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My History in NationStates

Founding - November 6, 2012

I joined NationStates on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, with a nation named The Western Isles of Naybra. I don’t remember how I found NationStates or why I decided to create an account. I remember shadowing the site for weeks as I tried to figure out exactly the purpose of the site. I always had an interest in history, government, and politics. Perhaps these interests played a role. Regardless, my long history in NationStates began on the “Create a Nation” page, just like everyone else. And like everyone else, my first real decision came when selecting my nation's name.

The origin of my nation’s name is going to sound really stupid, so please save your laughs until the end. Back in middle school, my homeroom teacher was fascinated with monkeys. She decorated the walls with monkey dolls and lined the perimeter of the whiteboards with paper jungle and banana borders. As part of her fascination with monkeys, each of her students was given one of her personal stuffed monkeys to have on their desk during class. When we weren’t in class, our monkeys were kept on one of two bookshelves in the back of the classroom.

That year we studied Modern World History, which covered the period from the Age of Exploration to the modern day, which at that time was 2012. It wasn’t long after learning about the independence movements of the Americas that I came up with the brilliant idea to hold an election amongst the class to designated one of our monkeys as the “President of Africa,” since common sense told me that monkeys were from Africa. As most things in middle school went, two voting blocs formed: the boys and the girls. The election was held and the votes were cast in a winner-take-all system, and my monkey narrowly won the election to become President. The girls’ monkey, the runner-up, became Vice President. But that next week I got really sick. Upon my return to school, I found the Vice-President had become acting-President. But she refused to concede the "office" of the Presidency now that I was back! In hindsight, this was so childish because there really was nothing to do as President. The office was ceremonial. Regardless, when I discovered this abuse of power, I decided that the boys needed to “split” from this ruthless, authoritarian dictator. Since this was set in hypothetical Africa, the only reasonable place I saw appropriate for our new state was the island of Madagascar. We moved our monkeys to the unused second shelf and designated it as Madagascar. We went all out, drafting the Treaty of the Mozambique Channel, which designated our sovereign shelf and granted shared fishing and banana growing rights to both sides. For some reason, we called ourselves The Western Isles. Don’t ask me why this name came to be, because anyone with the faintest knowledge of geography and compass would realize that Madagascar is east of the African mainland, and this is coming from a two-time school Geobee finalist!

Regardless, the name The Western Isles stuck, so when it came to select a nation name for my NationStates account, this was my first choice. However, as you might realize, “The Western Isles” is such a generic name; of course it had been taken by the fall of 2012. I added “Naybra” to create a unique nation name, which is a scrambled, adapted version of my RL name: Bryan.

Bryan → backwards spells Nayrb → reverse the “r” and “b” to spell Naybr → add an “a” = Naybra

Yay! So that’s how my name came to be. Don’t mistake my first nation (The Western Isles of Naybra) with the nation I current main (Naybra). I’ve only set the custom classification of this account to “The Western Isles of.” It appears in my rush to create my first nation I did not realize you could eventually change its classification. For four months I was “The Allied States of The Western Isles of Naybra”. A mouthful isn’t it?

Treaty of the Mozambique Channel
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LinkThe Allied States of The Western Isles of Naybra page

The United Lands - November 2012 to January 2013

I’m new to NationStates and such a noob. First order of business? Starting a region of course! Moving out of my feeder, I founded The United Lands (TUL) on November 13, 2012, and quickly became the Founder and WA Delegate (yes I was once in the WA). I recruited friends from my class and slowly began to grow the region to a height of 16 nations. Though many were members from my school, a decent minority were not, notably the Kingdom of Kalsi and the Russian United Imperial Empire, Tsararmand for short. Kalsi became a good friend and helped me grow the region in its early days. Tsararmand was your stereotypical noob with a Russian flair. TUL may seem small compared to today’s standards for a region, but back in the day, this was considered “Medium” by NationStates’ automatic tags.

The United Lands was doomed to fail from the very beginning because of the very few nations with a true interest in NationStates. The majority of its inhabitants was only there because I recruited them. But at the time I didn’t care. I created a regional Wikia and forums through (with the help of Kalsi) and we were just beginning the process of establishing an OOC regional government. Kalsi first introduced me to RPing through the creation of news blurbs concerning recent events in my nation. The predecessor to the Gallagher Post was thus born. In my opinion, and it may be a bias one, the region was coming along quite fine.

However sunshine and lollipops would not become the norm in my NationStates career. The low level of activity in TUL was not satisfying, so I began to establish interregional connections, my first dabble with the concept of multiregionalism. While my interactions with other regions were limited, this decision to embrace multiregionalism would start the chain of events that would define my early NationStates career.

In TUL’s entire existence, I established two embassies. The first was a region by the name of The Islands of The Glorious Freedom (TIOTGF). This small collection of ten nations, most of which I now suspect were puppets of the Founder, was led by a Teaurnai. TIOTGF was suffering from the same issue of inactivity that plagued TUL, so it was only natural that the two of us struck a cord. We stayed interdependent regions, but I helped TIOTGF create a small Wikia page and forum for his region. Teaurnai became a close companion, though he tended to be sporadic and even juvenile at times (more so on this later.)

The second region I interacted with was Westphalia, where I met a nation by the name of Andropoland. He was the Director of Recruitment (and WA Delegate) for Westphalia. According to him, he helped me form the TUL, although neither of us remembered exactly how. He joined the TUL forums and announced what he and I had been discussing via TG: that members of Westphalia were moving to a new region because of grievances with their founder, and they wanted TUL natives to join them. Realizing that TUL was destined to fail, I joined the migration to this new region named Barrayar with two other members of the TUL community sometime in late January of 2013. Teaurnai would later visit us in Barrayar to cause commotions while unfortunately Kalsi CTE early in February 2013. The remaining members of TUL CTE too, and the region itself CTE soon after.

  • One direction isles - (CTE)

  • Kingdom of kalsi - (CTE)

  • Eastern islands of quadricorns (CTE)

  • Russian united imperial empire (CTE)

  • Andropoland - (CTE)

  • Teaurnai - (CTE)

The Migration
  • Sunalaya

  • The People’s Republic of Sunalaya

  • The Grand Northern Imperium

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Panessos and Hemithea

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The Panessos Community/Panelysium

Ceased to exist: Mon Apr 29 2013

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Hemithea - May 2016 to the Present

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