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The Reichesmilitärstaat of
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National Factbook of The Reichesmilitärstaat of Nachfolgia

The Reichesmilitärstaat of Nachfolgia


Motto:"Loyalität bis zum Tod"

National Anthem

The Eagle Rises


Population: 367,567,768
Density: 132.4/km^2

Capital: Sturmgeistberg
Largest City: Sturmgeistberg

Official Language: German

National Languages: German, Skodal, and English

Demonym: Nachfolgian, Skodal

Government:Stratocratic Dictatorship
Oberste fuhrerin: Angelika von Sturmgeist
Führer of the Wehrmacht: Hans von Sturmgeist

Prime Minister: Aldo Dyhern
Minister of the Interior: Bartholomaus von Hofenhausen
Minister of Finance: Karl von Speidel
Minister of Economics: Emmerich von Heygendorff
Minister of Labour: Wilhelm von Fasbender
Minister of Environment: Friedrich von Eichheimer III
Minister of Transport: Wolfgang Halvarsen
Minister of Propaganda: Heinrich von Kielmansegg
Minister of Justice: Gerhardt Freiherr von Hügel
Minister of Eugenics: Gisela Adalbrechtdottir
Minister of War: Otto Heinrich von Wrede
Minister of Foreign affairs: Garrit Haushofer

Legislature:Reichstag (unicameral)
-High Council [\center]

Establishment: Independence from the Alvensleben Kaiserreich: April 30th, 7 PC ( Post-Cataclysm)

Land Area:3,456,568 km^2
water area: 459,430 km^2
water %: 3.2

GDP (nominal): $312 Trillion
GDP per capita (nominal): $56,678

Human Development Index (NS version): 80.56

Currency: Gulþīnaz

Time zone: UTC+1:00

Drives on the: Left

Calling code: +11

Internet TLD: .na

The Reichesmilitärstaat of Nachfolgia, commonly referred to as The Nachfolgian Reich, is a Stratocratic Dictatorship in Blitzkrieg. It is bordered on the south by the Romance Republic, on the North by The Ice Fields, on the West by_______ , and on the East by Revna’s Depths. Combined with its colonies, Nachfolgia covers over 3,456,568 km^2 and has an estimated population of over 360 Million.

Before the unification of Nachfolgia, the continent of _______ was inhabited by various warring tribes. For thousands of years, the continent was unstable until two tribes formed an alliance and conquered the northern tribes, unifying Nachfolgia as a nation. As a new nation, Nachfolgia prospered and grew into a thriving Kaiserreich.

The Kaiserreich of Nachfolgia lasted until 10 BC, when the Iron Legion set its sights on the world. It wasn’t until 0 AC, when the Iron Legion collapsed, before the Second Kaiserreich was established, but the damage was done. The Nachfolgian people blamed the crown for capitulating and leaving them to suffer under Legion control. Deemed too weak and unworthy to rule them, the Nachfolgians and Skodal rebelled and overthrew the crown in 6 AC. The Reichsmilitarstraat was soon established there after, in 10 AC. With a new form of government in place, Nachfolgia reached new heights undreamt before and became the technological and militaristic powerhouse it is today.

Nachfolgia is a highly developed county, with a high GDP of $312 Trillion and per capita $54,678. The economy is fueled by a massive weapons manufacturing industry and war exploits, as well as a highly government-regulated business complex that prevents companies from exploiting consumers. Nachfolgia ranks lowly in civil right, low in political freedoms, and high in economic freedoms.


Nachfolgia comes from the German word Nachfolger "Successor", paying homage to the Holy Roman Empire, who many view as the Reich's predecessor.

The standard way to refer to a citizen of Nachfolgia is as a " Nachfolgian." Those that are born in the north most region of Skodalheim are referred to as Skodal. Despite these specific regional demonyms, all citizens identify as Nachfolgians.


Before the days of the Holy Roman Empire, the region that is now present day Nachfolgia,