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Morovian Department on the World Assembly

Morover has a rather large department, in regards to the World Assembly. It takes the matter of international legislation extremely seriously, far more so than it's own legislation. Because of this, it tends to operate as a separate entity from Morover, looking out for the good of the international community rather than what may be in Morover's best interest, though it does tend to have similar ideologies to the rest of Morover.

The Morovian Department on the World Assembly (MDWA) takes votes on several matters, the most important of which is whether or not to vote for the proposal currently at vote. A mere majority will lead to a vote for, while any less than half will lead to a vote against. A tie will cause the Potentate to be the deciding vote.

Additionally, the MDWA can vote to add a new seat to the Department, as well as appointing someone to a currently vacant seat.

The current members of the MDWA is as follows:



President of the MDWA

Darin Perise

Insurance of Environmental Protection

Derstrung II

Nuclear Arms Lawyer

Jonathan Perise

Assistant Nuclear Arms Lawyer

Theodore Hummer

Commercial Lawyer

Shea Deanna

Commercial Lawyer

Jack Smith

Assistant Commercial Lawyer

Wilhelm Jer

Insurer of Civil Rights

Jonathan Jer

Welfare Lawyer

Vagabound Venice

Political Instablity Advisor

Sebastion Crew

Militant Advisor

Dernnen Dern

Minister of Education

Hans Dersti

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