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Federation Army

"I don't know but I've been told
Mountain boys be mighty bold
Fought with guns and knives and sticks
And still we ain't never been licked."

-- Federation Army Cadence

The primary task of the Federation Army is considered to be the national defense, and second task nation building. This has lead to criticism from several quarters that the army would be unprepared to fight a large scale conventional war outside of Laurasia; in high command circles it is accepted that the FRA assumes it will have a minimum of 6-8 months to prepare before fighting a major war abroad against a nation of similar prowess.

The Federation Army, however, is very good at what it does. Like the whole military, personnel reserves are sometimes limited so no expense is spared on technology nor on training. Part of the fallout from this is the Federation's excellent record for proficiency and initiative at the level of junior officers.

The Federation generally operates in integrated units at the Company level, ensuring armored, artillery, and air support for the infantry at all times; this is believed to be of defensive benefit and to assist in territorial control, as well as reducing the strain on transport networks over rough terrain for large vehicular formations. However, critics assert it would struggle against large scale armored formations on flat ground, and would have great difficulty creating or exploiting major breakthroughs.

The high technology level of the Federation shows here as well; communications are both fast and reliable. Recon drones are deployed at the squad level, and heavier assets at the Company level. Soldier's gear is designed to be lightweight and versatile, although in areas without a reliable communications infrastructure this is less true due to the increased bulk of communications gear.

Some notable combat systems are listed below:

The TB-89 Cougar is a modern and powerful main battle tank, although slightly smaller than the ubiquitous M1 Abrams and significantly smaller than many modern heavy tanks such as the Wolfhound, Panthera series, or Salamander. In design, emphasis was placed on reliability and mobility (not raw speed) over size and firepower, due to mission requirements that included warfare on mountainous terrain and in close support of infantry in urban environments. Additionally, it carries the usual superlative Federation electronics. The Cougar is considered a very successful design, with extremely high ready rates under wartime conditions, strong combat performance, and excellent cost efficiency.

The A-92 rifle is the standard infantry weapon of the Federation Army and Federation Marine Corps. It is typical of the breed, with an emphasis on cost efficiency. Tactically, the strongest suit is a long range.