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The History of Neutral-Moresnet

On their quest to find a homeland for their people, the Moresnetians wandered around for more than two millennia. However, this strategy proved to be fatal, as the Moresnetians soon would find themselves to be split up into various groups in various places, being almost everywhere but never as a majority.
The Moresnetians, being spread around the globe, would often face discrimination by their respective overlords and usually formed smaller, Moresnetian communities rather than living among the non-Moresnetians. This way, the culture and language of the Moresnetians of different countries stayed overall unchanged.
Nowadays, everyone who calls themself a Moresnetian and shares the Moresnetian culture is considered a Moresnetian, despite their heritage. Furthermore, "being a Moresnetian" is said to be inheritable, even though it is not a genetic trait at all.

Only recently, after more than two thousand years of living as minorities across different countries, the Moresnetians decided to claim the lands of Neutral-Moresnet as their finally-found fatherland.
Over the course of only a couple of years, hundreds of thousand of Moresnetians moved here to live along their fellow people, bringing with them not only the Moresnetian, but also traditions and ideas from other cultures with them.
This led to Neutral-Moresnet being both an almost exclusively Moresnetian country but also to be extremely culturally diverse, which continues to influence the inhabitants' lives and views on other countries up to this very day.