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The Leader of the National Republic of Antagoria

Name: The Leader


Where he lives: A secret heavily-guarded bunker located somewhere near the capital

Early life: The Leader was the son of the previous leader, Ardri Molaar. He was born on 7 September 2214. He worked in the military as a soldier and fought the Antagorian National Union at the skirmish at Mansbu. He was placed into the position chosen by his father as he had the best qualities that a Tertrach (what a leader who is appointed by meritocracy is called) would require.

Personality: He is a slightly cruel and very hardworking. He is quite militaristic and intolerable. As such, he will clamp down on protests with absolute brute force. The Leader also hates communism and democracy, viewing them as plagues and holds the centuries old belief that the Eastern Antagorian race is most pure, as such he is quite genocidal. However, he is fine with working with other races.

Anti-UN: He hates the UN as he believes that they are trying to conquer the Eastern Antagorians and put them under the yoke of democracy. As such, he is quite anti-UN and will expel or execute any and all UN spies.

Semi-Isolationist: The leader wants the NR-Antagoria to be open to all fascist nations but isolated from all democratic and communist nations. As such, he will not trade with democracies and communists.

Militarisation: He wants a strong Antagoria to ensure that no nation may take the nation by surprise. As such, he began extreme remilitarisation efforts and he even restored a 17th century pirate ship for use in the navy.

No waste: He does not want any weapons to be wasted. As such, he has multiple restoration facilities to restore and fix old weapons. Thus, in this 23rd century nation, you have weapons dating back to the 19th century or the 17th century with the recent restoration of the pirate ship and cannons. There is only one pirate ship used for emergency situations should all other ships be destroyed.