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All generals and heads of military departments

This is a list of all generals and heads of various military departments

The leader-He may intervene in military deployment, training and is basically in control of everything. He only grants the military personnel limited autonomy.

Guy Jackovic-Military Advisor to the leader

Pont Deramaim-Military overseer (position where he may review all weapons to determine their usefullness and approve the use of thaumaturgical weapons)

Tert Asman-Supreme Military Overlord Prime (given complete control of the military's logistics and deployment of all units. He may even intervene during the deployment process and divert logistics as he sees fit)

Tabi Jakovic-Head of the Department of Thaumaturgical Weaponary (Supreme commander of all things magical such as Thaumo-nuclear weapons production)

Gorm Hugesbur-Head of Chemical weaponary production

Lorrain Deramaim-Supreme commander of all army branches (he can override any and all commands from the lower-ranked supreme commanders)

Aert Bartome-Supreme commander of the Army

Foland Ghjock-Supreme commander of the Air-Force

Jin Lope-Supreme commander of the navy

Poin Yusev-Supreme commander of the underwater corps

Lantil Occul-Supreme commander of the underground corps

Ferty Uiop-Supreme commander of biological weaponary

Wern Bernioah-Head of logistics (supreme commander but with a different name)

Hughi Folon-Head of the Department of Digital Weaponery (basically supreme commander of hackers and digital virus makers)

Gorm Yutay-Commander (commands the battlefield although he is under orders from the higher-ups)

Jet Querty-Second-Commander-in-command (assistant and military advisor to the commander)

Asman Uiop-Military advisor

Abgil Operi-Military advisor

Joipy Ghjock-Senior general

Hue Bemoram-Brigadier general

Komri Barjockvi-Junior General