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Military overview

The Military Corps and their aims:

The Infantry Corps:The Infantry Corps aim to defend the homeland against Western Antagorian and enemy incursions and invasions. They are first into battle and first to attack an enemy country. They are 50,000,000 strong and have a multitude of weapons ranging from the 23rd century back to the 1700s although ancient guns are only distributed when there are no other guns left. Higher-ranking and Special Forces teams receive first priority in obtaining the best guns. The Infantry Corps is the most loyal and disciplined infantry military divisions in the world.

The Artillery Corps: The Artillery Corps aim to defend the homeland in it's time of need and aim to assist all other corps in missions and invasions. The Artillery Corps has one of the best artillery pieces in the world although it lags behind the United States Artillery. There are 10,000 personnel in the artillery corps.

The Air Force: The Air Force aims to achieve air superiority in a battle and aims to bombard and destroy enemy strongholds, settlements and military bases to gain an advantage during a war. The Air force consists of powerful planes which number up to est. 50,000 and 30,000 planes.

Anti-Aircraft Corps: The Anti-Aircraft Corps aims to take out enemy aircraft and assist the air force in missions and operations. They are currently 10000 strong.

Navy: The Navy is dedicated to securing a swift victory in a naval battle. It's main aims are to blockade and bombard enemy ships and unregistered/unallowed civilian ships (typically illegal immigrants and spy ships containing civilians but cargo ships from and for enemy countries are also included). The navy is outfitted with the latest ships and works with the sub-aqua corps and air force.

Armor Corps: The Armor Corps aim to secure a quick victory against enemy armor and infantry. They are outfitted with the latest tanks and armored cars and also possess the new "Hover-tanks" imported from our allies the Fourth Reich.

The Sub-aqua Corps: The Sub-aqua Corps aims to secure a swift victory underwater and destroy all enemy ships in conjuction with the navy. They are responsible for the sinkings of multiple ships (In war and in peace. Also, against Civilian and Military ships caught trespassing.). They have the latest underwater ships and submarines.

Underground Corps: The Underground Corps aims to protect the nation from subterranean threats and destroy all enemy tunneling devices. It also aims to assist all other corps in defending the homeland and in an assault. It aims to protect all other corps from air, land and underground threats and utilises the latest tunneling missile launchers and troops carriers. It is mainly used to transport infantry and armor underground.

Eastern Antagorian Telopis Merci (EATM): The EATM is the Eastern Antagorian version of the Schwartzstuffel which aims to detain and execute/imprison all unregistered non-Eastern Antagorians. It also aims to capture and interrogate/toture spies (UN spies or American spies) and remove (kill) all communists, LGBT groups and non-fascist ideologies. The EATM operates Yablugna and Flaray Neroealis which are the most terrifying concentration camps after Auschwitz. The EATM are escorts to the tertrach and have been known to use "dirty tactics" to achieve their goals such as murder/assasinations, theft, framing and riling up ethnic hate. Unlike what their name may possibly suggest, they are typically merciless and cruel. They are typically given the most secret of weapons and are an elite corps.

Border guard: The Border Guard aims to defend the Eastern Antagorian-Western Antagorian border and prevent illegal immigration and emigration. They also emcompass the coast guard who aids them in sinking illegal immigrants and emigrants (who knows why they are so persistant). The Border Guard is also responsible for the killing of civilians who are too close to the border which suggests escape or an attempt to enter the nation. They are one of the first to respond to an incursion from the Antagorian National Union.

The Space Force aims to work with the Fourth Reich, our allies and to defend the National Republic from extraterrestrial and extra-universal threats. Developed recently in 2250, the Space Force is given multiple star ships and flying saucers created from The National Republic. They are currently a national secret and have not yet been used.

Unique and advanced firearms:

Dual Acid Launchers (DALs): The DAL are very fast and as stated, launch acid. Each ball of acid is launched at a rate of 7 balls a second and have a radius of 4cm. They are simple to reload by replacing their canister and can melt human bone.

Flame Projectile Rotary Minigun (FPRM): The FPRM can launch multiple beams of fire and is extremely quick. The rotating barrels help to increase the spread and henceforth the effectiveness of the FPRM. Although it can burn enemy units efficiently, reloading is slightly complicated due to the need to replace the fuel canisters, filter and cool down the barrel.

High-Impact Projectile Conum Launcher (HPCL): The HPCL can launch a conum (what anti-matter grenades are usually called) that bounces. The conum can cause a enemy unit to vapourise into thin air. The conum detonates after 3 seconds from launch. The HPCL can launch eight grenades at once before reload.

[Marksman-8. Secret file only accesible by Leader]: The Marksman-8 (M-8) can launch a high-intensity energy beam which can generate enough heat to create an explosion. The M-8 can fire up to 12 times before requiring a reload. The beam is blue in colour.

Raven-56: The Raven-56 launches an electric bullet which shocks it's victim. The bullets can cause severe burns and major cerrebal damage.

Repulser: It launches a ball of energy which can explode upon impact. It stores up to 5 shots at once and reload is quite similar. It is extremely dangerous and can cause what is colloquially known as the 'tenth-degree burn' where it can seperate the molecules of it's victim. Overheats after 2 successive shots.

Six-Barrel Assault Rifle (SBAR): The SBAR can fire six bullets at once in rapid motion. Each gattling barrel has 3 barrels on each gattling barrel which rotate to fire multiple bullets in a spiral motion at once.

FFO Spec: The FFO Spec can launch four plasma beams at once. It has four barrels which are constantly being cooled by fans, it is extremely dangerous and can cause massive damage. Usually given to special ops units. The barrels are arranged such that they form a square around the long part of the gun which is held and used to fire them.

Grenade sniper: This sniper rifle can launch a grenade with a timer of 5 seconds. It should be noted that the gun can only shoot grenades of a radius of 2 cm.

Plasma Rifle: This rifle launches a plasma bolt that ricochets off non-organic material and sticks to organic material. It is usually used in urban warfare. Upon reaching a organic object, the bolt explodes and generates a lot of heat.

Advanced-XV Rifle (AXVR): The AXVR launches a plasma bolt at 2 shots a second and it can also charge up. Allowing it to release a blast of pure energy at 400 degrees. It is behind the American LABR-78. The gun has an integrated generator so that it can constantly fire without reloading.

Plasma bombardier: The Plasma Bombardier can release a bolt of energy that can cause severe burns. It can also fire a charged bolt which can leave a hot cloud of plasma as residue temporarily.

Plasma wisp launcher (PWL): The PWL can launch multiple plasma wisps which are bolts of energy that wander about for a short period of time. It can also charge up and fire multiple wisps at once. It can fire in rapid succession.

C-Astra class rifle: The Astra rifle can launch 3 plasma bolts a second that can track the enemy unit's head. Thus, it is able to create a homing effect targeting the enemies heads. The rifle can cause severe sixth degree burns.

Hughes Sniper (HS): This gun can launch a plasma beam which can create fires. It should be noted that this gun fires extremely hot plasma and should be treated as a dangerous assault rifle. It has a firing rate of 1.5 beams per second

Shockwave shotgun: This shotgun can create a shockwave to create massive destruction. It should be noted that some models fire plasma bolts.

Rapid-Bazooka: This is one of the nation's greatest explosive achievements. This Bazooka is capable of launching three rockets in rapid succession and can hold six rockets in it's thaumaturgically-modified compartment. It is able to fire without overheating and is quite light (for Eastern Antagorians).

Clockwork rifle: This is not actually a rifle but it is commonly referred to as such. It is actually a light-machine gun with clockwork mechanisms. It can fire like a 1914 Lewis gun. Despite it's clockwork and ancient-looking mecahnisms, it is capable of firing 10 rounds a second.

Multi-grenade launcher: This grenade launcher uses a belt of grenades as ammunition. It would then launch them all at once (typically 4 grenades in one belt but specialists get 7 grenade per belt occasionally). This causes mass destruction.

SA-02: This is a revolver which can hold six rounds with a grenade launcher attached to the bottom of the barrel. It can hold up to two grenades at once although it can only fire one at a time.

SS-07: This is a shotgun which can hold up to three rounds at once and can fire them individually or all at once. Each bullet exerts a force of 30,000J, the secret of which, lies with select Eastern Antagorian scientists, The Leader, and Fourth-Reich scientists. This shotgun also has a grenade launcher attached to the bottom of the barrel and can accomadate grenades in the main barrel, high-intensity light-ammunition and plasma cartridges. This gun also has a rapid fire mode which allows it to fire all three rounds consecutively instead of all at once.

DFA-07 (Death From Above): This is a multi-rocket launcher with a thermal, lifeforce and iron sights. The DFA-07 launches multiple rockets (10) at once and allows them to go into orbit before they hit the ground and cause mass destruction.

Credi model: This pistol can fire a short plasma blast which can cause severe burns with the Credi-2 causing first degree burns and the Credi-13 causing sixth degree burns. The ammunition for this gun was slightly heavy until 2197 and thus, this gun was not originally popular with soldiers until the recent Credi-14. The gun uses both science and thaumaturgy to function.

GF-2 to 4: The GF (Gazio Falangist) is a gun model which is designed to fire a beam of concentrated energy. The GF-2 is able to launch a beam for approx. 1.6 seconds while the GF-4 can fire a beam for approx. 54 seconds. The GF model has a Integrated Thaumo-nuclear Fission Generator (ITFG) which is a nuclear generator which utilises thaumaturgic methods to create a spatial anomaly. The thaumaturgically enriched uranium helps to produce more energy. Thus, these gun models are perfect for assault missions.

MRG-3: MRGs (Mobile Railguns) can fire a metal beam typically loaded with gunpowder, are nuclear-tipped, use thaumatugic spatial anomalies to store more explosives and may utilise Thaumo-nuclear fission. Antagorean MRGs are thaumaturgically spatially enlarged (Its like a TARDIS, its bigger on the inside than the outside) spaces to store large amounts of explosives. This allows it to create a large explosion as the destruction of the thaumaturgically enlarged space will cause all it's contents to be propelled outwards. Thus, creating a formidable bullet. The weapon simply launches it and adds to it's destructive potential.

The A-189: The A-189 is a gun which fires a bullet at a high speed of 2000 m/s and a force of 16000 J. The gun is highly used by the land forces although it is also standard issue to tank units. It should be noted that this gun is FAR from silent.

Gravity Gun: The Gravity Gun functions by using artificial gravity to pull the bullet towards the opening of the barrel to send the bullet flying at fast speeds towards the target. It can fire multiple bullets at once in a 'burst' shot.

Plasma bombardier-a: The Plamsa Bombardier is a weapon that releases and fires large amounts of plasma at a target. It utilises a cooling field to ensure that the weapon does not overheat and melt, along with the user.

Tesla Cannon: The Tesla Cannon fires a continous stream of electricity whilst releasing an invisible beam alongside it to make the target more conductive for extra damage.

Full-Spread Rifle (FSR): The FSR fires projectiles which release a large mass of molten iron which melt the target alive (or dead).

Melee weapons:

CS-07: It is a chainsaw which has a strong stick attached to it's handle to allow it's user to wield it like a sword. However, this is only an intimidation technique and is rarely used in fighting (except 1 v 1s. These always end up with a bloodied mangled mess of a Western Antagorians body).

Tracking knife: The Tracking Knife uses nanobots and miniature propellers and quantum computers to track down enemy targets. Upon selecting a target, it may be thrown and it will automatically fly in their direction at a high speed before lodging itself into them. It requires a special forces helmet in order to select a target in order to ensure that it is not used by enemy forces.

Combat energy-sword (CSE): The CSE is a weapon which in it's dormant state resembles a combat knife. Should a button be pressed and there is sufficient energy within the CSE, the knife handguards will jut out and produce electricity between their points and the highest point of the hilt. The blade of the knife which is extraordinarily short at a length of 1.7 cm will be expelled from the blade but kept at a distance of 19 cm away from the hilt. High-intensity lasers will be produced between the hovering blade and hilt, this finished product resembles a sword and can burn through solid metal, it is also extraordinarily light.


Conum: The Conum is a grenade which utilises anti-matter and vapourises enemies who are unlucky enough to be caught in it's blast. It detonates three seconds after it is triggered.

Thaumaturgical Phosphorous Grenade: This grenade utilises thaumaturgy (to be more exact, spatial anomalies) to create a TARDIS-like effect in which sensitive and powerful phosphorous is stored. It will proceed to explode and cause the area around it in a radius of 4.6 metres to be burnt.

Standard-issue 2175-model infantry grenade (2175-SIG): The 2175-SIG is a grenade which is given to all soldiers. The 2175-SIG is a cylindrical grenade of height 5cm and diametre 2.6cm. The 2175-SIG has a blast radius of 2 m.

Cryogenic grenade: The Cryogenic grenade is a grenade capable of flash-freezing the environment around it and creating a large spherical block of solidified nitrogen around it. This is used in combat to create what the army colloquially calls "Human Popsicles", the UN almost condemned the National Republic over the invention and use of these weapons but decided not to at the last second. (Not that it matters)


Lifeforce sights: This utilizes thaumaturgy in order to view enemies and allies through lifeforce detection. It is best not used in jungle or rural areas where the plants and animals emit lifeforce. However, it is best used in urban warfare to locate enemy troops and civilians.

Iron sights: Typical iron sights

LRSS-03 (Long Range Sniper Scope): The LRSS-03 is a scope meant for the MRGs and sniper weaponary.


'Behemoth' class tank: This tank is capable of firing a beam of concentrated energy. As it is made without thaumaturgical modifications (typically lightweight spells or spatial anomalies), it is extremely complex and one of the most powerful tanks the National Republic of Antagoria possesses. This tank has two machine guns located on the front of the tank. These machine guns have cameras attached to them that transmit live-action feed to two screens inside the tank. These cameras have dual filters and lenses, allowing for a standard visual mode to thermal imagery. The main turret of the tank can turn extremely quickly and has another machine gun located in front of the cupola. The tank has a specialised capacitor storage protected by armor at the back which provides the energy required to shoot at enemy units. It should be noted that the turret may overheat from continous usage.

'Reaper' class tank: This tank was created in 2058 and is has a long 10 metre cannon which can fire over a distance of 100 km. This gun has a flamethrower attached to the cannon and has a machine gun in front of the cupola. This tank also has a "hover" capablitily which allows it to hover off the ground to avoid traps and most obstacles. The tank also has a floatation device that can be manually activated to float in water.

'Tertrach' class tank: This tank has three cannons, two of which may be robotically controlled. This tank has a thaumaturgically enhanced engine to use fuel much more effectively and has a heavily armored shell. It should be noted that lightweight spells have been utilised on this tank and there are four machine guns, two on the turrets at the front and back and two more in front of both cupolas (it should be known that this tank has two cupolas). There is a hover capability on this tank and it can lift itself off the ground at a distance of 7 cm, just behind the Russian's 8.1 cm record.

Crowd-Disperser Dual-cannon Tank (CDDCT): The CDDCT is comprised of two seperate caterpillar tracks and possesses two barrels for it's main turret. There is only one energy-based remote-controlled turret at the base of the cupola which fires at a rate of three blasts per second (bps). The tank has 3 cm thick armor and is approximately 40m long and 30m wide when rounded off. The turret can fire two shots stimultanously and takes at minimum 2.8 seconds to reload.

Armored Cars:

EAPC-017: The EAPC-017 (Eastern Antagorian Personnel Carrier) is a APC vehicle which operates as any other APC. It has a 5 cm armor and thaumaturgically enchanced armor (makes intermolecular forces stronger through magic) and two cannons on the sides. This vehicle may only be operated by Eastern Antagoreans and select registered soldiers (Nazi or Italian). Thus, it will refuse to operate should an unauthorised race or soldier use it.



LRAC-88: The LRAC-88 is able to fire rockets and artillery shells at once. It is capable of firing a ICBM rocket and it can launch a shell at a maximum distance of 680 kilometres.

Autocannon Turret: The autocannon turret is a large mobile base with a large cannon at the top. The cannon has a long barrel which is 30m long. The cannon rapid-fires shells at a rate of 10 shells per second and can fire at a maximum distance of 300 km. The cannon's base is a large cube of side 20m. The walls of the base are about 2 cm thick.

Mobile Autospray-07 (MAS-7): The MAS-7 is a dual barrelled anti-air gun which has a rate of fire of 200 rps for each individual barrel. The MAS-7 moves about using wheels and has 2.4 cm armor.


Aerial vehicles:

Axterios-08: The Axterios-08 is a jet capable of flying at speeds of up to 500 km/h. It has multiple compartments numbering ten at the bottom of it's exterior. It can open them all stimultaneously or individually. The Axterios-08 has four slots on each wing to fire missiles from although they can also hold bombs or have machine guns attached to them. The Axterios-08 is extremely efficient and reliable as it does not rely on thaumaturgy.

Sarthulag: This high-atmosphere interceptor can fly at speeds of 700 km/h. It has 4 energy blasters on each wing which can explode in a spherical shape with a radius of 5 cm. It has a a "kamikaze" function where pilots may use all the fuel in their engines and thaumaturgic spells to shift the interceptor into "turbo" mode and send it flying at a target at a maximum of 2000 km/h. However, it should be noted that the pilot will not survive the "kamikaze" attack regardless of whether or not they hit their target.

Ioni-XII: This plane is thaumaturgically enhanced and uses a Aether-class machine gun (A propulsion cannon which is thaumaturgically enhanced. It is reloaded from a thaumaturgic teleportation spell which draws ammunition from a secondary source to refill the gun). It can hold up to 40 bombs (spatial anomaly) and has two sidewinder Mk-II missiles. This plane typically acts as a bomber. Although it has been used in harrassment missions before

Thaunkel-67: Contary to what the name may suggest, this plane does not use thaumaturgy to fly or perform it's duties. This plane can fly at a maximum speed of approximately 8000 km/h, making it the 14th fastest plane in the world. This plane can carry 20 missiles (4 on the side of the wings, 10 on the wings and 6 under the plane) which are all capable of tracking heat sources. This plane has a aeon-cannon (a rotary propulsion cannon) which can fire 1.6 rps. This plane is hard to make and is extremely valuable. As such, it is only used in high-priority missions and dealing with the most dangerous enemy ships. This plane usually acts as an interceptor.


Marnyuikopsi: The Marnyuikopsi is a helicopter with 10 rocket launchers on each wing (2). There is a laser beam cannon at the bottom which fires a laser which can melt even steel.

Transport aircraft:

TAEA-05: The TAEA-05 is a transport ship meant to carry goods, ammunition, weapons, spare parts, supplies and sometimes, soldiers. It can travel at a top speed of 1000km/h.


Plasma Inferno Type-II (PITII): The PITII is a bomb meant for aerial missions. It has a cylindrical shape with a radius of 3cm and a height of 8cm. Upon detonation, it creates a large field of plasma which causes extremely lethal and severe burns to enemy soldiers. The field has a circular shape although it may have an extra centimetre or two in any direction. Those caught in the near 600 degree blast are usually reduced to blackened skeletons as they are usually flash-incinerated.

Hurghes Arzstaff: This is a bomb that is mainly used in carpet bombing operations. This bomb has a blast radius of approx. 40m and has multiple toxins inside of it to ensure that the land it is used on is unusable and toxic by polluting it's air and ground, thus, it is never used on National Republic soil unless in dire situations.

Gragh Uyunda-04: This is a bomb that is more conventional in design. It looks and explodes just like any ordinary 20th century bomb with a blast radius of 18m. It is also used in carpet bombing operations.

Vaerbnu-08: This battleship has a length of 230m, width of 140m and a height of 200m. It has 2 batteries, and 4 smaller turrets. The frontal battery fires a concentrated high-intensity plasma blast which is capable of melting most metals whilst the rear battery fires normal shells. It has a total of 7 anti-air missile systems accompanied by 10 anti-air laser systems and typically carries 80 torpedoes. It can fire 6 torpedoes per barrage and sails at a speed of 80 km/h, placing it as the 67th fastest battleship in the world.

Marshclafh-06: This destroyer is capable of travelling at a speed of 50 km/h and has a railgun which is effectively a larger model of the MRG-03 with a range of 100 km. However, the railgun takes a long time to reload and can push the ship back by a maximum distance of 40m due to it's recoil. There are 6 anti-air lasers on the ship. The ship has a length of 200m, a width of 105m and a height of 160m.

Tgerasi-03: This submarine can travel at speeds up to 100km/h. It has a length of 120m, a width of 30m and a height of 40m. It has 2 missile silos which can be used to fire ICBMs. The submarine also has 4 torpedo launchers which can turn in a 360 degree rotation.

SATC: This sub-Aqua troop carrier (SATC) can carry up to 800 men at once. It's streamlined body allows it to propel through water quickly and it's propellers allow it to move at a max speed of 100km/h under high pressure. The SATC has two spotlights which can light up a large range of 180 degrees in total. The SATC has three turrets, one on it's roof and two on each side. The SATC has ten pods on it's underside that can launch LST (Light Speed Torpidoes) and is heavily armored to withstand at most four blasts from enemy torpidoes.

SAML: The Sub-Aqua Missile Launcher (SAML) can launch up to 60 Intercontinental Balistic Missiles (ICBM) and has 100 anti-air missiles at it's rear. The SAML can move at a maximum speed of 84 km/h. The SAML is a heavily armored vehicle and is treasured in the Underwater corps. The SAML is usually used to devastate enemy cities and can level a large portion of a city, especially if the ICBMs are nuclear-tipped.

SAI: The Suba-Aqua Interceptor (SAI) is a vehicle which is designed to sink enemy ships on the surface and underground. It is outfitted with 50 Sub-Aqua to surface missiles and 100 torpedoes to launch at enemy forces underwater. The SAI can move at a max speed of 136 km/h and is the 7th fastest Sub-Aqua vehicle in the world just behind the American "Maine" class submarine which moves at a max speed of 149 km/h.

TSS-II: This ship is an underwater boat, it has the ability to suck in water from the front and thaumaturgically propel it out from the back. This allows it to reach a maximum speed of 120km/h if unhindered. This ship was designed in 2203 to keep up with the world's high-speed propulsion underwater vehicles. As the technology to create these vehicles were not readily available to the National Republic of Antagoria, the nation turned to Thaumaturgy instead to propel water out the back. Thus, creating the TSS-II. As it is the first of it's kind in the NR-Antagoria, it is prized and seen as the underwater corps greatest ship although the UAS-31 remains their best ship.

UML-II to IX: The Underground Missile Launchers 2 to 9 were developed to create underground methods of launching missiles from under the ground. The missiles were specially shaped to penetrate the ground and discard their covers upon reaching the top. The payload would be triggered (originally thaumaturgic until 2175) electrically and prepared to explode. In 2192, the missiles were nuclear-tipped. The UML-II can reach a max speed of 71 km/h and the UML-IX can reach a max speed of 112 km/h.

UML X: This is a UML (Underground Missile launcher) which can tunnel through the earth while covering up it's tracks by method of drill, vacuum and compact expeller. This vehicle can launch missiles underground, the missiles are specialised for this mission. Each missile has a small drill and a sensor, upon reaching the surface, the sensor is triggered and the drill is released, disposing of it. The payload is activated (special electrical methods of triggering specialised gunpowder) and the missile will divert itself to hit the targeted coordinates. This vehicle is exceptionally useful and can strike fear into the hearts of enemy soldiers. Dirt and debris that fall into the missile silo are immediately expelled upwards to cover up the missiles break-out points.

UTC-II: The UTC-II is a underground transport carrier. It is the first of it's kind and can hold up to 120 soldiers (drivers and maintainence crew excluded). The UTL uses a drill and a vacuum to dig through the earth. The drill can penetrate concrete and even steel, the vacuum is used to suck up dirt and debris to be expelled behind the vehicle to cover up it's tracks. Although it is not foolproof, this method has shown some form of usefullness against scanners which check for tunnels underground.

Anti-air guns:

AA Yarwi: A simple anti-air gun which can shoot upwards at a distance of 1.3 km.

Anti-air artillery:

Niisoop-04: The Niisoop-04 can hit targets upwards at a distance of 3.14 km.

AA Yarwi-2: A anti-air artillery unit which has a faster rate of fire although it fires upwards at a distance of 3 km.

Anti-air post 2100s:

Anti-air laser (AAL): The AAL can fire upwards at an effective range of 18 km although it can hit units at 34 km.

Tesla tower: The Tesla tower can target and hit enemy units and drones around it in a spherical radius of 40 m as long as there is a line of sight.


Forcefield generators create energy fields which are to be released in a spherical shape around a forcefield deployer. They can deflect bullets, plasma and projectiles such as rockets or objects, kinectic energy and other energies. They can be fitted onto soldiers although they require power suits to carry them comfortably.