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The Obersterfuhrurs

The First: Friedrich von Sturmgeist

Friedrich von Sturmgeist

Friedrich von Sturmgeist was born August 12, 1830 to potato farmers in the rural western region of Uztein. His early childhood was nothing special, working in the fields day in and day out. The Sturmgeist's existence was menial at best, amounting to nothing, but potato hagglers. This was the families destiny that has been in place for centuries, ever since the establishment of the Alvensleben Crown.

Friedrich had a staunch curiosity about the other society castes, frequently asking his father about the crown and the warrior caste. His father would constantly reject his questions, saying that he had no business asking about such things. Friedrich's early teenage years came with more resentment towards his family's social status. He spent his days working in the potato fields with his father, making nearly nothing. Everyday in those hot and dusty fields, Friedrich would dream about what his life would have been like if he was born out

The Second: Lukas Wilhelm von Sturmgeist

Lukas Wilhelm von Sturmgeist

The Third: Randolf von Sturmgeist

Randolf von Sturmgeist

The Hero: Andreas von Sturmgeist

Andreas von Sturmgeist

The Fool: Klaus von Sturmgeist

Klaus von Sturmgeist

The Kind: Heinrich von Sturmgeist

Heinrich von Sturmgeist

The Savior: Dieter von Sturmgeist

Dieter von Sturmgeist

The Merciless: Angelika von Sturmgeist
Angelika von Sturmgeist