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META - What is Nangka?

So, hi!

This is going to be a very broad thought experiment of mine that's going to involve a lot of handwaving here and there.

Say hypothetically, the Philippine city of Marikina, the greatest city in the world, wants to cut itself off the Philippines. Say hypothetically, the Philippines agrees to hold a referendum on the question and say hypothetically, a majority of Marikeņos and Marikeņas are in favor of independence. What would that country look like if its leading instigators were of my political persuasion?

I named it Marikina after the city I grew up in and the city that I love. I couldn't name it Marikina because it's taken and it's not going to disappear anytime soon because it has over a billion people. So, I decided to name this hypothetical Marikina after one of the barangays in the city: the barangay of Nangka, which is apparently a term for jackfruit or something.

As my political positions evolve, so too will Nangka. Right now it's of a more libertarian socialist persuasion, heavily influenced by the revolutionary experiment in Rojava as well as the direct democratic systems of Switzerland, as well as the experiments of Western leftists with democratic socialism working from the framework of a liberal democracy - all of which are tinged with a Philippine flavor. Its political parties represent the many different facets of politics that I grapple with - libertarian socialism, communalism, eco-socialism, social democracy, liberation theology, and more statist/authoritarian forms of socialism. Elections and which political parties rise above the others, as well as the many different events that I'm going to drum up concerning Nangka, will depend on pretty much what I feel and what I believe in politically at the time of its writing.

This is going to be fun, and I hope to keep it going for a long time.

Cheers from my main nation,

Pasong Tirad