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The Vincent Dynasty







Notable Acts

Guérin Vincent †

Her Royal Highness Guérin Vincent

1912 – 1919

Eternal Royal Grand Queen of Mizialand

Perisher of the Evil Sanchez Dynasty
Eternal Unifier of the Mizialand

Douffet Vincent (Father)

Leala Vincent (Mother)

Theodore Vincent (Spouse)

Crown Princess Marjolaine Vincent
Thomas Vincent (Son)

Led the Military in a patriarchal society

War Hero

Founded the Vincent Dynasty

Wrote the National Anthem of Mizialand

Marjolaine Vincent †

Her Royal Highness Marjolaine Vincent


Eternal Mother of Mizialand

Supreme Commander
Her Beautiful and Glorious Grace

Theodore Vincent (Father)

Guérin Vincent (Mother)

Édouard Vincent (Spouse)

Crown Princess AmberLynn La Pierre Vincent (Heir)
Princess Viole Vincent (Daughter)

Ambassador and Statesman

Doctorate (PhD) in Politics & Law

Ended the Mizia Civil War

Established eternal peace and harmony between the three linguistic groups

AmberLynn LaPierre Vincent †

Her Royal Highness AmberLynn LaPierre Vincent

1943 – 1997

Eternal Just Ruler of Mizialand and a Beacon of Kindness

Her Magnificent Grace, The Most Beautiful, Queen of all People and Beings across the Seven Seas

Édouard Vincent (Father)

Marjolaine Vincent (Mother)

Lucien Vincent (Spouse)

Crown Princess Sophie Vincent (Heir)
Prince Pierre Vincent

M.phil and Phd

Started the Economic Reforms

Brought about the Representation of People Act which codified local government in Mizialand

Sophie Vincent

Her Royal Highness Sophie Vincent



Lucien Vincent (Father)

AmberLynn LaPierre Vincent (Mother)

Pierre Vincent (Brother)

Hélène Vincent (Sister in Law and Hier)

Masters in Chemistry

Accomplished Horse Rider and Swimmer

Voluntarily brought about many political reforms

Converted Mizialand into a Constitutional Monarchy