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Brief Timeline of Morover

OOC Background Info

For context, a year on Morover is approximately equivalent to 196 Earth days, meaning that the same amount of time would be more Morovian years than Earth years. Additionally, the sapients on Morover are not technically human beings from a genetic sense, but they operate and look so similar to humans that there is no substantive difference between the two.

Morover was founded officially 213 Morovian years ago, and Morovian scholars determine the year based off of the founding of Morover. ME means "Modern Era" and TE means "Tribal Era" - while these are not the names of the eras in Morovian, it is a basic approximation of the translations. In this brief timeline, all years are using this dating system and will use the amount of time of a Morovian year instead of the amount of time of an Earth year.

In-Character Timeline

  • 241 TE - Perisian archaeologists find a tomb from an ancient civilization in the heart of what is today considered Porise. The tomb has incredible technological discoveries on it, and it sets the Perisians up to become the most technologically advanced of all tribes on the planet, by far.

  • 61 TE - Jonathon Muri is born to unknown parents.

  • 45 TE - Jonathon Muri's parents die, leaving him under the care of elders of the insignificant, pastoralist Morii tribe.

  • 18 TE - Jonathon Muri sets out to contact other nearby tribes in an attempt to thrust the Morii tribe into significance.

  • 16 TE - Jonathon Muri stumbles upon the city of Porise, hidden among the mountains, and conferences with the Perisian government. While generally unreceptive to the idea of a multicultural nation, the Perisians do offer Jonathon Muri diplomatic status.

  • 10 TE - Jonathon Muri returns back to the Morii after staying in Porise and studying.

  • 9 TE - Jonathon Muri meets his future wife, Haley Muri, who he sees as a strategic genius.

  • 7 TE - Jonathon Muri returns to Porise with Haley Muri, where they meet once again with Perisian officials, and this time strike up a deal known as the Munder Pact, which outlines a basic premise for an autocratic government which is seated in the city of Porise and has multicultural values, provided that Jonathon Muri can rouse four other signatories.

  • 6 TE - Jonathon Muri meets with the last remaining members of the Porles tribe, and convinces them to sign the Munder Pact.

  • 5 TE - Jonathon Muri meets with the Marcus Tribe and convinces them to sign the Munder Pact, though they were a signatory only under the condition that slavery and other forms of unpaid servitude be outlawed in the new nation.

  • 5 TE - Haley Muri meets with the Purlati tribe and convinces them to sign the Munder Pact, assuring them of egalitarianism for all.

  • 2 TE - Jonathon and Haley Muri meet with the Shea tribe, an offshoot of the Morii tribe which has since developed its own distinctive culture, and convinces them to sign the Munder Pact

  • 1 TE - The leaders of the signatories meet in Porise, and formally amend the Munder Pact in order to better suit all of their interests.

  • 1 ME - Morover is officially founded, its constitution being the formal successor to the Munder Pact. In the capitol, Porise, which takes up most of the land of Morover of the time, many safehouses are provided for the various signatory tribes, in an effort to promote the continuation of individual cultural beliefs. Leaders of each of the former tribes are each granted several votes, which are decided in terms of population, in order to decide various matters.

  • 1 ME - With a landslide victory, Jonathon Muri is elected Potentate of Morover.

  • 2 ME - The "Tribal Nomenclature Act" is adopted, officially establishing the names of the former tribes as the formal secondary names for people coming from those tribes.

  • 2 ME - Jonathon and Haley Muri get married officially.

  • 3 ME - Legislation entitled "External Tribal Integration Protocols" is adopted, allowing tribes outside the original signatories to join Morover's government if they so wish.

  • 4 ME - Renhaven Muri I is born.

  • 4 ME - Following extensive pressure from the populace, infrastructure in Porise is expanded greatly, including small underground residencies being established.

  • 6 ME - In a legendary deal, Jonathon Muri successfully achieved the passage of an amendment to the Constitution which will allow the Potentateship to his lineage, an amendment often referred to as the "Monarchy Clause."

  • 9 ME - Following several smaller tribes joining Morover, the nation now holds over twice its original land area and boasts a population of over 2.5 million people.

  • 12 ME - Serj Muri is born.

  • 14 ME - Renhaven Muri I begins developing an interest in theology, which will be a major influence on his life.

  • 21 ME - Following a declaration of war on Morover by a small coalition of tribes, resulting in the collapse of several border villages, Morover begins developing military technologies in order to avoid future encounters.

  • 23 ME - Sarah Muri is born.

  • 26 ME - At the request of Purlati elders, Sarah Muri is sent to the Purlati safehouse in order to be brought up by them.

  • 27 ME - In the wake of many people who do not associate to any one tribe feeling disenfranchised, reforms are put in place which keeps the tribal voting system in place but also allows unaligned individuals to have their voice heard, primarily through popularly elected representatives as opposed to ancestral elders.

  • 29 ME - A small protest regarding electricity bills gets out of hand near central Porise, ultimately resorting to Haley Muri being kidnapped and killed and designs for unreleased technology being stolen. 4300 people were executed in response, only further outraging the public.

  • 30 ME - Civilian arms factories begin springing up in buildings around Porise, in preparation for a revolution.

  • 31 ME - An assassin of a domestic terrorist group shoots Jonathon Muri, leaving his young son Renhaven Muri I as Potentate.

  • 32 ME - Renhaven Muri I announced a new revolutionary government shall be put in place soon, promising reforms demanded by the revolutionaries.

  • 32 ME - Renhaven Muri I begins his "Bribes of Treachery," where he convinced certain officials to hand their voting privileges over to other officials, who are more sympathetic to Renhaven Muri I's plight. He then convinces those more empowered officials to grant the Potentate full militaristic controls of the Morovian armed forces.

  • 34 ME - The "Bribes of Treachery" have been concluded, granting Renhaven Muri I full militaristic control in Morover. Upon confrontation with shocked protesters, he manages to convince them that the military will only be temporary and that outside forces are beginning to brew that Morover must defend against. During the reforms, he claimed, Morover will be vulnerable, and external tribes may try and seize the opportunity if the military is not in competent hands.

  • 34 ME - Renhaven Muri I begins substantially increasing the budget of the Morovian Armed Forces.

  • 37 ME - Riots break out over unfulfilled promises by Renhaven Muri I, and in response to this revolutionary vigor, Renhaven Muri I sets out the newly-enlarged Armed Forces and brutally executes tens of thousands of protesters.

  • 38 ME - Renhaven Muri I kidnaps and threatens all individuals with voting power to abolish the Morovian Constitution and grant absolute power to Renhaven Muri I.

  • 40 ME - The Morovian Constitution is officially abolished and Renhaven Muri I declares himself Emperor of Morover, and becomes Renhaven I.

  • 41 ME - In order to better suppress the populace, Renhaven I begins wiping out all cultural and tribal identities.

  • 42 ME - The Society of Righteousness is founded, otherwise known as the Church of Morover, worshipping Renhaven I as an all-powerful deity.

  • 44 ME - Renhaven I meets Deanna Muri, a poor homeless girl who was very young and in the process of starving, and orders her to be brought back to the center of Porise to be cleaned up.

  • 45 ME - Renhaven I becomes obsessed with Deanna Muri, and orders the Palace of Flowers to be built in her name.

  • 45 ME - Following an uprising from a group openly advocating for the return of tribal society, Renhaven I makes the use of secondary tribal names illegal for everyone outside the Morii tribe, beginning the Dark Ages of Morover.

  • 46 ME - Renhaven I proposes to Deanna Muri, but is rejected.

  • 47 ME - 200,000 people are slaughtered in an open battle between the Morovian Armed Forces and civilians, sponsored by large corporations.

  • 49 ME - Renhaven I holds a meeting with the heads of several corporations, ultimately resulting in the forced shutdown of all corporations deemed "terrorist" and of 500 Morover-sponsored corporations deemed appropriate brands, and all other corporations are outlawed. These 500 corporations are called the "Almighty 500," and are, for all intents and purposes, above the law.

  • 50 ME - Renhaven I proposes to Deanna Muri again, this time threatening her life if rejected. She accepts, reluctantly.

  • 52 ME - Tens of thousands of people are executed daily for dissent.

  • 52 ME - Technology to read the minds of civilians begins being researched.

  • 53 ME - Renhaven I declares that Morover is the rightful nation of the entire planet, and that all of its laws are extended to all people on it.

  • 54 ME - Renhaven I begins using the military in conquest, imperializing and enslaving as much territory as he can. This imperialization goes on until his death in 194 ME, and he ultimately ends up conquering the entirety of the Morovian peninsula.

  • 58 ME - It becomes illegal to not be a member of the Society of Righteousness.

  • 59 ME - Renhaven I changes his title from "Emperor" to "Glorious Leader" and expands the doctrine of the Society of Righteousness.

  • 62 ME - It becomes illegal to talk ill of Renhaven I or Morover. Those who turn others in are greatly rewarded, resulting in people lying about treacherous things being said.

  • 66 ME - Renhaven I is declared an immortal and all-powerful god.

  • 68 ME - Farrow Muri is born and hidden away in the Palace of Flowers.

  • 71 ME - All media becomes solely under the control of Renhaven I. All resources are going into ethnic cleansing, propaganda about Renhaven I's godhood, and imperialization.

  • 77 ME - A large underground group advocating for revolution is put down. Hundreds of thousands of people are executed.

  • 81 ME - A breakthrough in mind-reading technology occurs, but the result is a very costly procedure that isn't always effective. Research continues.

  • 83 ME - Plague breaks out, but is quickly stopped as the infected and those who have come in contact with the infection are executed. Millions died of these executions.

  • 90 ME - Another breakthrough occurs in mind-reading technology, this time in the form of an implant that can directly report thoughts to a central database with high accuracy.

  • 91 ME - Research on artificial intelligence begins in order to allow a more effective automated system that punishes people for having "impure thoughts." Resources are temporarily diverted from imperialism for this, so that a solution can be found hastily.

  • 96 ME - The implant becomes more sophisticated, implementing a system involving the ability to inflict varying degrees of pain.

  • 108 ME - Research on artificial intelligence is completed, and the thought police have been put into place. Implants are placed in people's heads in mass. For each "impure thought" which occurs, the pain gradually increases, and, in extreme cases, death may occur.

  • 110 ME - It becomes illegal under penalty of death to not have an implant

  • 112 ME - Farrow Muri contracts a rather deadly illness and is put into a semi-permanent cryonic sleep.

  • 123 ME - Dissent has been nearly completely eradicated. Focus turns towards imperialization.

  • 138 ME - Construction of the Grand Estate begins, completely overhauling central Porise.

  • 145 ME - Brooklyn Shea is born

  • 156 ME - The artificial intelligence in charge of managing the thought police has a catastrophic failure. Renhaven I, exhausted by old age, decides not to revive it.

  • 170 ME - Though still technically in power, Renhaven I relinquishes much power to the leading general of the Imperialization, a man named Dominick Marcus.

  • 170-189 ME - Dissent is rising, and Renhaven I is too senile in order to actually put it down.

  • 189 ME - Farrow Muri is taken out of his cryonic sleep and caught up to date on domestic affairs, as many feel Renhaven I will die soon.

  • 194 ME - Renhaven I dies of old age.

  • 194 ME - A power struggle happens between brothers Farrow Muri and Renhaven Muri II, where Farrow Muri was born first, but Renhaven Muri II is older mentally. Renhaven I did not announce an heir before his death.

  • 195 ME - Renhaven Muri II eventually ascends to the throne and is dubbed Renhaven II.

  • 195 ME - Renhaven II withdraws military forces out from their imperialization and puts them in a defensive position.

  • 195 ME - Faster-than-light travel begins to be developed in Morover.

  • 196 ME - Renhaven II begins to work on reinstating the artificial intelligence behind the thought police.

  • 196 ME - Farrow Muri is imprisoned.

  • 203 ME - Widespread revolution breaks out in Morover, seemingly overnight. The laity surround the Great Estate, essentially imprisoning Renhaven II in.

  • 204 ME - The revolutionaries break Farrow Muri out of prison, who quickly rises to the top of the ranks in the revolution.

  • 205 ME - Farrow Muri leads soldiers to take over the control room of the artificial intelligence in charge of the thought police, in order to stop further work from being done on it.

  • 206 ME - The revolutionaries storm the Great Estate and forcefully take over the property.

  • 206 ME - Renhaven II is forced to cede power to Farrow Muri.

  • 206 ME - Renhaven II is imprisoned by Farrow Muri and the revolution ends.

  • 207 ME - The Morovian New Constitution is drafted, placing Farrow Muri as a constitutional monarch, and restoring the title of Potentate.

  • 208 ME - Farrow Muri puts together a cabinet based entirely on meritocracy, and begins working to restore civil rights and the Morovian tribal culture. In this cabinet, the second-in-command is Brooklyn Shea.

  • 208 ME - To those who can trace their heritage, tribal secondary names are restored. To those who cannot, they may apply to change their name to whatever suits their personal identity regardless.

  • 209 ME - The artificial intelligence in charge of the former thought police is reformed to create a system of rewards for good citizens. The implants are redesigned and updated to create a "points" system based off of the amount and prevalence of good deeds done by the individual. These points can be redeemed for various prizes.

  • 209 ME - The first historians of the new regime begin to document a thorough history of Morover.

  • 209 ME - Hearing interstellar calls, Morover becomes aware of outward life. One such call, the World Assembly, which is a multiversal organization, calls to Morover specifically.

  • 209 ME - Farrow Muri joins the World Assembly and sets aside a small committee for managing Morovian World Assembly Affairs.

  • 210 ME - The Almighty 500 are disbanded, and the Morovian economy is brought entirely under state supervision.

  • 210 ME - Farrow Muri proposes to Brooklyn Shea, in a move that surprises many Morover citizens.

  • 211 ME - Farrow Muri and Brooklyn Shea marry each other in a low-key wedding.

  • 211 ME - Farrow Muri resigns and gives Brooklyn Shea the role of Potentate.

  • 211 ME - Brooklyn Shea starts making vast progressive changes.

  • 212 ME - Faster-than-light travel is achieved in small vessels.

  • 212 ME - Small envoys are sent out to other nations, and World Assembly diplomats are sent to the official halls in order to discuss matters of varying importance.

  • 213 ME - Farrow Muri is awarded the Morovian Award for Continued Excellence, and is the first recipient of such an award.

  • 213 ME - Morover begins sending larger-scale envoys to various nations, increasing Morover's international presence.