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Gen Coinage and Banknotes

Nekoni's currency is currently the Gen, often denoted by the symbol ₲. The value of a Gen was deliberately inflated by 100 to eliminate the need to use decimals. The current exchange rate fluctuates between ₲150-155 for NS$1. The currency also simplifies trade with Britain and countries that use the British pound, and the Gen is effectively similar to British pence. The GDP per capita hovers around ₲3,500,000.

The current design of banknote was created in 1960, and has featured slight revisions over the years. Both sides of each note are roughly the same, with the back not featuring the central stripe and numeric value. The central stripe is a feature used to deter counterfeiting, as it is a stripe that in light displays the value of the note, the signature of the president of the Nekoni National Bank, and the country's motto, also in his handwriting, "Semper applicabo super pedes tuo". New versions of the note come out as the president changes, which last took place in 1993.

Currently, there are eight coins and eight banknotes issued by the Nekoni National Bank. Of the banknotes, the three highest denominations are not in circulation, and only used in governmental transactions. In addition, there has been a ceremonial banknote created, the ₲1,468,000 note, of which only one was created in 1968 to mark 500 years of the foundation of the country, and is currently in the 20th Century History section of the Nekoni Museum.

Coinage of the Nekonian Gen
Values range from ₲1-₲500. The ₲500 coin was introduced in 1989 to compliment the ₲500 banknote, and completely replaced it as of 2012.

Banknotes of the Nekonian Gen
Values range from ₲1,000-₲25,000. Due to the successful introduction of the ₲500 coin, the banknote was replaced as of 2012, and no longer became legal tender as of 2013. For reference, the note was similar to the original note, but coloured green.

Public Tender Banknotes

Governmental Use Banknotes

1968 Anniversary Banknote