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National Republic of Antagoria's International Relations

The National Republic of Antagoria's international relations:

Spain: Slight emnity (friendship from 1938-1975 when Spain was under Franco)

USA: Intense Emnity (Since 1916)

UK: Extreme Hatred (Since 1789)

France: Enemies (Since 1914)

Antagorian National Union: Extreme Enemies (Since 1790)

Germany: Emnity (Friendship from 1914-1945)

People's Republic of China: Neutral but standard enemies because fascists and communists

Republic of China (Taiwan): Friendly-Neutral

Japan: Bad relations (enemies from 1914-1918, friends from 1929-1945)

Italy: Bad relations (Enemies from 1915-1923, Neutral-Friendly from 1924-1938, Friendly from 1939-1945)

Russia: Enemies (1992-Now Neutral-Unfriendly)

NATO in general: Extremely terrible relations

CSTO in general: bad relations

EU in general: Hatred

UN in general: EXTREMELY TERRIBLE RELATIONS (I can count all 53 condemnations from the UN)

Federal Kingdom of Mycule: Neutral

Barku Islands Condeferacy: Slightly friendly

United Worlds: Enemies

Switzerland: Neutrality rates are through the roof

Tuyana: Enemies (NR-Antagoria claims that Tuyana belongs to them. See 20th century history)