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Burmese Democracy Act

Parliamentary Resolution 2021-0011
In condemnation of the Burmese Armed Forces, Tatmadaw, whose actions in February severely disrupted and interfered with Burmese democratisation movements and suppressed human rights, and;
In support of the struggle to democracy by the Burmese People, and;
Authorising measures to result in the expedient restoration of democracy in Burma, and related purposes

In the House of Representatives of the Federal Republic of Nacrad:
23 MARCH 2021 - Introduced by THE HON. REP. CHAN to the House Committee on Foreign Policy
08 APRIL 2021 - Passed
In the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nacrad:
15 APRIL 2021 - Passed
Presidential Ratification - 16 APRIL 2021

WHEREAS on 1 February 2021 the Armed Forces of Burma, Tatmadaw, has violently overthrown the civilian government in the Republic of the Union of Burma;
WHEREAS thousands of unarmed civilians had committed to peaceful protests in Burma, whose demands include -
    1. The restoration of Burmese democracy in a timely fashion
    2. The recognition of Aung San Suu Kyi and other National League of Democracy (NLD) members who has been elected in a fair an impartial manner, in the respective positions elected.
    3. The rewriting of the Constitution of Burma in order to reduce influence of Tatmadaw, a military organisation, in Burmese politics.

WHEREAS the Burmese security forces, including but not limited to Tatmadaw and police forces, have met peaceful protests with violent suppression, causing not less than fifty dead and hundreds injured;
WHEREAS the Southeast Asian Treaty Organisation Charter stipulates "the preservation and introduction of democracy and the rule of law" from the members;
Be it enacted in the Parliament of Nacrad, assembled, that -

Section 1. Short Title

This resolution may be known in short as the "Burmese Democracy Act".

Section 2. Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this act shall be to authorise the Federal Republic of Nacrad to utilise its resources to address the situation in Burma, including but not limited to the regression of democratic progress, the gross and blatant human rights abuse, and the escape of Burmese citizens in light of such blatant abuse.

Section 3. Admission of Displaced Persons from Burma

1. The Federal Republic of Nacrad shall follow the quota as set by the Southeast Asian Treaty Organisation Resolution 1135, and shall admit monthly one thousand five hundred (1,500) Displaced Persons or as directed by the Southeast Asian Treaty Organisation. The Minister of Foreign Affairs shall designate, in humanitarian concern, as Priority 2 Displaced Persons -
    1. Has been an ordinary resident in the Republic of the Union of Burma prior to escape;
    2. Are formally convicted, wanted, charged or formerly detained, as a result of peaceful protest, or;
    3. Is part of the non-Bamar members of Burma, who has been convicted, charged, or otherwise discriminated upon due to his ethnicity.
    4. Whose spouse, offspring or nuclear family meets the above requirements and has either -
      1. Been admitted prior to Nacrad or other Southeast Asian Treaty Organisation signatory states, except Burma, or;
      2. Entered Nacrad accompanied by his eligible spouse, offspring or nuclear family members.

2. The housing and reception of Burmese displaced persons shall be handled as follows -

    1. The Air Force of Nacrad shall set aside the Shek Kong Air Force Base as the Shek Kong Displaced Persons Housing and Reception Facility.
    2. The Federal Government shall motivate, incentivise and compensate the several States and Territories to create housing facilities for Burmese displaced persons.
    3. The Burmese displaced persons shall be housed in the Shek Kong Displaced Persons Housing and Reception Facility until it shall be ascertained that the position of Displaced Person is granted, and shall be housed in similar facilities until the person obtains citizenship, or elects to depart for a third nation.

Section 4. Restoration of Democracy

1. It is hereby authorised for the President to make use of means diplomatic, economic, or otherwise, in support of the operations of the Southeast Asian Treaty Organisation, in order to restore civilian rule in Burma.
2. The Federal Republic of Nacrad hereby acknowledges the existence of the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH) as a government-in-exile of the Burmese civilian government, and urges CRPH to enter negotiations with the ruling authorities for a timely return to democratic rule.

Section 5. Imposition of Sanctions

1. Not exceeding sixty (60) days after the date of the enactment of this Resolution, the Minister of Foreign Affairs shall impose sanctions in Article 5.2 on the following persons -
    1. Any Burmese person who contributes to the continuation of the Burmese military regime, including but not limited to direct participation of such activities, the sale of weapons directly or otherwise, or deliberate fabrication and distribution of misinformation in favour of the military regime.
    2. Any Burmese person who engages, or attempts to engage in an activity, transaction or otherwise in a willful manner that contributes to the activities described in Part 1.1
    3. Any person that -
      1. Is owned or controlled by a person engaging in the activities described in Part 1.1 and 1.2, or;
      2. Is acting on behalf of such a person, or;
      3. Provides, or attempts to provide aid, material or otherwise, to such a person or his correspondent.

2. The following shall be the sanctions proscribed to those described in Article 5.1 -

    1. Blocking of property. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Economy shall block and prohibit all transfer of property, as with the interests thereto, of such person if they are in the Federal Republic of Nacrad, will come into contact of Nacrad, or is held by a Nacradian national.
    2. Exclusion from Nacrad. The Director of the Customs and Excise Department shall exclude any non-National from entering the Federal Republic of Nacrad who is described in Article 5.1, nor shall any further visa be issued to such person.
    3. Revocation of visa. Any visa on such person currently valid shall hereby be revoked and annulled.

3. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, after consultation with the Minister of Defence, may revoke sanctions imposed according to this section if it is confirmed in a satisfactory manner that the person no longer fits the description of Article 5.1