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The Federal German Empire of
Moralistic Democracy

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AEH Application

NS Name: The Federal German Empire of Neu-Kaiser-Reich

Nation name: The Federal German Empire

Head of State: Kaiser Friedrich IV

Land Claim: Germany and Poland (present day boundaries)

Capital City: Berlin

Population: 121,220,000

Description of National Government: Semi-constitutional monarchy with single chamber national legislature called the Imperial Diet or Reichstag. All citizens 18 or older may vote.

Military: 300,000 (the total for Army, Navy and Air Force). National conscription for men and women at age 18. 2.5 years for men, 2 years for women. Combat branches not open to women.
Modern German equipment

Puppet of anyone in Geopolity: No

Ever applied here before: No

Brief history of nation:

Federal German Empire formed in 1866 after 1st Austro-Prussian War. King Wilhelm of Prussia chosen Emperor as Kaiser Wilhelm I.

Constitution adopted 1868

Franco-Prussian War 1871 (Do you have that here?)

1888: The Year of Three Emperors

Wilhelm I dies. He is succeeded by his son Friedrich III.

99 days later, Friedrich III dies of throat cancer. He is succeeded by his son, Wilhelm II.

1st Global War:

Germany fight Austro-Hungary and Russia The Russian Rodina (more on this if I'm accepted).

Women get right to vote in 1924.

Kaiser Wilhelm II dies in 1928. Succeeded by his son, Wilhelm III, who was Regent for his father from 1925.

Voting age lowered from 25 to 21 in 1932.

2nd Global War

Germany loses Konigsberg (Kaliningrad) to Russia (I'll clear this with The Russian Rodina if I'm accepted).

Kaiser Wilhelm III dies in 1951. Succeeded by his son Ferdinand I

Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm dies of cancer in 1967. His son Georg Friedrich becomes Heir Apparent.

Voting age lowered from 21 to 18 in 1978.

Ferdinand I dies in 1994. He is succeeded by his grandson as Friedrich IV.

Germany's best ally is The Eastern Latins. It's biggest enemy is, surprise, surprise, Russia The Russian Rodina.

(I'll fill this in more as I learn more about the other nations in the region)