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The National Republic of
Iron Fist Consumerists

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In the National Republic of Antagoria, the strict government can send criminals to labour camps where they may never see the light of day again (actually, they do. They do work outside most of the time so they see the sunlight a lot) or striaght to death sentence. However, the National Republic is also very creative in it's punishments.

Theft-Reparation (x2) and forced labour for up to 80 days depending on how severe the theft was.

Murder-Depends. If you kill a Western Antagorian, Communist, Unwelcome foreigner, Republic Supporter, Anarchist (both factions), UN spy, people who enter the country illegally, non-native-universe human (also depends but these people are people who are not native to your universe) or another murder criminal, you will be allowed to go free. If you murder a non-native-universe human when they are here with permission from the government, you will be sent to a labour camp for life until the day you die (or gassed). If you murder a fellow Eastern Antagorian, death for you immediately. If you murder the current leader, government officials or the leader's relatives, your children join you in death.

Grand Theft Auto (Its an actual crime, not just a game)-Shot on the spot by the nearest secret police.

Harassing the Leader or any government officials-Detainment by the secret police and forced interrogation (toture).

Abortion-Blood for blood. Death for the person who performed the abortion and the person who wanted it.

Rape-Immediate chemical, explosive (you don't want to know), or thermal castration.

Treachery-Wanting to implement communism, anarchy, reinstate the democracy that died hundreds of years ago (1938) or abolish the government. Labour camp for you.

Being Western Antagorian-Death immediately. Otherwise labour camp for you.

Robbing a bank or any place-Repatriation and sent off to labour camps.

Slavery-Although we say we allow slavery, we are referring to our labour camps. Owning a Eastern Antagorian as a slave is grounds for gassing. Owning a Western Antagorian slave however is okay, as long as you follow your beating and whipping quota. If they escape, you have to pay a large fee of money to the police.

Helping slaves escape-Die.

Trafficking in unwanted foreigners-You join them in a labour camp.

Trying to get to the nation by boat or air-No punishment. If you make it you are sent to a labour camp. But that has not happened yet thanks to a powerful airforce, navy, sub-aqua corps and serious missiles and torpedoes.

Attempting escape-Labour camp.

Vandalism-Go home to find your house a wreck of inappropriate grafitti and broken walls.

Spying-Interrogation. And no, no matter how many times your country asks for you back, you won't see your homeland ever again.

Rallying-If it is a rally to support the nation, race, leader, ideology or government, it is perfectly fine. If it's for communism, democracy (Guys! It died hundreds of years ago. It is the 23rd century now. Sheesh), LGBT rights or anti-government propaganda, the military steps in with guns and armored vehicles.

Being heathens-Advanced weapons testing duty as test subjects.

Prostituion: Labour camp and (forced) chemical and explosive castration