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Magistrates, or the most important offices in Misgardamy.

Single offices

- Prince (Prijnʒ) - one of the little-princes, elected by the Regency Council to the throne of Misgardamy. After the elections the rights to throne come to the prince's descendants.
office holder: Prince Lothar
term of office: for life, with family succession

- Bishop (Bischenhoff) - head of the Diocese of Misgardamy on behalf of the Holy See, but also the representative of Catholic Church on behalf of the faithful catholics. While catholic faith is the main religion of Misgardamy, bishop is the first person after the prince.
office holder: bp. Archard Okrasijna
term of office: for life

- President (Praesident) - representative of the Misgardian pioneers - people who proclamated independence of Misgardamy and who were first members of the Regency Council. New president is elected every year among the officialy recognised Pioneer Codex (Codex Pjmrorum).
office holder: sir John Jagow
term of office: one year, many times

Dual offices - elected by the prince

- Pretors (Praetores) - prosecutors and judges in cases of breaking common law - in each case one pretor becomes a prosecutor and the other becomes a judge. Because the common law in Misgardamy isn't very restrictive, they are the only common-lawyers in the whole principality.
office holders: sir Philip Klsk, sir Adrian Łnʒk
term of office: three years, one time

- Consuls (Consules) - officials responsible for representing Misgardamy abroad, especially in diplomatic matters and international events, e.g. sports.
office holders: sir Kevin Krhwskji, sir Victor Kjdrowitʒ
term of office: five years, two times

- Tribunes (Tribuni) - ombudsmen, the officials responsible for verifying violations of human dignity in local laws and in the statutes of private domains. Both tribunes control each others' verdicts.
office holders: lady Cunigunde von Peplijn-Pan, sir Paul von Peplijn-Goplan
term of office: ten years, two times

Multiple offices

- Legates (Posłij) - members of Misgardian Parliament, highly honoured but without any salary. To become a legate you have to get the official invitation from the prince.
term of office: eighteen months, three times

- Marshals (Marlln) - leaders of the guilds, elected usually by the guild members. Every marshal's duties are specified by the each guild, but the common duty is to serve the prince in every matter - they must be just loyal and do what the prince wants them to do.
term of office: specifed by the guilds

- Elders (Θjdkj) - retired legates, councilmen and marshals, at least 80 years old. No duties or special rights, excepts the lifetime pension - the only people who get it.
term of office: for life

- Ministers (Ministri) - elected among the legates by the elders, get the salary and lead their own ministries.
term of office: six months, one time

All of the office holders usually live and undertake in the Princely Manor, but it isn't any obligation for them.