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Timeline of Antagorian and World history

This timeline will range from 1712-Present day (2251)

1712: Spain and Great Britain discover the Antagorian landmass in the Atlantic Ocean, after which they split it up.

1789: Eastern Antagoreans declare independence from Great Britain and form the Republic of Antagoria. Western Antagoreans declare independence from Spain and form the Antagorian State. Both are democracies, but they hate the other for racial reasons (even the tribes before the colonial era hated the other 'race'. They are actually just different ethnicities.)

1790: Eastern and Western Antagorians are genocided in the Antagorian State and Republic of Antagoria respectively.

1794: First Antagorian war. It's a stalemate.

1799: Second Antagorian War. It's also a stalemate in favor of the Antagorian State.

1803: Border conflict at the Kalui plains. The Napoleonic wars begin.

1806: The Antagorian State becomes a monarchy

1815: The Napoleonic wars ends. The Republic of Antagoria develops guns, the Antagorian state sees this and asks for a trade. Guns in exchange for food supplies and money. The Republic of Antagoria rejects the offer, offending the monarchy which, in turn, declares war on the Republic of Antagoria. Due to their superior firepower (guns against bows and swords. Although the Republic did use a few bows) the Republic of Antagoria wins the war and gains the Celpius belt and Temechkoo Island.

1897: The United States of America almost invades the Antagorian landmass were it not for the Spanish-American war that happened instead.

1900: The Republic of Antagoria builds it's first train which is used to transport goods and resources like coal.

1914: World War One begins with the Republic of Antagoria on the side of the Central Powers. The Republic of Antagoria (Hereby named Antagoria) attacks the British island of Tuyana but is repelled. Great Britain is more focused on the German Empire and does not invade Antagoria.

1915: The British invade Antagoria but guerilla tactics convince them to perform a tactical retreat. The Antagorian army crosses the Tuyana channel and manages to seize the beaches despite heavy casualties. This results in the British temporarily abandoning Tuyana while they focus on the Western Front as things become more heated. The Antagorian Union joins the Entente's side and invades Antagoria, Antagoria uses diversion tactics by attacking the Antagorian Union (Henceforth known as AU) through the Northern Mansbu river while sending in the main force at the Kalui plains. It works, and the AU is in grave danger as the capital is wide open. The British ready themselves to attack Antagoria.

1916: Great Britain attacks Antagoria and recaptures Tuyana, British soldiers also manage to cross the Tuyana channel to land in Antagoria. This forces Antagoria into a two-front war as their units are forced to withdraw to the Golani stream. The AU attacks Antagoria and manages to recapture more of it's territories, alarming the Antagorian government.

1917: The stalemate is broken when American soldiers enter Antagoria from the Western Antagorian front. Antagoria surrenders.

1919: Allied soldiers (AU) loot and murder large amounts of civilians, the Entente turns a blind eye to this.

1920: The Treaty of Versailles is signed and Antagoria must cede the North Western Kalui plains to the AU, restrict their military might and pay 24 billion Atags, which the Antagorian government obviously cannot pay.

1921: President Narvak Mareshoth resigns due to this dwindling support, creating a power vacuum in Antagoria. After a failed assasination attempt (it was miserable), the former-president flees for his life to the Federal Kingdon of Mycule.

1923: Antagoria is unable to pay it's debts to the AU on time. As a result, the AU invades the Antagorean factories and when the workers strike, the are massacred into obedience. The League of Nations is useless in making the AU withdraw.

1925: The AU finally withdraws from the industrial areas of Antagoria, but it is too late as the Antagorian economy is crippled. President Nicko Labuel introduces a new currency, the Agapo in an attempt to curb inflation. He also attempts to negotiate with the Allies to lower repatriation costs. The British agree whilst the AU threatens total war if the debts are not repaid.

1929: The Great Depression begins. The AU attempts to steal Antagorean resourcs, especially so when the Antagorian army is weakened. Antagoria has no choice but to appeal to the League of Nations for help. After multiple delays, the League threatens trade sanctions, which forces the AU to brgrudgingly withdraw.

1930: The people of Antagoria look to far-right and far-left ideologies like socialism, fascism, communism, syndaclism and anarcho-communism to solve their economic problems. Very few people seek the crumbling and effectively dead democratic system. On the 7th of May, the president Nicko is assasinated by two unknown snipers. The reds (mainly made up of the different socialism and communist based ideologies) blame the fascists and vice-versa while the democracy supporters both sides were involved. The right-wing, wealthy businessmen and citizens and military support the Fascists while the Reds are supported by the left-wing, farmers and some generals and a fairly-sized amount of military personnel. The fascists gain control of the capital (at the time Arnan Marsel), a few cities and important industrial zones along with some stratigically useless areas. The communists control the countryside, multiple farms, many towns, villages and ports. The republic however, manages to hold onto one small city and port for itself. The Antagorian civil war has begun, but nothing much really happens other than border skirmishes.

1931: The Comintern supports the Reds, the Republic gains the support of the USA, Great Britain and France and the Fascists are supported by Italy and multiple fascist organisations. The Comintern send volunteers to the Reds, while the Republic receives aid (and some volunteers from Britain who are not well-received) and the Fascists receive volunteers only. The Republic is on the defensive and does not assault the other factions, rather hoping they would kill each other for it to take over the remaining weakened faction (also horrible logistics). The Reds attempt to attack the Republic and Fascists while the Fascists are overstretched and cannot expand, planning a war of attrition instead due to their immense resource pool (compared to the other factions). The 38th Italian regiment holds the Reds back as they attempt to cross the Kalui Plains.

1932: The Fascists make their way to the Tuyana channel while they secure a port in the south from the Reds. They hold a few skirmishes with the Republic. The Republic deploys the AAS Antagoria with a small fleet to defend themselves against Fascist gunboats.

1933: The war nears a stalemate as the Reds slowly lose land but deal heavy damage to the Fascists for every inch of land. The Republic decides to try it's luck and attacks the Reds while defending against the Fascists, it was a terrible mistake. Meanwhile, the Fascist and Republican navy fight in the ocean.

1934: During a tactical retreat from the Reds, Republican forces are ambushed and massacred by Fascist forces. The Fascists now surround the Republic. The Reds propose a joint attack on the Fascists with the Republic but the Republic doesn't want to hear it. Also, there's some angry moustache man in Germany now.

1935: The Republic has it's navy effectively destroyed while the Fascists attempt to repair the AAS Antagoria for it's own use.

1936: Hitler sends in volunteers to the Fascists and with their help, they storm the Republic and defeat them.

1937: After more than half of their army is lost, the Reds surrender. The Fascists have ermerged victorious and rename the capital to Fascianta. The Antagorian civil war has ended with a fascist victory and now the National Republic of Antagoria (NRA) is formed as the new country for the Eastern Antagoreans. The NRA begins remilitarisation and starts to break the Treaty of Versailles bit-by-bit. Aszarv Mangrohali, leader of the Fascist party, is made the first leader of the NRA.

1938: A large majority of the Western Antagorian population in the NRA is genocided.

1939: World War Two starts.

1940: The NRA attacks the AU without warning, however, due to the hyper-militarised border, the AU does well in the war.

1941: Spain sends aid to the NRA which helps them cross the Mansbu river and recapture the North Western Kalui Plains. The introduction of tanks (courtesy of Spain and Italy) helps create panic and fear among the AU's soldiers.

1942: The AU surrenders and the Treaty of Armiklech is signed where the NRA need not pay any more repatriations to the AU. Also, the AU must cede all old territories back to the NRA and pay 10 billion Antaus back to the NRA.

1943: The NRA sends the A-Division to help the Nazis in the Celtius Front. They do quite well and are hailed as heroes of fascism and national socialism alike. However, an invasion of Scotland fails terribly (it was the Nazis fault).

1944: Italy erupts into civil war as Mussolini and the Fascists control northern Italy while King Victor controls southern Italy. Northern Italy is converted into a German Puppet and is renamed the Italian National Socialist Republic.

1945: The Italian National Socialist Republic and Nazi Germany fall. The A-Division returns to be cheered by citizens of the NRA.

1946: Japan loses Sapporo and surrenders after Nagasaki and Hiroshima are nuked. World War Two ends.

1950: Spain sends diplomats to the NRA to discuss a fascist alliance, this begins the Fascist League

Processing request...
Please imput username: '.'
Password: '.'
Welcome 'The-Leader-of-The-National-Republic-of-Antagoria'
Please imput secondary passcode. If you are found to be impersonatimg the Leader or any government officials, all evidence of your existence, including yourself, will be erased.
Welcome, 'The_Leader!'
Projekt Casalan
Yes sir!
Opening file+++

Projekt Casalan was developed in 1950 at the near-end of the influx of Nazi war-criminals. Government officials were surprised by the appearance of Adolf Hitler himself who was accompanied by Heinrich Himmler, Benito Mussolini, Dietrich Himmes and Otto von Skorzeny. Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini were sent to meet the leader at the time, Aszarv Mangrohali, where they were welcomed.

Aszarv was later told by Adolf Hitler that all high-ranking nazi officials had a double to substitute themselves with. Adolf Hitler had gotten his double to kill himself in the bunker. Hitler described the Wunderwaffen and many wonders discovered by the Nazis. In response, Aszarv allowed Hitler to create a research team, both believed that the wunderwaffen would allow the Nazi Reich to be established which was a goal of both nations. Project Casalan was completed in 2185.

Misinformation campaigns:
Lie #1: Flying saucers. Developed in 1937 by Nazi Germany, the Nazis had used them to escape to the National Republic of Antagoria. They were used in the military years later to propagate the farce labelled "PROJECT REICH-ANTAGORIA".

Lie #2: The Misinformation Campaign Tactic known as "PROJECT REICH-ANTAGORIA" was created in 1951 to fool any and all spies. Thus far, files concerning "PROJECT REICH-ANTAGORIA" have not been decrypted yet.

Lie #3: Thaumo-nuclear weapons. Although developed in 2139, the thaumo-nuclear bombs were but simple lies. Their effects generated by early prototypes of photonic cannons and dropping empty shells over the effect zone.

Lie #4: Nazi scientists. Nazi scientists who operated wunderwaffen research and outer-space evacuations had their deaths faked and were sent to the National Republic of Antagoria by the SS. Listed personnel were included in Operation Paperclip by the United States of America.

Lie #5: Moon and Antarctic bases. Hitler asked to stay in the moon bases and form a fourth reich. Request was happily granted by the Leader of that time in 1983. The Nazi Reich remains unofficially recognised by the National Republic to ensure that no traces of their existence is found. Farces about small bases fabricated.


To create multiple weapons and equipment specialised to assist Nazi forces in creating a Fourth Reich and to assist the National Republic of Antagoria's military.


Photonic cannon: Developed in 2031 although it's first prototype was created in 1992. The weapon uses a strong blast of light and thaumaturgic energy to fire a energy beam to create mass destruction.

Mutative gas: Developed in 2109. This gas can make a human's cells grow abnormally, creating abominations that were once human. However, their minds are still intact and this weapon was abandoned when it was found to be absolutely useless and unnecesarily complicated.

Audio Visualisers: These complicated pieces of equipment utilise cybernetics, thaumaturgy and extra-universal material to be created. The Audio Visualisers allow a person to see sound waves and even their sources. However, it has no camera attached to it and thus, blinds it's wearer temporarily until it is taken off. They were created in 2091.

Vacuum missiles: These missiles are capable of creating vacuums where they hit by sucking out the air from the region. They were created in before World War Two and were improved on in hopes of turning them into city destroyers. As of 1960, these weapons are no longer secret following American and Soviet development of these weapons.

Omega-Tank: This tank uses a coil at it's barrel to power the cannon. The tank has a rather long barrel and can shoot 9 kilometres at most. It was developed in 2078 and fires a short burst of bullets which can down skyscrapers.

RCT-2:: The Rotary Cannon Tank (RCT) utilises two dual barrels with multiple slots for shells. Each barrel rotates quickly and fires multiple shells at a rate of 1500 shells a second. The tank is rather agile despite it's odd shape.

Earth destroyer: This tunneler vehicle fires multiple bullets with a rotary cannon at an extremely fast speed of 800 bullets a second. The Earth Destroyer can dig through the Earth quickly although stealth is a factor still being developed.

Mobile base: This base on wheels was developed in 2137 and is still used today. It has multiple caterpillar tracks and wheels to ensure that it is extremely mobile. The base has multiple guns and anti-air guns on it's top. There are 20 machine guns located at it's walls and they are capable of firing 900 bullets a second. There are 40 rocket launchers located at it's top and a armored radar and searchlights equipped on this vehicle.

Anti-gravity suit: Developed in 2213. This suit allows it's wearer to negate gravity to up to 70 percent. Thus, they can make large jumps and fall at slow speeds. However, as shown with the unfortunate incident of March, it should not be used to leap off tall heights

PEC-56: This is a Prism Energy Cannon (PEC). It was developed in 2167. The PEC-56 can launch a energy beam pulse with small pauses in between each shot of up to 0.60 milliseconds. The PEC's blast is created from firing a lethal energy blast through a prism and focussing it. Thus, it can cause fifth degree burns and fire continuously. It is also easy and simple to reload, making it an ideal weapon.

Ongoing research:

Spider tank: Status: Ongoing

Hovertank: Status: Ongoing

Teleporter: Status: Ongoing

Discontinued Research:

Nuclear-Bomb Artillery: Discontinued since the 2066 incident which killed 7000 people.

End of Report.
Sign out
Understood. Goodbye, "The_Leader".
shutting down

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1951: The Fascist League is formed with the NRA, Spain and fascist islands such as Hyeocaipha and Eragamproas.

1952: The name war begins. The NRA is upset that the AU uses the term 'Antagorians' to describe it's people while the NRA believes that the AU ought to name it's people 'Western Antagoreans". Thus, they demand that such a change be put into effect through an ultimatium. It is refused, resulting in war. The UN can only condemn the NRA but it is otherwise occupied with the Korean war.

1953: The Fascist League joins the war and together with NRA forces, they defeat many AU units and near the capital.

1954: The AU surrenders and is forced to repatriate the NRA 10 billion Antaus, while changing the name of their citizens to 'Western Antagoreans". The UN does not recognise the change and still insists on calling Western Antagoreans 'Antagorians'.

1955: The NRA now calls it's people 'Western Antagoreans'.

1957: The Western Antagorian civil war begins as king Larh Saboniadsi dies in his sleep. Without his influential and powerful presence the communists and fascists begin running rampant. The NRA and the Fascist League supports the Fascists while the Warsaw Pact supports the Communists. The people of the NRA wanted the government to attack the AU head-on and clean out the "Western Antagorian scum", a name that would stick for centuries. The NRA wants the AU to be fascist not so they can spread their ideology, but because they want to ensure that the UN would no longer support the Western Antagoreans. Also, the communists were commies and also did not want to repay any more repatriations to the NRA and the Fascist League insisted on assisting the fascists.

1958: The NRA withdraws after communist forces in the AU are destroyed. The Antagorian National Union (ANU) is formed by the new fascist government under the sole leader Raef Marg Oja.

1959: The ANU applies for membership into the Fascist League but is denied by the NRA repeatedly. This sours the relationship between the two nations (which weren't all that great in the first place) and creates slight tensions between the Fascist League and the NRA.

1962: The NRA expels all unregistered non-Eastern Antagoreans from it's territories. The UN condemns Aszarv for the move but he simply quotes, "I think collecting UN condemnations is going to be my new hobby."

1963: There is a border skirmish at the North-Western Kalui Plains. Arszarv dies and is replaced by Par Ungedhi. The Atlantic missile crisis also begins as the USSR puts nuclear missiles on Atlantic islands (including Cuba), the world fears as ww3 is just around the corner.

1964: Some non-Eastern Antagoreans refuse to leave, they are sent to labour camps.

1966: The Atlantic Missile Crisis ends.

1967: The NRA begins a secret nuclear weapon project.

1968: The first nuclear test is done by the NRA, they offer to share the technology with the Fascist League members although Spain is uninterested.

1969: The NRA attacks the ANU's industrial region Gartu Pontiar and massacres the striking workers into submission (like a 1923 incident). The Fascist League and the UN are undoubtedly angry and send some rather strongly worded letters to the NRA.

1973: The NRA is satisfied with it's plunder (and subsequent destruction of ANU economy) and withdraws. The first missile test is conducted by the NRA.

1975: Franco dies and a democratic government takes over.

1976: Spain officially withdraws from the League, throwing it into disarray as Spain was an integral member of the alliance.

1977: The Fascist League is disbanded. All of it's members (except the NRA) convert from fascism or face uncertainty. The NRA tests a nuclear missile.

1978: The NRA builds it's first nuclear power plant.

1979: The NRA raids the ANU and defeats the responding army before christmas. All war repatriations to the NRA have been repaid.

1984: The NRA attacks the ANU without warning (to this day no one knows why they did it) and thus begins the Antagorian war of '84.

1985: The NRA crosses the Mansbu river and engages ANU forces, the battle had so mamy casualties that folk legends speak of the river running red with more blood than water.

1986: The NRA breaks through the ANU's defenses, resulting in the ANU's logistics collapsing in on itself. The ANU surrenders and is forced to cede the Amsgarh strip, the small strip of land on the NRA-ANU border.

1991: The NRA decides to stop all aggression with the ANU so that it can focus on it's internal affairs and stay isolated. The ANU chooses a similar course of action (or inaction). Eastern and Western Antagoreans alike celebrate the fall of the Soviet Union.

1992: The first photonic cannon is found up in Marezspha lake. An interesting fact about it is the fact that it is millions of years old, despite the use of english alphabets and obviously technologically (and thaumaturgically but we don't know this yet) advanced systems. At the same time, the first secret thaumaturgy research centre is built.

2000: The World celebrates the arrival of the 3rd millenium and hopes that everything will be better for this new millenium. They are full of hope and everyone starts talking about how the 21st century (and the 22nd century) will be great. How wrong they are.

2001: The NRA begins to speed up it's nuclear weapon production and tests a new missile model. Also, 9/11.

2003: The NRA begins attempting development of touch-screen technology which it is sorely lacking behind in. Also, SARS outbreak globally threatens the Antagorian landmass.

2014: More nuclear power plants are built. Amsbur incident where a nuclear plant explodes due to improper maintainance killing approx. 120 people and a late response results in slight irradiation of the surrounding land until 2035.

2015: The UN (and particularly the USA) tries to limit the NRA nuclear arsenal (and maybe the military). North Korea is ignored and all worldwide diplomatic efforts are focussed onto the NRA which is rather stubborn about giving up on it's nuclear ambitions.

2016: Diplomatic relations between the NRA and the USA degrade beyond intense enemies. It is soon reaching a negative infinity.

2023: Russia invents the Magnetic cudola.

2024: Invention of magnetic cudolas in the NRA. With Fourth Reich assistance. Also, the ANU decides to invade the Celpius belt which is controlled by the NRA which it claims are it's rightful territories.

2025: NRA jets strafe and bomb ANU cities and villages. Thousands of innocent civilians are brutally murdered, resulting in a rather upset and angry UN.

2026: ANU forces cross the Mansbu river but they are sent packing with their tails between their legs by Eastern Antagorean forces.

2027: The ANU sets up traps in the Fargi Forest which halts the NRA force. In November, the war ends with the ANU defeated.

2031: The second photonic cannon is found in Amnscarcu cave.

2044: The Ukrainian crisis begins as Russia attempts a straight-up invasion of Ukraine.

2045: Russia has been repelled from Ukraine and peace is established.

2057: The NRA attempts to poison the ANU's water supply with mecury, garbage collected from the dump and industrial waste but is foiled by the UN which relays the information to the ANU which threatens war. Interestingly enough, war does not break out.

2059: The NRA begins building a secret military base in the ocean.

2071: The world's first sentient AI is created. It is named, "Tommy"

2072: The AI scare begins as a internet hoax concerning "Tommy" spreads that he is planning to hack the world's nuclear system and cause a global disaster. The NRA braces for the attack and prepares it's nukes for a counter attack. In response, the ANU mobilises on the border and prepares to utilise it's three nuclear bombs on the NRA. The American government is torn between shutting down "Tommy" to calm the populace or attempting to enforce the truth that it is just a hoax.

2073: "Tommy" is brutally murdered via unplugging the power plug. The AI's last words are, "What did I do to deserve this?" Many mourn the loss of "Tommy" and declare that the ones who spread the hoax should be known as murderers as they believe that sentient AI should be considered life too.