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Political Parties

Progressive Democrats
The traditional giant of Nepharim politics, the Pro Dems, like many centre-left parties, owe their origins to unions and still maintain strong ties to labour movements today. They've consistently been at the forefront of Nepharim advances in social policy, and have ensured that Nephara remains a global benchmark in civil rights. Economically, they have a protectionist streak, and are wary of foreign investment - but on the individual level, they have always welcomed immigration to a large country that could fit a few more cities, and been generous in spreading the common citizen's rights.

The Pro Dems have always been a 'broad church', and sometimes an uneasy alliance between factions. In particular, they have struggled to wholeheartedly support recent movements towards globalisation, including the CRC - in a way, they're more traditional than their conservative rivals. But they are damn good at winning elections, and tend to find the political means to push through what they seriously care about - and that has always been the betterment of the common Nepharim.

The Nationals (formerly the Traditionalists) are nominally Nephara's conservative party, but are centrists by most nation's standards. They're more cautious about social reform than their terracotta rivals, and have generally not advanced them in government, though neither have they significantly repealed them. They consider themselves the party best-placed to work the compromise between Nephara's strong traditions of labour rights and domestic industry and the wide free markets abroad.

The Nationals have been at the forefront of Nepharim foreign policy for a while, and have made the most visible reforms from abroad - changing the flag (twice), changing the name, prosecuting both major Nepharim wars and joining the CRC. National governments have traditionally been outspoken and hawkish, and made it clear that Nephara will stand up for itself.

Liberal Alliance
The Alliance are a relatively recently ascendant force in Nepharim politics, an optimistic force in favour of globalisation, network-building and foreign investment. While in favour of steady increases in civil rights at home, mostly the Alliance wants Nepharim voices at the forefront of global politics. They've become an appealing centrist option without the baggage of history attached, and have surprisingly already managed to become a coalition partner in a ruling government. The Progressive Democrats are cautious of them due to an eagerness to deregulate and privatise industry that outstrips even the Nationals'; the Nationals are cautious of their social policies, but are probably the slightly more natural bedfellow. That said, Alliance support to the Pro Dems was crucial in pushing through the Universal Basic Income, streamlining Nephara's generous but bureaucratic welfare system significantly.

Moving Forward
The 'greens' party of Nephara, and a relatively recent arrival to the scene. While broadly aligned with the Pro Dems on most issues, they have been almost universally in favour of peace abroad. Their current major issue is an attempt to implement a carbon tax, but this is yet to be politically viable. They've managed to form ruling coalitions with the Pro Dems in the past.

The Libertarians were once a significant third force in Nepharim politics, and once produced a Margrave during the Confederate days. Their platform is fairly predictable from the name, and they've fallen out of favour over the past few decades, seemed to be a relic of the past. Their current claim to relevance stems mostly through standing up for provincial rights concurrently with increased globalisation.

A relatively recent party who stand, by and large, for a 'return to glory' - they wanted to be called the New Traditionalists, but found themselves blocked by the Nationals. They're in favour of broadly protectionist economic policy, increased provincial rights, largely freezing advances in social policy, and withdrawing from the CRC. There's more than a hint that some of their members wouldn't be averse to dissolving from the Union entirely. Their heartland is Crownsend, including the Laith.

Sex Party
A 'modern libertarian' party, originally a single-issue but growing to combine socially progressive politics with a laissez-faire approach to foreign economics. They've largely been obsoleted by the Liberal Alliance, and have now largely become a vocal supporter of free speech.

The appetite for Nephara to move even further to the left is fairly limited, but since a rebrand from the more... direct 'Communists', they've solidified into a small handful of seats.

The most prominent party to ever be struck from Parliament for 'promoting fascist rhetoric'. Honourbound were good to pick up a couple of seats in the Vale and Laith every election, but after showing suspicious sympathy towards the Corvidae movement, were swept away.