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Thaumaturgy (Ascience) functions by creating thaumaturgic waves which cause certain effects when the waves are set in a different pattern. Thaumaturgic waves are created by mixing blood (preferably human. But a mix of water, iron and infusing it with life-force works too) with a Zinc-Iron-Gold
compound commonly referred to as 'Arcane Stone'. This generates thaumaturgic waves which DO NOT follow standard laws of physics. Thaumaturgy is not magic. Entries with this symbol '*' do not affect organic matter.

Lightweight Rune*


This is a symbol which causes the object it is imprinted on to experience lessened gravitational pulls. However, imprinting two of these symbols on an object would cause the molecular bonds of the object to loosen and the object will dissipate on a molecular scale. It can be used as a weapon by drawing the symbol twice and either a) drawing one's own blood and splattering enough of it onto the symbol. b) splashing blood substitute onto the symbols. By doing so, the enemy vehicle or weapon would not maintain it's molecular integrity.

Teleportation Rune*

1st- OIIIO
3rd- '''' ''''

This symbol is used to bring in trace amounts of material at a quick rate to another area with the teleportation spell. The spell is used in military operations to automatically refuel vehicles or refill guns and turrets. It works by creating a miniature thaumo-wormhole by connecting two locations together. This is done via unknown means.

Infusion Rune

1st- O
2nd- ||
3rd-- \//

This symbol can cause two or more materials to fuse together to produce new elements (sometimes producing newer energies). The nation uses this to produce construction and military materials. It should be noted that the amount of materials used is not proportionate to the amount of materials created and may not correspond to element make-up.

Here are some examples of infusion:

Hexagonal Boron Nitride + Sulphur = Tarmyauguric Crystals

Tungsten + Titanium + Hydrogen = Mystical Steel

Photons + Iron + Nickel + Water = Celestial Metal

Thaumaturgic materials:

Here is a list of all thaumaturgic materials thus far discovered;

Tarmyauguric Crystals: These crystals can contain thaumaturgic waves of all kinds except types B, AC and AD. These crystals will continuosly eminate these waves and will constantly deplete it's supply unless replenished. However, the emissions can be slowed by freezing the crystals. They are best used as thaumaturgic wave batteries.

Mystical Steel: Mystical Steel is a type of metal that can withstand extremely high temperatures of 8000 degrees. The metal has the lowest resistance of any metal in the world with a resistance of 1.37 ohms. In it's liquid form (it had to be melted by photonic cannon), mystical steel liquid soldidies quickly but is also able to glue two things together tightly. Hence, mystical steel is perfect for wiring and glue, if not for the demanding amount of rare resources required.

Celestial Metal: This metal can