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The Elasians

This document was created due to numerous misconceptions about what Elasian is. Most think it is a people and not a species. This document reveals everything that is known about Elasian.

"I went through death and won it. I have come back multiplied with my strength since I became Elasian.Nygoth lives and manifests through me! Now I come to the dark side and send waves to all who serve him - know that I live!" Tomas Lovekost

The Elasians are a race of ancient and powerful beings who are born out of the darkness of the deep seas.They control all the shadowy Oneid empires to hide their plans using secret organizations.
Some Elasians can even change reality, destroy realities, destroy planets, control time and space, destroy galaxies, destroy timelines, and even travel in time, depending on the type of power. Every Elasian has a possibility. Elasians beings who are found in various myths and folklore around the world, and who feed on the life essence of people - most often blood and soul. However, sunlight also harms them. However, they have evolved and become resistant to such weaknesses.

The current population of all Elasians in the world is 1 bilion.


The Elasians are just as powerful as the Bloodsuckers became a special military unit in the Empire which seems to consist entirely of Elasian Waffen 666 volunteers converted to Elasians. Being both highly trained soldiers and with surgically enhanced abysses, they are an experienced, versatile and dangerous combat force. They acquire powers that control death and blood by drinking human blood. There are many types of Elasians, it's almost like a hierarchy:

1.Prime: the strongest of all. These apsils do not need human blood to gain strength. They feed on evil, war, death, chaos, pain, suffering and death as a source of strength and should not be trained because their skills already come quite qualified. They control pure dark energy, that energy is connected to the darkness in their souls, so they have boundless energy and are almost semi-immortal. They have abnormal speeds and superhuman strength. The strongest of them, Thomas Lovekost, has the power to destroy the entire planet.

2.Subjugator: second strongest, but extremely weak compared to Primes. They are in a higher range of the army. They are usually battalion leaders. They use energetically pure darkness, but their power is limited (but with a lot of energy) and they have enough energy to eradicate an area of ​​90 square kilometers with just one Blaster bomb attack (common ability of mass destruction). They also have impressive physical skills.

3. Minor: the lowest of all, but still a great danger to humanity itself. They are the weakest among the Elasians. They only gain physical strength, such as: superfast speeds (90 kilometers per hour) and superhuman strength that can tear a person apart like paper. They don’t manage energy or strength, just impressive physical skills. They drink human blood to maintain their physical abilities, but they would not gain any power. And also, they have to train hard to achieve more agile physical skills.



The most prominent initial ability of the Elazians is their ability to turn their victims into their offspring. In the case of a successful blood exchange, a virgin party or “bride” will enter the first phase of Elasism. Although they lack the power of a “master” at a higher level, they still possess superhuman powers and a psychic connection to their teacher. They will also have traditional vampire weaknesses, such as different sensitivities to sunlight. As with their masters, after eating human blood of their own free will, the restrictions imposed on the newcomer disappear and further abilities are unlocked, ending the transition to the status of “real dead” .Transformation can be created either through a bite or blood exchange.

Although there are these special characteristics, there are certain common characteristics and weaknesses. Elongated canines and red eyes are among the most obvious indicators, such as the thirst for blood of other people.

Through the installation of special chips, it is possible to turn people into artificial Elasians. Yet most Elasians were created by the natural reproduction of the two Elans.


Immortality: However, what most likely refers to human souls in the Elasians is speculated that, when damaged by a blow that would kill or incapacitate, like an overly sacred weapon, the damage is instead directed at the Elasian reservoir of the soul. All Elasians are biologically immortal.

Superior regeneration: The ability to regenerate is significantly greater than that of any other being. They recovered from the pool of blood and decapitated them, shot them to pieces, completely burned them, etc.

Superhuman precision: The Elasians are known to hit targets with large bio-organic rifles while looking in the other direction. They do this using their so-called ‘third eye’.

Superhuman strength: The degree is not known, but Elasian can physically repel humans and any other species except with ease.
Superhuman speed: Elasian can move faster than the eye can see, Impurities can move faster than light.
Superhuman agility: the ability to defy gravity to an uncertain limit.
Intangibility: the ability to pass through solid objects.
Shadow manipulation: Manipulation of shadows into physical form, which they can then use however they wish.
Invisibility: The ability to become completely unthinkable.
Blood manipulation: the ability to control blood with the mind.
Soul manipulation: the ability to manipulate souls.
Shapeshift: Deep can transform itself or parts of itself into bats, insects, snakes, Hellhounds, other human forms, including girls, amorphous masses of darkness, and various other forms.
Smoke manipulation: the ability to control smoke to an unknown extent.
Necromancy: The ability to control darkness and death.
Teleportation: Possibility of disappearance and reappearance elsewhere.
Telekinesis: An Elasian uses telekinesis to stifle his opponents.
Mind reading: Abesili are able to hear the thoughts of others when they decide.
Pre-knowledge: Ability to look to the immediate future.
Drinking blood: The ability to drink someone’s blood, absorbing their soul and, consequently, their knowledge and memories. They can also absorb blood through his clothes and skin.

The facts
• There are 18 known types of Elasians.
• Elasians prefer a cold climate, more precisely eternal snow and ice and sub-zero temperatures.
• The Elasian species originates from Nygoth.
• Although they are claimed to be demons they are in fact aliens.
• Every Elazian society practiced mass slavery, mass genocides and human sacrifices and the worst human excesses.This is because of the Elasian need for domination.
• The Elasians came into the world via a wrecked alien ship 13,000 years ago.