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The Multiversal Empire of
Moralistic Democracy

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International Relations


This are countries that are allied and controlled by MineLegotia and Equestria and are in the Commonwealth faction.


This are countries allied to MineLegotia and Equestria via diplomacy.


These are countries that we don't ally with, but we don't don't like them.


These are countries that have the ability to (potentially) meddle in or interfere in our interests. Or they are countries that poses a threat to us.

  • Dáguo

  • Noobvia


WE ARE AT WAR. Or we just really don't like them.


1=It's complicated
2=I'm watching you
3=Old Firend who's leaving Ns.
4=TL;DR Royal Marriage equals alliance.

How We See Everyone Else
How we from a stereotypical viewpoint as MineLegotia and Equestria see everyone else. Kinda like that Polandball wiki.

  • Mleocun - Most Sucessful Son. I'm so proud of you lah son, here have some weapons. But can you please stop turning everything into an investigation!? AND WHY YOU LEGALIZE SAME SEX MARRIAGE LAH!?!? Gib more RomCom and Detective films.

  • Mleocunese Equestria - Semi-insane Daughter who loves guns and tanks. Chap, clam down, don't go shooting other nations unless they do check you out, then you can. Also gib grandchildren.

  • MineLegotipony - Thanks for helping me police the Commonwealth. More insane than of Mleocunese Equestria. But why you do some illegal stuff lah?! GET THOSE TRAFFICKERS OUT OR I WILL BOMB THE ABSOLUTE **** OUT OF THEM!

  • Hyper Equestria - Liberal loving daughter hippy. I'm ok with all of that, just no weed and LGBT pls. What? You no listen? Ok then, no devlopment grants for you, 我不給到你聽我!

  • United Entente - Most diverse nation between the Empire, so nice lah. Also has many historical sights there in Middle East. Gib Oil and Tourists.

  • Equestrian Multi-Union Empire - Sons and Daughters who are so intermingled I swear how is there not a single case of a STD yet!? Gives many grandchildren and good books and immigrants. Let me through your land so I can bomb those terrorists!

  • East Maconian - Daughter, I know how you want to make your nation a better place, but that is not how you do it. No. No shootings people in the street with machine guns. No.
    Give tungsten.

  • Royal Snowland - Lovely vacation destination, nice ponies and people, also good food. Is only reasonable daughter who know that communism doesn't work. Here have some devlopment money.

  • Harmony-Hippogriffia - HOW DO YOU HAVE SO BIG OF A DEBT!? THIS MUST BE BECUASE OF YOUR GAMBLING ADDICTION! IM BRINGING YUO TO Twilights Citadel TO BE TREATED RIGHT NOW! Irresponsible daughter with gambling addiction, has good books and TEA.

  • Calavaria - They have good calamari there.

  • Twilights Citadel - Daughter who can do many things. Is a doctor, scientist, and CEO at the same time! Very nice... But why you no expand? You can be much better if you expand!