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Note: Most of the technology here is normal 23rd century tech for Earth.


Developed in 2084. Holograms are used for communication systems for military coordination and exploration team communications. Holographic communications are not done like Star Wars holograms. The holographic projector receives the holographic image from a image capture. The holographic projector displays the holograph of the environment and the communicator to the headquaters to ensure that all that happens can be recorded. Thus, ensuring any new operations can be improved using holographic details or to record the events of the investigation of a crime scene so that evidence can be reviewed without disturbing the actual evidence.


The fabricator replaced most factory machinery in 2164. It takes in air and converts the atoms into the required elements before creating whatever is required through particle beams and molecular adhesive. It can be used to create food, vehicles and armored vehicles too, weapons, ammunition, goods and many more objects. They are mainly used to act as manufacturies to produce food and goods for the National Republic. (Sometimes, they use seawater.)

Artificial Gravity Generators

Used for space training on Earth. Artificial Gravity Generators were invented in 2207. They can cause gravitons to pull an object towards a certain direction to create artificial gravity. It is used to train the current in-progress space-expeditinary corps that would use an Eastern Antagorian built spaceship.


Using two teleportation devices, one can teleport from one place to another. However, this is highly experimental and as the unfortunate test with Kerni Mroskivity showed, the mortality rates of using the teleporters are at 100%. It works by relaying particles to another teleporter. Although tests have proven that light, sound, matter, magnets and any other electromagnetic wave will cause a disruption in the form of the matter being transferred. Which has caused massive distortions and omissions in the matter being transmitted. Curiously, thaumaturgic waves do not affect the natter being transmitted.

Mining laser

The mining laser mines by using a concentrated thin tractor beam to extract and relay raw materials into a storage system. It is somewhat heavy and can prove to be cumbersome but is extremely effective and efficient, it is used mainly in mining and rescue operations. Also, the laser is blue, not red, sci-fi isn't always accurate. It was invented in 2159.

Interstellar Travel

Currently a technological feat still being researched by Eastern Antagorian scientists. It will allow the in-progress space expeditionary corps to travel throughout the galaxy at EFTL (Extreme Faster Than Light) speeds to conduct interstellar diplomacy and exploration. It is close to completion and is estimated to be finished by 2257.

Magnetic Cudolas

The Magnetic Cudolas is a magnet which can repel metals and keep them hovering at a certain distance no matter what direction or orientation the cusolas is facing. This is used to keep guns held up and suspend structures or objects in the air as supports. It was invented in 2024.

Power suits

The power suit is used in military and construction operations. The power suit typically enhances the strength and speed of the user and it can also multuple attachments. Attachments include a grenade launcher, a image capture, a communications device, a plasma bombardier and a flashlight. It was invented in 2117.

Two-point industrial laser

The Two-Point Industrial laser (TPIL) is a laser cutter which utilises two conductive points which relay extremely concentrated amounts of photons to one another to freate a laser which can cut through almost anything instantaneously. One point is charged to ensure that it immediately relays photons to the other point, hence, ensuring a continous smooth flow. It is used for industrial purposes and is used for the CSE. It was invented in 2101.

Wireless Power

The wireless power network in the National Republic is formed of a system of wireless relays and receivers. But the relays and receivers relay signals to one another which contain the electricity. The signals can permeate solids and liquids and can travel freely through the air. This also prevents people from suffering from electric shocks and also prevents metals from becoming charged. The wireless receiver can unpack signals and conduct the electricity which is released to transfer it elsewhere.

Anti-inertia system

The Anti-Intertia System uses energy manipulation fields to asorb and temporarily nullify kinetic energy which would be experienced by the user. The kinetic energy is typically converted to electrical energy although it can be redirected to be used as a weapon. It can be fitted onto a power suit to allow orbital drop troops. Thus, soldiers do not require parachutes for drop operations and do not need to charge up their power suits as the fall would charge up their suits. The current safe drop level is 23.114 km from the ground. It was invented in 2163. It can also be used to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy, and can be fitted onto cars to charge them everytime they hit something. Which may explain the rise in the number of car crashes as of late.