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Prince Lothar, leader of Misgardamy

Lothar Lchko von Peplijn-Rod
Lotharius Lechus domo Peplyn-Rod, bona Dei Gratia princeps electus et inthronizatus Mesogardamiae, dominus Castellum Principis

* 2nd of January, 60 years ago


Prince of Misgardamy

3 years ago - now


Born as Lesko, the second son of sir Michael von Peplijn-Rod and his wife Catharine ne Peplijn-Kurʒ, representatives of famous and distinguished noble families using the Peplijn coat of arms, members of the Peplijn Clan. In the age of 26 he completed his studies with a master's degree in history and found a job as a history teacher in a pre-Misgardian State High School in Brmbrk he attended previously.

Social and political activity

31 years ago he participied for the election of the mayor of Brmbrk, but failed as the second most popular candidate. He joined the town council and keeped developing his political career on the local level. When some of his familiants from Peplijn clan got involved in the fight for gaining the independence for Misgardamy, he was the "Man of Peace" as he encouraged the seccesionists to avoid the violence.
He became the tribune of Misgardamy 12 years ago and was keeping the office till his participating in the election of the prince, in which he won. He also used to be a legate in the confederation "Iron and Blood".

After the national mourning period, established by the Regency Council due to the tragic events from the last days of election, he became enthroned in the Princely Manor and accepted the name of Lothar, in honour of first unofficial dictator of Misgardamy, Hermann Lothar.
His first ordinance, which he issued in the day of Enthronement, he banned all communist organisations, associations and media.

He wrote three historical novels about knightery:
- Lothareia
- Chevalline
- Eisenfaust

Private life
Privately owner of the Rod Castle by the Misgardian seashore. Former general of the Peplijn Clan Army. Lutheran. He was married twice, and twice divourced. His wives were:
- lady Sophie Grnk-Peplijn
- lady Karen Hopske-Peplijn
With Sophie he has got four daughters: Joan, Catharine, Isabelle and Helena. With Karen he has got a son, Lothar.
Currently single. None of his children has been proclaimed as a heir of throne yet.