by Max Barry

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The Commonwealth of
Corrupt Dictatorship

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At the end of the Neureichen Civil War the military leaders forced a comprise on the various factions. One part of the comprise was not to resolve the question of whether Neureich was a monarchy or republic. Thus the term Commonwealth or Gemeinwesen was chosen. The roles of head of state was given to the Statthalter, sometimes called Governor General. The role of head of government was given to a group of magistrates called Regents. Regents are appointed for life, and the Statthalter serves a term determined at the time of his appointment.

The Legislative Branch is divided into the Senate, the Legislative Council, and the Provincial Councils. Senators are appointed for life by the Senate or Regents. The various Councilors are elected through a complicated process involving the Senate, Regents and political parties.

In practice, the Statthalter, Georg Hagel controls the military and the political parties and the Regents are his most loyal followers. The Senate acts as a rubberstamp. All this results in a functional dictatorship.