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Captain Evan Alexander.

Evan Alexander

Evan Alexander during his first day as an Alpha-1 Operative.

Evan Alexander, circa 2034.

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Captain of Mobile Task Force Alpha-1.

In office:
March 31, 2031.

Preceded by: [REDACTED]

Corporal of Mobile Task Force Alpha-1.

In office:
December 31, 2017.

Preceded by:[REDACTED]
Succeeded by:[REDACTED]

Personal Details


October 2, 1990.
Iowa, United States of America.



Political Party:

Neo-Unitary Party.


Annabel Michael Alexander


Alexis Michael Alexander.


Iowa Academic Institute.
- Degree in Mathematics.





"I swear loyalty to Simmons, and Simmons only!"
- Evan, after being interrogated by supernatural forces.

A sadistic Alpha-1 officer and a Fanatic supporter of Simmons, he believes that all should follow Simmons in the path to exterminating supernaturals.

Early Life

Evan Alexander was born in Iowa to a middle class family, he learned about Fascism at 5 years old, he learned about the UN falling at the age of 7 and swore revenge against those who had wronged the United Nations, in elementary he was often scrutinized and ostracized for his passionate, yet fascist beliefs, and he often espoused pro-human propaganda in his school, he had formed a fascist party in school, which caused several anti-fascist groups to form afterwards, and while in a debate several students broke into his room and started assaulting his friends and stabbing the teacher who debated with them, he murdered them in cold blood with a chair and hid their bodies afterwards, and helped the teacher recover from their wounds, and he developed a deadly aura around him due to his negativity and propaganda, which caused several students to cower in fear when they see him.

After graduating high school, he enlisted in the Neo-UN army and was involved in a notorious massacre known as the 'Bleeding Dawn', where he and his unit conducted killings against people sympathetic to supernaturals, he noted that he loved hearing them beg for mercy as 5.56 rounds killed them, he also has a record of their screams, and even forms accurate impersonations of the voices, and after Bleeding Dawn he led his unit in genocidal sprees against supernaturals and their allies, he was noted to often let them suffer before dying.

During Black Dawn he had met Simmons, who was a major at that time, Simmons and Evan had fought together and became friends, and as a result Evan was invited to the Alpha-1 unit at Simmons' request.

Rise in Position

Evan fought under Nathan's orders during Black Dawn, dealing devastating blows to anti-NUN resistance movements and dealing great emotional damage with his killing sprees, demoralizing several organizations and even making them split on whether or not defecting to the Neo-United Nations was a great idea, his tactics and his modus operandi caused the entire Neo-UN to respect him, and he was praised by Nathan, though was sometimes chastised on not being sadistic enough by other branches, he would normally take this as a challenge and start being even worse than last time.

Evan would eventually rise as commander of Alpha-1 when his commanding officer was shot in front of him, in his CO's last breath, he promoted Evans to the commander of the entire Alpha-1 Task Force, he was at first reluctant to use his position, fearing he would abuse it, but when Nathan assured him that Alpha-1 was to follow his orders, and HIS orders only, he started becoming well known for fanaticism to the Neo-UN and to Nathan.

When he became captain of the Neo-United Nations Intelligence Task Force, he started using Alpha-1 to cause, essentially, terrorist attacks, his first act being him mass murdering a regiment of Neo-United Nations Coast Guard troops and blaming it on the Forza Popular Galega Galician Rebel Organization, his next act was destabilizing an entire city in a gambit to gain permission to use Biological Weapons (Ebola, specifically) on that city for testing, then he sunk NUNNS Independence after it was revealed the Crew planned on transporting Supernatural Refugees to Africa.

He called this Operation 'Fear and Suspicion' unsurprisingly enough, he acted under clandestine orders from Nathan to destabilize entire regions and murder anyone who doubted the Neo-United Nations, he often used psychological warfare to extreme levels, his pinpoint accurate imitations of the voices belonging to someone he killed was but one of the tools he used as part of Operation Fear and Suspicion, he would often assassinate anyone he deemed as a 'Traitor', including ex-Secretary General William Bishop, who was killed when an unmanned Abrams was turned into a bomb next to his car.

Operation Fear and Suspicion was deemed a success by the Neo-United Nations Intelligence Task Force, giving people fear of the Supernatural and making it harder to turn against the Neo-UN, soon he would come to lead the Intelligence Task Force into other Operations involving instability and terrorism, most notably, Operation Reaper Raid, which had Alpha-1 pose as Office for the Reclamation of the Holy Lands Templars and smuggle a nuclear weapon into the Middle East, detonating it and causing more fear in the general populace.

Alpha-1 Policies

  • Kill All Witnesses
    This policy is put in place to help Alpha-1 remain undetected in their operations.

  • Leave No Proof of Involvement, And There Will Be No Convictions
    This is put in place to make sure that the Intelligence Task Force remains a stealthy branch of the Neo-United Nations.

  • Leave None Standing
    This dictates that anyone in the scene of an Operation is to be killed on sight, this policy resulted in 34,000 Civilians killed by ITF Agents.

For & Against

  • For: Fascism, Xenophobia, Paranoia, Nathan Parker Simmons, Neo-UN, Genocide, Extermination, War, Termination of Witnesses.

  • Against: Supernaturals, Negotiation, Dissent, Opposition, Geneva Convention, Consistent Rules of Engagement, Speaking of the ITF.

Personal Information

Evan is mostly a quiet person outside of his Terroristic activities in the Intelligence Task Force, he normally stays quiet about his activities, except with his Wife and Son, who he gleefully tells details of his activities to, he is a great husband and tries to provide for his family when not killing innocent people, when not quiet he can be quite joyful, he has often attended parties off-duty and joined his wife in various tours.

He lives in a small apartment with his family, with no outstanding decorations in it whatsoever, except for an MP-57 mounted on the wall, but that's about it, he also runs a small surplus shop with his son, selling old GDI equipment from the Twenty-One Year War, and on occasion, decommissioned ITF technology as well, i.e. an old Supernatural Energy-detecting scope for the MG5, and a FAMAS.

However, other details of his personal life are unknown.

Personal Trivia

  • Evan has been considered brainwashed by a few of his teachers and students many times.

  • Evan dislikes Algebra due to it encompassing his mind.

  • Evan has a personal hatred for spicy food.

  • Evan is the host to the embodiment of Anger, after its last host (who was the Prime Minister of the UK) was publicly executed.


“All will be peaceful under the black banner, long live the Neo-UN!”

“There is no such thing as racism, for we are all united against a common enemy now, it is xenophobia.”

“Peace can only be achieved through extermination of anything opposing it.”

“Under one banner I stand, under one person I follow, under one gun I kill.”

“To die for humanity is a great motive, my friend.”


“Scream for me, beg in front of me, DO IT!”

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