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The Federation of
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Glossary of Characters, Organizations, Etc (OOC)

This is essentially a list of names I've dropped in RPs. I'm assuming everything before the 2018 reboot is only sort of canon. Things mentioned elsewhere in the Factbook are considered optional here.

All characters list in alphabetical order by first name.

See also the Notable Cities.


Clear Sky News Network: A (the?) major Federation news organization.

Cloud Field: The home stadium for San Angelo's sports teams. No connection to the former President.

Davar Woodring: "Davar Woodring is the Senior Senator from North Laurasia. Like Barstow, he is an experienced and respected statesman, representing a safe choice. He does have a reputation as a man of action, and in recent years has pushed for greater Federation participation in international forums and organizations."

Four Corners Park: A park in San Angelo, a square mile with the Senate Dome in the center. The large open space is to allow demonstrations and protests.

Harbor Grove Republic: Prominent newspaper.

Galahad Barstow: "Galahad Barstow served as President of the Federation from 1990 to 1996. While he was not re-elected, he remains hale and is well respected as an elder statesman. His selection as Lordspawn can only be interpreted to be as a safe backup should something happen to Proconsul Cloud, since he is twenty-five years Mr Cloud's senior. He may also represent a compromise choice in some fashion, since he is a member of the White Party."

John Lee Office: The "working office" in the Presidential residence.

Morgan Dawson: The current President. "Like Mr Cloud, Mrs Dawson has a military background, having served with distinction as an intelligence officer in several conflicts. After retirement, she was elected to the Senate in 1996, and was attached as Proconsul to the successful Third of August expedition. Tragically, her husband Phillip was killed in an air accident in 2007. She has been Vice President for the entire Cloud administration, and was widely expected to receive the Blue Party nomination in 2020."

Presidential Residence: Seat of the executive branch. Unpretentious. See John Lee Office.

Red Rocks Hotel: Mentioned as being in the capital, San Angelo.

San Angelo Gazette: Prominent newspaper.

San Angelo International: The capital's airport.

William Cloud: The Gothic Lord for MS. Former President.