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The National Republic of
Iron Fist Consumerists

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Main political factions

Main faction: The fascist government has been reinstated for more than 200 years since 1937. The government follows a meritocratic system where the leader chooses the next leader who shows outstanding talent and skill. The candidate who is picked by the leader becomes the leader who is next-in-line should the current leader die or abdicate. The government is bereaucratic and many departments are given their own resources as allocated by the main governing body. The leader is seen as someone powerful and almost god-like. The government bans democracy and communism.

Communists: Completely wiped out. Only very few (less than 1% of the population) exist and are forced into hiding and underground activities (if you can call it that).

Nazis: The government does not approve of their ideology altogether but they are treated as normal citizens. As such, they are not allowed to form their own party (no one can anyways) and they are not represented in the government but they are allowed to form their own organisations. Most Nazi organisations are similar to the Hitler Youth in terms of organisation and activities minus the breeding.

Anarchists: Very few of them exist. Many anarchists want complete anarchy. As such, this faction is extremely aggressive to another anarchist faction, the anarcho-communists. There is no command structure and they work in small cells. Currently, there are only four such cells left.

Anarcho-communists: They are enemies with the anarchist faction. They demand a society where all are to be under a communist societial structure but there is no government to control it (my best explanation of what it is). They are much more organised than the Anarchists even if they lack a command structure.

Democratic revoluntionaries: They demand a return to the republic (Republic of Antagoria 1789-1937). They are currently engaging the government in a secret underground war. As such, they are extremely dangerous to the nation and pose the largest threat to it next to the Antagorian National Union.