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What if the Republic of Antagoria won the Antagorian Civil War?

1930: The Antagorian Civil War begins

1931-1932: Everything goes on normally except the communists do not attack the Republic. Hermesty Porinah (communist leader) believes that the main threat is the Fascist clan.

1933: The Republic launches an all-out assault against the fascists. The Republic is able to successfully capture multiple towns and villages.

1934: The communists manage to distract the Fascists away from the Republic long enough to allow the Republic to attack the fascists. The Republic manages to render the Fascists useless.

1935: Adolf Hitler attempts to send assistance to the fascists but it is too late as the Republic and the communists conquer the fascists.

1936: The communists and the Republic turn their attention on one another and begin fighting once again. The Republic obviously steamrolls the communists.

1937: The Republic conquers all of Eastern Antagoria. End of the Antagorian civil war. Commies and fascists hanged or shot if you are the commies.

1938: The Republic attempts to break the Treaty of Versailles and begins to rearm.

1939: World War Two Begins.

1940: The Republic of Antagoria is interested in World War Two and wishes to join it. (Can you guess what side they will be on?)

1941: The Republic of Antagoria joins the Axis and invades British Tuyana.

1942: Most of the Atlantic Islands have fallen to the Republic of Antagoria. The Antagorian Union is very concerned. The British send the Antagorian Union a invitation to the Allies.

1943: The Soviet Union is prepared to push Germany back. Battle of Stalingrad, the city is mysteriously destroyed, it will be infertile and unable to grow crops for centuries.

1944: In a daring move, the Republic of Antagoria attacks the Antagorian Union. They steamroll them for the first few months of the war. The Germans are now losing land. Spain joined the war at the last minute when offered Atlantic territories. The French are taken by surprise.

1945: The Soviets are running out of manpower as they are dealing with the Northern Front (more islands means more ways to enter the USSR). The Germans take the opportunity to attack again and recapture Minsk.

1946: The Spanish lose Morocco. The Japanese are being invaded by the USA. The first nuclear bomb is made. Manchukuo falls and Korea is being invaded by the Reds (they eventually invade the Japanese Empire out of peer pressure.)

1947: Korea falls and Sapporo is being captured by American troops.

1948: The Atom bomb is dropped on Nagasaki. The second bomb is dropped on Antagarai (Republic of Antagoria's capital city). The Republic of Antagoria falls and is occupied by British and American forces. The world is terrified of the atomic weaponary the USA possesses.

1949: The Soviets drop an aromic bomb on Berlin. Hitler is dead and many high-ranking nazi officials too.

1950: World War Two ends as Japan and Germany surrender. Italy carries on the war for a little while before surrendering when faced with the threat of atomic anhilation.

1951: Treaty of Paris, everything goes on as usual except the current president of the Republic of Antagoria is executed for war crimes. The people are in chaos as the democratic system begins falling. British occupational troops are unable to stop the chaos and begin firing upon civilians in the crossfire. Spain cedes all of it's african colonies and the Republic cedes more land such as the Knasbit mountain range and the last pieces of the Mansbu plains.

1952: The Republic faces a serious threat to it's democratic system as Pent Smith is elected president. (He wasn't actually elected it was rigged and he was British). The people are seriously upset.

1953: Pent Smith is assasinated by a drive-by shooting. The local populace hides and protects the assasin, Javerevro Arapbva. The British attempt raids on houses to locate him.

1954: Shooting of Kanesbrugh. The silent town of Kanesbrugh was raided by British and American military police in the dark of night. Many people were executed and imprisoned. 43 civilians were killed. There is now outrage against the Allies. The Soviets are also disgusted. The Berlin Blockade occurs in December, christmas would be spent with starving citizens. The cold war begins.

1955: Start of the Berlin Airlift. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea invades Japan. Tensions rise.

1956: Allied occupational forces leave the Republic of Antagoria. Western Antagorian military police had commited multiple atrocities against the Republic of Antagoria which would be forever remembered. NATO is formed. Drunk Soviet Anti-Aircraft personel shoots down a NATO transport plane. Tensions are reaching a boiling point. The Eastern Antagorians are turning to communism or fascism.

1957: Japan has lost most of it's western territories. The USA sends an ultimatium to the DPRK, it is disregarded.

1958: World War Three begins, many people prepare for the end-of-humanity. Berlin falls.

1959: Many Nuclear missiles are fired... only for their users to realise that they never left the silo. The world's stockpile of nuclear weapons have disappeared.

1960: The Netherlands falls to Warsaw Pact forces. Norway has lost Jan Mayden Island. Alaska is under attack from Soviet forces.

1961: World War Three Status:
NATO: USA, Canada, Great Britain, France, Norway, Iceland, Federal Republic of Germany, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Antagorian Union, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Turkey, Israel.

WP: USSR, PRC, DPRK, Mongolia, Soviet puppet states and satilites.

1962: Alaska is recovered from Soviet hands.

1963: Japan is fully liberated.

1964: Operation Catfish, invasion of the Korean peninsula. Amsterdam is liberated from Soviet hands. Copenhagen is fallen to the red army.

1965: Seoul is now in NATO hands. Many anti-communist koreans begin guerilla attacks against the communist forces. Hong Kong is liberated by American troops.

1966: The Vietnam war begins. The Republic is unwilling to join the war as it views both sides as enemies. The Eastern Antagorians are, however, willing to fight the Western Antagorians.

1967: Northern Vietnam falls. The South Vietnamese begin invading the PRC.

1968: The Antagorian space program starts in lieu with the creation of the North American Space Agency.

1969: A stalemate is reached on all fronts. Moscow is saved by heavy winter. NATO forces are being pushed back. The Antagorian elections occur again. Kevnin Amart is elected as fascist supreme leader of the new Antagorian Racial State. All British, American, Western Antagorian and French civilians are massacred. NATO is unable to retaliate as they are making losses against the Soviets. The Soviets do not like the Antagorian Racial State (ARS). All Republic supporters are forced into hiding.

1970: World War Three ends. Approx 1.6 billion people have died during the war.

1971: The Second American civil War begins due to economic and political instability. The South rises again. The Republic garners enough supporters and weapons (mostly stolen) and begins the second Antagorian Civil War.

1972: The Republic makes an alliance with the communists. Both of them join together and begin fighting the fascists back. The anarchists need time to consider joining this unlikely coalition. Franco dies.

1973: The anarchists join the civil war as a third side, rejecting the coalition's invitation and conducting terrorist attacks on both sides. French anarchists assasinate the French general, Edward Gualle. Yugoslavia invades Albania which had left the Warsaw Pact that very year.

1974: The fascists are now losing ground, the anarchists distracting them. However, the coalition's efforts are also being hampered by the anarchists. Anarcho-communists join as a fourth side, leading to mass chaos and multiple destroyed cities. The Western Antagorian civil war begins with the Antagorian Union (monarchy) and the Antagorian National Union (fascists) fighting. East Germany unites with West Germany and drives Soviet forces out. The World fears a possible fourth world war. Germany is driven out of NATO while the Soviets invade Germany. American president, Jameson Roberts is widely criticised for his abandonment of Germany.

1975: The Anarchists (both of them) fall. The fascists are about to fall too. The Second American Civil War ends, The Union lives on (although weaker).

1976: The fascists are defeated. The Republic also betrays it's communist allies and captures their leader during a "peace conference". Communists supporters are massacered. The Antagorian civil war ends. Eastern Germany is also ceded back to the Soviets who keep it under an iron fist.

1977: South Korea annexes the weak North Korean nation. The Soviets are not pleased but say nothing about it.

1978: An expedition into the forests of Rhodesia mysteriously disappears. They were there searching for reports of lost treasure.

1979: NASA launches the first manned mission to space. The Soviets also launch a satilite to space. Digging in Eastern Antagoria finds a mysterious device which can fire a concentrated thick beam of light capable of destroying large swathes of land. The destruction is eerily similar to the destruction found in Stalingrad.

1980: The Rhodesian expedition's tapes were found. Mysterious voices whispering could be heard in a unknown language similar to Afrikaans.

1981: The Republic of Antagoria discovers a highly-advanced bunker in their lands, it is kept a national secret. Trillion-year old human bones and energy weapons are found there along with ancient touch-screen devices which use a language similar to Antagorian in the Eastern dialect.

1982: A armed expedition is led into the forests of Rhodesia to locate the missing members of the previous team. The expedition, too, goes missing. The ASP manages to send Harun Masaph to space, he is the first Eastern Antagorian to space.

1983: The internet is invented in the United Kingdom. It helps people to communicate with one another. It is hailed as the greatest invention of the 20th century although many consider it's military potential.

1985: The Antagorian National Union finally wins the Western Antagorian civil war after the 11 year war. The Republic of Antagoria exploits the fact that the fascist Western Antagorian government is not supported by NATO and attacks it's western counterpart.

1986: The Mansbu plains are wholly Eastern Antagorian again. All Western Antagorian civilians are murdered. (No matter the ideology or government type, East Antagoria will always be pleased to genocide the Western Antagorians. The NRA of Beta-1067 was much more lenient to the West. Even if it was for political reasons.)

1987: The world condemns the Republic of Antagoria. The Kalui river is now a divider between the East and West.

1988: The ANU loses it's northern territories to mass assaults, however, they do not take note of the gap in the Southern flank.

1989: The ANU surrenders. It loses all it's territories gained from WW1 and WW2. It also has to pay massive economic-crushing reparations to the Republic of Antagoria. The Soviet Union collapses, a bloody civil war begins between the hardline communists and the Russian Revolutionary Forces (RRF).

1990: Austrailia begins developing it's own space program, the Oceanian Space Agency (OSA).

1991: The first cyberattack is conducted by the Republic of Antagoria towards the Antagorian National Union. Many Western Antagorian hospital systems fail, thus, leaving many Western Antagorian patients to die painfully. It is however, unknown who conducted the attack. The UN condemns the Republic of Antagoria.

1993: 21 children disappear near the edge of the same forest where two expeditionary forces disappear. The Rhodesian government is extremely concerned and bars entry into the forest (which is unnamed.)

1994: The hardline communists are defeated. The Russian government executes their leader and bans communism in the country. The cold war does not end between the United States of America and the People's Republic of China. Li Zinpeng is supreme leader of the PRC.

1995: The Republic of Korea is no longer under a dictatorship.

1996: The Antagorian Space Program attempts to send the first man to the moon. There are reports from spy agencies that NASA is also planning a similar action. Both organisations and countries are now in a space race.

1997: Texas faces a terrible hurricane which causes approx. 1000 deaths and 300 injuries.

2000: The 21st century begins. Yay.

2001: NASA sends the first man to the moon. The Antagorian Space Program is humiliated.

2002: After extensive translation and a method of trial and error, Eastern Antagorian scientists are able to decipher the ancient texts from the touch-screen pads located in the trillion year old bunker.

2003: The Republic of Antagoria is attacked by the Antagorian National Union. The Eastern Antagorians are, however, lways prepared. Thus, they hold their positions until reinforcements arrive. The government is considering testing the trillion year old photonic cannon.

2004: One Sunday morning, the ANU soldiers are treated to a sight of an extremely bright light. It is promptly followed by a loud sound similar to an explosion and in a flash, the men are gone. The patch of land they were on now turned pitch black from the extreme heat. It should be noted that a bomber dropped a empty shell before the destruction occured. The news shocks the world. The UN believes that the Republic of Antagoria possesses nuclear weaponary.

2005: ANU soldiers find themselves attacked by soldiers with energy weapons. They are understandably terrifyed. The UN is unable to capture footage of what is going on in the battlefield due to both nations rejecting and detaining their ambassadors and spies. The Republic of Tuyana faces civil unrest from the Antagorian genocide which also angers both Antagorias.

2006: The OSA manages to launch the world's first space station while working together with NASA.

2007: West Germany suffers from multiple political problems because of the terrible economy (their new capital is Hamburg because Berlin is now wholly East German). In East Germany, the police are firing upon rioters who are protesting the communist system and demanding a union with the West.

2008: Start of the first East German Civil war. Pro-west supporters fight East German police on the streets. Northern Ireland holds a referendum to unite with Ireland, much to the UK's dismay. President Trump is elected as president of the USA. He is well-liked by the people.

2009: Argentina invades the Falkland Islands and the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands. President Trump is not pleased with the Argentines and threatens war with Argentina if they do not withdraw from both islands, Argentina refuses. The USA and all of NATO declare war on Argentina.

2010: The OSA begins developing a satilite to look at the stars clearly.

2011: The Falklands war ends. Argentina surrenders.

2012: People are glad to find that the world has not ended.

2013: The OSA finishes it's satilite, it launches it into space. The world is amazed by the wonders of outer space.

2014: The Republic of Antagoria sends the first manned mission to mars. The flag of the Republic of Antagoria is planted on mars. The world is shocked that the Republic of Antagoria managed to make it to Mars.

2015: First age spacesuits are now being developed for future space missions. Eastern Antagorian astronauts discover human bones in structures located on Mars. Carbondating shows that the bones are over a billion years old. Antagorian scientists are baffled. Bunkers are located under the surface of mars. It should be noted that trace levels of radiation can be found in a few of said bunkers. Touch-screen pads reveal many different technologies such as efficient electo-kinetic propulsion systems for spaceships and energy weapons.

2016: The UK finally agrees to recognising the results of the referendum in Northen Ireland after 8 years.

2017: 2 tourists in Rhodesia disappear after ilegally entering the 'forbidden forest' (as it is now called by locals).

2018: The ASP launches it's first satilite into space. NASA begins sending men to the moon in the hopes of creating a colony

2019: The People's Republic of China is on the verge of civil war after many students in Tianamen Square are killed.

2020: NASA, the ASP and the OSA receive mysterious broadcasts from outer space. NASA and the ASP attempt to make contact with the senders, they are returned with quick, muffled incoherent babbling that is inhuman, the vocalisers appear confused. The Republic of Antagoria captures a picture of a human walking on the surface of Mars, he is not wearing a spacesuit and he seems uninterested in the wind around him.

2021: An American writer pitches the idea of a flying saucer, a large space-faring and underwater vehicle which uses magnets to fly and travel underwater.. Many countries attempt to create such a wonder.

2022: A pleiosaur is captured in the lake known as loch ness. Scientists are baffled as to how it survived this long. Many people are shocked and visit this unlikely creature.

2023: The Human from Mars is seen again on Mars, it walks by Antagorian astronauts while giving them a nod before entering a bunker. The astronauts request hallucigenic or sanity tests. It is revealed that they did not take any drugs beforehand (they never touched drugs in their life) and they were perfectly sane. Further exploration of the bunker reveals that the man cannot be found inside it. It should be noted that this is the first contact ever made with this entity.

2024: Large bones are located in the Atlantic ocean, they so not correspond to any known dinosaurs or animals.

2025: 14 poachers disappear inside the 'forbidden forest'. Their bodies are found outside later that day stripped of skin and organs. Multiple holes and branches could be found in them.

2026: Space agencies across the world receive mysterious messages again, it should be noted that it appears that the messages are not directed to them.

2027: The ASP launches it's first pre-packed bases to Mars. NASA sends it's first colonisers to space too. On Mars, a large humanoid-sized penguin is seen wandering about consuming an unknown strip of meat. It is seen to be carrying about a large gun.

2028: The Republic of Antagoria begins government-sponsered terrorist attacks on the Antagorian National Union.

2029: The Antagorian National Union attempts to reclaim the Mansbu plains. The Republic of Antagoria does not take this kindly and declares war on the Antagorian National Union.

2030: The signals from space are now getting nearer. NASA and the OSA are concerned.

2031: On Mars, more human bones are found. They, too, are also millions of years old.

2032: The ANU loses more land and realises it cannont win this war. It surrenders, and is forced to cede even more territories from their side of the Kanslui river.

2033: All contact is lost with the mysterious broadcasts. All contact is lost with the mars colonists. All contact is lost with the Moon colonists.

2034: A missile is fired from space and hits Washington. There is panic in the USA of a possible fourth world war with the PRC.

2035: The Republic of Antagoria makes contact with a group of aliens which are unable to die. The identity of the Mysterious 'Mars Man' is now known. They consist of Humans and Humanoid-sized Penguins.

2036: The Republic of Antagoria has always been anti-LGBT. They pass article-143, allowing the mass killings of many LGBT people who have long since been discriminated against.

2037: Anath killings, 4000 LGBT people are gathered from across the nation to be sent to this frozen labor camp to die. It should be noted that Western Antagorians were also sent here, they, too, suffer a cruel fate.

2038: A large alien spaceship lands in Russia somewhere in Siberia. They are not related to the aliens found by the Eastern Antagorians.

2039: The world is in a complete panic over the landing of a alien spaceship. It's occupants are lizard humanoids who are extremely aggressive. (The spaceship was the size of a football stadium.) More spaceships begin landing all over the world. World War Four has begun against a extra-terrestrial threat.

2040: The Eastern Antagorians learn that the aliens stole all nuclear weapons through unknown means, they also learn that the aliens supported the Nazis in the Second World War. The aliens belong to a alien country (multiple countries on that alien planet just like Earth).

2041: The First Age of Mankind is revealed by the aliens to the President of the Republic of Antagoria, Edwad Hermangh. It was a period before the modern age where humanity's 167 nations colonised space and enslaved alien populations. The alien invader's motives of revenge are now known.

2042: The world has lost most of North East Asia, Iberia, most of Latin America and large portions of Africa to the alien invaders. Unbeknownest to this world, a extra-universal nation (a nation that controls territory across multiple different universes) has taken an interest in them.

2043: As Western Antagoria falls to this alien threat, a group of people with higly-advanced weaponary walks into the middle of a big battle between the "grey man" alien and the humans, they join the war as a third side. Both sides suffer heavy casualties. More of them stream through a portal. It should be noted that all of them have french flags imprinted on their uniforms. France denies any allegations of joining the war as a third side, both sides are baffled. (It's the EXTRA-UNIVERSAL FRENCH EMPIRE!!!)

2044: People with Roman-esque style armor enter Rome through a portal. They possess powerful weapons.

2045: The "Klassy Names" (KN) as the aliens introduce themselves, offer their assistance in the war on the Republic of Antagoria's side (they refused to work with the rest of the world and fought the aliens by themselves.) The KN has it's own UN known as the EES (full name not known) which sends the following countries to deal with the aliens on Mars: The Pinguin Faction (a sort of anarchy fomed by penguins), The Sarchbi Empire (A sort of monarchy) and Ryskov (monarchy). More and more extra-universal nations join the war such as the Great Chilean Empire, the Japanese German Roman Empire and the Austrian Empire. Earth is now in a state of chaos.

2046: The Austrian Empire is attacked by the Japanese German Roman Empire (JGRE) and tries to get the Great Chilean Empire on their side. The Great Chilean Empire (GCE) refuses. Most of the native nations have already lost much territory to the extra-universal invaders. The alien force is undoubtedly defeated in the crossfire.

2047: The Austrian Empire is defeated by the JGRE and withdraws.

2056: The Extra-universal nations withdraw as the KN forces manage to push them out. Earth is amazed at the existence of the KN as they are found to be immortal (thinl of them as video game characters and their respawn ability). World war four ends.

2057: The OSA launches the first space defence system, NASA also joins in with a orbital bombardment system.

My favourite universe

1914: World War One begins.

1915: A group of aliens who refer to themselves as "Epic Eartheans" (What First Age humans referred to them) promise assistance to the Kaiser in terms of weapons of the 1910s kind.

1918: World War One ends. Treaty of Versailles. Germany is humiliated.

1920: A group of explorers in a unnamed forest in Rhodesia disappear. Their fate is unknown.

1922: Benito Mussolini seizes power in Italy. Italy is the first Fascist Nation in the world.

1934: Adolf Hitler seizes power in Germany, forming the Third Reich or Nazi Germany.

1936: Start of the Spanish Civil War.

1939: Franco seizes power in Spain. World War Two begins. The Epic Eartheans (EE) offer their assistance.

1940: France falls.

1941: Operation Babarossa commences. Pearl Habour is bombed. The USA and the USSR joins the war on the side of the Allies.

1943: The Germans are now being pushed back. King Victor Emmanuel regains power in southern Italy and leads a civil war against Mussolini's fascist Italy, he signs an armistice with the Allies. German forces occupy northern Italy and make a puppet governmnet with Mussolini. Formation of the National Socialist Republic of Italy. The Battle of Stalingrad begins, it ends with the city becoming a burnt up wasteland. Historians are baffled.

1944: D-Day Landings begin.

1945: Mussolini is killed. Hitler's body is found, however, that was his double and the real Hitler had fled to Argentina with EE assistance. Japan gets two extinction balls. Nazi Germany, the National Socialist Republic of Italy and the Empire of Japan surrender. World War Two ends.

1948: Start of the Berlin Blocade. Start of the Berlin Airlift.

1949: End of the Berlin blockade. End of the Berlin Airlift.

1950: North Korea invades South Korea. Start of the Korea War.

1953: End of the Korean War.

1956: Adolf Hitler is surprised to learn that the EE had made a base in Antarctica for the new Fourth Reich.

1957: The Nazis use flying saucers to spy on the rest of the world. Unbeknowest to them, some "Grey men" aliens have also picked up on this technoligy when a Nazi operative crashes his saucer.

1958: All of Antarctica is now under secret Nazi control.

1962: Cuban missile crisis. Operation Bay of pigs commences, southern Cuba is captured after a long bloody battle.

1963: After a few months, Cuban forces defeat the American-supported anti-communist Cubans. The Soviets demand an explanation from the USA.

1965: The Nazis build their own moon base with EE assistance.

1968: Half of the moon is now Nazi.

1970: The whole moon is Nazi.

1975: The Soviets crush a revolution in Hungary. It was discovered that NATO had trained and supported the anti-communist soldiers. The USSR is angry. Franco dies and Spain is no longer fascist.

1978: East German and West German troops face a small skirmish over a drunk East German soldier shooting at West German guard dog. The soldier is later "disposed" of.

1980: The USSR and the PRC begin improving their relations. The Russian Revolution Forces (RRF) are created to combat the Soviet Union. The USSR prepares for a civil war while NATO and the world watch on intently.

1981: The Fourth Reich is now the most powerful nation in the solar system (only the moon and the Earth are inhabited planets). Adolf Hitler dies. Dietrich Krupp replaces him as führer.

1982: The Soviets face pressure from the West as NATO is supporting and aiding the RRF. The East Germans attempt to abolish the communist government in a NATO-supported coup. West Germany begins sending troops into East Germany, they are intercepted by Soviet troops and are shot. Fighting on the Berlin front begins.

1983: A plane carrying supplies to the coup members is intercepted and destroyed by a Soviet plane. NATO sends more planes to shoot that plane down and more supply planes. The Warsaw Pact declare war on NATO in response. World War Three begins. The world shakes in fear as both powers launch their nuclear arsenal, their nukes do not fire out. The world is shocked at the turn of events as the EE laugh at the foolish little Earthlings without their nukes, the nukes are not given to the Fourth Reich.

1984: Alaska faces a large army of reds who land on the shores. Berlin falls to Soviet forces after a bloody battle. Norway is invaded by the USSR. The South Koreans join NATO in the war and attack North Korea to reach Vladivostock. The PRC asks NATO 'nicely' if they can withdraw from North Korea. NATO sends a refusal letter although it was not sent by the NATO military leaders. Austrailia and New Zealand join the war on NATO's side. China declares war on NATO the very same day. Taiwan declares war on China on NATO's side.

1985: China attempts to gain military access through Indonesia to invade Austrailia, Indonesia refuses. China is upset and attempts to invade Austrailia by themselves. They land in the Northsest before being pushed out by Austrailian forces. Seeing no other choice, China declares war on Indonesia before realising it needs to go through Malaya, a few declarations of war fixed that after a few nice "let me pass through your land or die" talks. Vietnam wishes to take it's original territories back by invading China as NATO seems like the winning side.

1986: Hamburg falls to Soviet forces. Yugoslavia faces Croatian and Bosnian resistance. Northern Norway and Jan Mayden Island have fallen to the Soviets. Alaska is freed from the Soviets and an invasion of Kamchatka is underway. Turkey and the Soviets face a stalemate in the Caucasus mountain region. Syria joins the war on the USSR's side after some pressure only to be assaulted by Israel which is, in turn, attacked by Egypt. Hanoi falls to the PRC.

1987: North Korean forces retreat to the Yalu River as Chinese troops are being pushed back. NATO forces in Korea are now weakened. A Indian-Pakistani skirmish escalates and becomes a full-blown battle. The Indian and Pakistani government push the blame to one another for the cause of the war and declare war on one another. Pakistan joins the war on the side of the Warsaw Pact while India joins the side of NATO. Indian troops cross into Tibet which had fallen to China in prior years, Tibetian resistance fighters join the Indian soldiers. Vientane is about to fall to Thai troops.

1988: The NATO advance in Kamchatka is being pushed back. Hamburg is reclaimed by West German forces. Czechoslovakia is being pushed back in Bavaria. Greece recaptures it's lost territories while Turkey is pushed back to it's original borders.

1989: The world's borders are now more or less the same as their 1983 version. An armistice is signed, ending the war. Treaty of Berlin. South Korea will pay reparations to North Korea and India and Pakistan are to establish a demilitarised zone between them. A referendum will be held in East Germany to determine if East Germany should unite with West Germany. In return, the USA and the USSR will demolish all nuclear missile silos in Alaska and Kamchatka (it was hard to settle but everyone realised they had no nukes to bother about.) and Cuba is to be reparated by the USA (another hard one to settle) while the PRC will reparate Vietnam but keep it's territories. World War Three ends with a death toll of 900 million deaths.

1990: The USSR collapses from the Third World War and internal strife. Marking the end of the cold war. East Germany votes to unite with it's western counterpart. The Berlin Wall is broken down. The RRF take control of Russia and form the Russian Republic. Among them is a young man named Vladmir Putin.

2000: The 21st century begins.

2002: A terrorist group known as Al-queda attempts to seize control of Afghanistan.

2004: The Al-queda falls after the USA sends aid to Afghanistan which included weapons and ammunition.

2009: A Nazi ship and American cargo ship almost collide off the coast of Antarctica, the American cargo ship crew were confused from the events. News of this incident reach the US government where reports of a highly-advanced ship almost colliding with a American tanker emerge. The Americans suspect that the Russians have developed a new weapons or ship.

2010: Dietrich Krupp attends the moon-ceremony where the moon has been made into a highly-developed fortress for Nazi activities. Plans are made for a big return to the Earth.

2012: The world does not end but continues spinning normally.

2013: Russian and American tensions increase ever so slightly.

2015: Russia and the USA are now rivals over control and influence in the middle east. China exerts it's sphere of influence over Africa and poses a threat to the West.

2016: World War Four begins. The USA discovers a Nazi base in Antarctica and attempts to take over it thinking that it was just a bunch of old madmen wanting the Nazi government back. The laser blasts and large number of casualties suggest otherwise. The Nazis were then attacked by the UN which refused to allow a powerful Nazi nation to stay around . Thus, they struck and captured large parts of the world in retaliation. The EE are unable to help as they are caught up in their own world war.

2017: Large portions of South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Sumatra, Tasmania, Southern New Zealand, Southern Madagascar, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, Falkland Islands and Southern Argentina and Chile fall to Nazi forces which storm them.

2018: The Nazis capture all of South Africa and Madagascar, Java is now being invaded. Mainland Austrailia is being conquered by the Nazis who find the terrain and emus hard to adjust in. Christchurch falls to Nazi occupying forces while California and Baja California face a naval invasion from the Nazi Reich. On October 12th, New York City and Los Angeles suffer heavy damage from a large explosion, it is revealed that the Nazis launched an artillery shell from the moon to Earth. In total, 1 million civilians were killed in their sleep, the 300,000 injured from the blasts would be forever traumatised.

2019: Mexico city and Lisboa fall to Nazi forces. Gibralter and Java also fall to Nazi forces which outnumber and outclass the troops stationed there. The Eastern half of Austrailia is now Nazi while northern New Zealand is under heavy threat of destruction. Bueno Aires falls to elite SS divisions who crush defending Argentine forces mercilessly. (seriously Adolf? This is how you repay Argentina for all they have done for you? Even if they were about to hand you over... wait... Adolf Hitler is dead damnit!)

2020: Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, The Phillippines, New Zealand, Chile and Botswana fall to the Nazi hordes. Japan faces a large number of Wehrmacht troops entering their southern Islands (including Okinawa). All of California falls to the Nazi Reich while other states are at stake. Singapore becomes a major strategic point to attack the Nazis and liberate Indonesia. It is also necessary to ensure that the Nazis do not enter Malaysia and take out the rest of South East Asia. Zambia and Angola are now being invaded by Nazi forces. Nazi forces are careful to avoid a certain forest in Zimbabwae. Portugal is on the verge of collapse as Spanish troops retreat back to Spain, leaving Portugal to die.

2021: Mexico City is liberated by Mexican forces, it appears that the Nazis only had two interplanetary artillery shells. Tokyo faces a siege as Nazi forces converge onto it. The South China Sea is inaccessible to UN forces as it is now under complete control of the Nazis. The Phillippines is about to lose Manila. Nazis land on the beaches of Singapore while southern India is captured by Nazi forces. Sri Lanka has already fallen.

2022: Singapore, with the help of what's left of the Indonesian navy and army, the Chinese and the Malaysians, pushes back the Nazi forces. The Nazis land on the Beaches of Vietnam and China. Buenos Aires is retaken by Argentine and Brazilian forces. Chilean forces manage to renenter Talca, the Italians face a large wave of Nazi armor in Sicily. The Nazis attack the Arabian peninsula. Yemen falls almost immediately while Saudi troops work to rescue Yemen.

2023: Java is liberated. The Nazis have overstretched themselves and are now facing multiple logistical problems. Austrailian troops are able to take on Nazi forces (even the elite SS divisions are having trouble taking on the Aussies.) and New Zealand is able to retake Christchurch. India is pushing the Nazi forces back and is giving the Nazis a hard time with their superior numbers. Yemen is almost liberated. Somailia manages to ward off a Nazi landing with help from many other African countries. Nambia has taken all of it's original territories back while the Nazis are making a last stand in the ruins of Los Angeles. Baja California has been liberated from the Nazis and the Northern half of Chile in now Chilean again. Zambia is saved and Madagascar is being liberated by a coalition of African nations. Portugal is able to retake Porto with Spanish and French assistance.

2024: Southern Italy is free from Nazis while Portugal is fighting an uphill battle to retake Lisboa. Chile and Argentina have reclaimed all of their land as the Mexicans and Americans have all their original land back. The Arabian peninsula is freed from the Nazis and the sub-continent of India is now free from the Nazis. Jakarta has been liberated as Nazi forces struggle to stay in Sumatra. Sydney is now Austrailian again. All of New Zealand is now back in the hands of the UN.

2025: The world reaches a stalemate as the Nazis cannot be pushed out of the Falklands Islands and the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands. The Nazis are also immovable from Sri Lanka and the Maldives. South Africa is also firmly in Nazi hands while a stalemate is reached in Madagascar. The Indonesians are also unable to push the Nazis completely out of Sumatra. However, Taiwan and the Chinese and Vietnamese coast was liberated. The Nazis are also firmly rooted in Okinawa. The UN will eventually sign peace with the Nazis on the 13th of September. Treaty of Washington. All countries shall withdraw their claims on Antarctica and shall recognise that the Antarctic Circle, Antarctica and the moon are land of the Fourth Reich. In return, the Fourth Reich shall withdraw from all their occupied territories and allow up to five scientists from the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Argentina, Austrailia, Chile and the People's Republic of China to stay in Antarctica until 2030. The American and Soviet flag will also be allowed to stay on the moon although they are eventually covered up. World War Four ends with a death toll of 1.4 billion people.

2026: The Fourth Reich begins preparing a colonisation fleet and construction fleet to Mars. The Nazis are fully aware of the Earth's suspicion of them and they, too, are suspicious of the UN. The second cold war begins.

2027: The Golden Dawn, National Socialist Party of America, Nordic Resistance and thr Dayar Mongol party receive funds from the Nazi Reich.

2030: 40 scientists are sent back home to their respective countries as per the deal. However, the Fourth Reich finds a loophole in the treaty and covers up the Soviet and American flags on the moon. The UN protests but can do nothing about it.

2032: The Fourth Reich sends colonists to Mars to set up a colony. The Nazi flag is set up upon the surface of Mars

2037: Nazi colonists find mysterious structures on the surface of mars which resembles a house. When explored, human bones and high-tech household appliances are found. Both are millions of years old.

2041: A mining corporation in Zimbabwae attempts to mine in the unnamed forest which has earned the name, "Forbidden Forest" by the locals. The entire team disappears along with the equipment. No traces of them are found. Search-and-rescue teams are sent into the forest to locate them, they too, disappear. No other teams are sent to search for those who are missing.

2049: The Fourth Reich intercepts multiple signals. The signals appear to be gibberish at first but closer hearing would reveal that they are, in fact, speaking in an unknown language. The Nazis are confused as it is not a EE broadcast. The EE are also confused at the broadcasts.

2051: A coalition of 7 Alien nations (Askuri/"Grey men" aliens. A democratic-communist like country the size of Europe. [High-pitched sound for 3 seconds. Low-pitched sound for 2 seconds.]/insect humanoids. A anarcho-communist like nation the size of Japan. Kharvabarda/lizard people. A fascist country the size of Brazil and Paraguay combined. Farbinu. A democratic country the size of East Asia. Mamruimasa. A monarcho-commumist country the size of Africa. Marvabadi. A Monarchy the size of Mercury, they are the most dangerous of the coalition with a devoted army of 50 billion.) attack the Earth. They attempt to land on the moon, thinking that they could trust reports from Earth's media. They were only 2 years too late in checking the Earth's media.