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~History Will Repeat Itself

Good day future entrepreneurs! Putonukk welcomes you to its home page. Right here in Minuda.

Putonukk is a paramilitary industrial company that sits at the center of arms production, currently providing all of the military equipment to Minuda(Minus naval ships). Putonukk is one of the fastest growing industrial provider. Featuring both an open market and closed market services, clean factories to produce almost anything on ask. And of course, a paramilitary security service to protect your governments and companies assigned locations.

Everything that you can think of! So long as you are willing to provide the blueprints for anything we don't have, we can produce it for you!

Industrial Package: Standard Arms Production or any other item via. request.
Paramilitary Package: Paramilitary contract. Employ your own people to defend specific sites via. contract
Full Package: Both packages combined.

Its heartland may be in The Authoritarian Republic of Minuda... But you can find that it is an international business, both with places it exists in, and places it may be looking to expand to! If you want Putonukk to provide to you industrial expansion, just say the word! well offer you three deals, full package, industrial, and of course, the paramilitary.
The Authoritarian Republic of Minuda Homeland
The Imperial Osean Kingdom of Asthea Industrial
The Anarcho-Communist state of Tommatito Industrial
The Militärstaat of The Austro Germanic Union Industrial
The Green Republic of Miruma Industrial
The Tiny Meme of Waupun Island Full package
The Spooky Sea Lake Monster of Territorio di Nessuno Industrial
The Peoples Republic of Hong Kong Empire Industrial
The New Empire of The Islands of Tonga Industrial
The Halicz-Słupica Królestwo of Warsaw-Halicz Industrial
The Commonwealth of Ikea Rike Industrial
(Includes both nations in SR and not in SR, must have a claim sent in nonetheless)

Possible expansion locations include...

You must request for the paramilitary or full package deals. We wont offer them. Of course, paramilitary is provided in order to secure our assets in your country. But we don't send our own people, everybody in your country is home employed. Including the security there.

Putonukk is often considered as a wild card, both because it doubles as a government organisation and because it has often taking political sides more seriously... A riot in Kappa resulted the in the paramilitary killing off twenty workers in the battle that ensued. They are prone to using a labor force given to them by the government to not have to hire employees. They participated in both the Reunification Wars and continued in the suppression of the monarchist and communists, both of which were voluntary actions. However, despite this they maintain an open market and are fine with setting up factories in communist nations, and do not let their political ideologies affect outside business, as the people working in their outside factories would hold the political views as their own nation, and not those that have employed them. Other scandals include multiple fundings of terrorists and rebellion organizations. The supplement of pirate groups and other economically damaging structures. And may or may not be developing a gas that would ruin a city for decades to come. But that's all that they want you to know anywho...

And we wish you a warm day!