͋̎͆̄̌̚̕͜�̷͖͎͇͓͎͖͖̞̭̟͚̓̽́͆̇̾̉̃̉̍́̀̒͘ͅ�̷̢̪̱̪͈̺͇̟͙̭̲̦̀̚͜͜�̸̡̢͉̯̰̼̣̰̜̠͕̌́̍͗͌̂̓͒͆́͘�̸̹͈͍̦̱̣͙͈̲͙͓̥̟͇̹͚̼̈̐͑̌̿̏̍̏̏̎͂͘�̴̧͎̥̺͔̆̀̑̉̌̓̇̚�̵͙̗̍̋̐̌̈́̿̀̈́̄͗̈́͛̓̂̋̚͝ ̵̘̬͑̔͗̄͒̈́̄̿̒̈̇̌̽͜ ̷̖̰̝̹͉̭̥̺̀͗̒͐̔̿ ̶̤͍͎̗͔͕̖̞̖͐̉̽͆͛̾͆̈́́̆͊͝ ̵̭͉̜̯͖̗̽̄̎͂̈̔̋̐͆̉̊̃͌̚͘ ̵̢̯͍̭̣̯̭̹͕̱̤̳̠́͆͒ ̶̜̪̞̘̺̙͉͍̟̭̽̂͛

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