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The Multiversal Empire of
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MineLegotia and Equestria in HOI4

National Spirits

Multi-Species Empire

  • Construction Speed: +10%

  • Mobilization Speed: -10%

  • Resource Extraction: +5%

  • Ideology Drift Defense: -10%

  • Stability: +10%

  • Research Speed: +5%

  • Political Power Cost: +0.30

The term "Unity in Diversity" are truly put the test in MineLegotia and Equestria. Being an Empire with 9 different species have many advantages, with the nation being able to advance at new branches of science at faster speeds, but the cost of maintaining the unity of the nation makes sure that no MineLegoEquestrian takes the stability of their homeland for granted.

Military Society

  • Mobilization Speed: +25%

  • Recuitable Population: 2.50%

  • Recuitable Population Factor: 25%

  • Division Attack: +5%

  • Division Organization: +10%

  • Division Speed: -10%

  • Navy Organization: +10

  • Air Force Experience Gain: +10%

  • War Support: +10%

  • Stability: -15%

  • Political Power Cost: +0.50

  • Political Advisor Cost: -10%

  • Conscription Law Cost:-10%

  • Land Doctrine Research Speed: +20%

  • Naval Doctrine Research Speed: +20%

  • Aerial Doctrine Research Speed: +25%

  • New Military Leader Cost: -25%

  • Starting Planning level of New Generals: +1

  • Consumer Factories: 15%

MineLegotia and Equestria is a military society, with most of it's population ever serving in one of the military's branches. Meaning it's quite advance in military warfare. Such advantages come with a big economical and political cost.

The Imperial Family - Supportive

  • Stability: +15%

  • Political Power Gain: +15%

  • Factory Output: +5%

  • Research Speed: +5%

  • Consumer Factories: -5%

  • Drift to Nationalism: +0.02

  • Drift to Monarchism: +0.02

  • Acceptance of Communist Diplomacy: -50

It is an undeniable fact that the Imperial Family played a huge role in the creation of the Empire and how it became as it is. They control most of the big corporations in the Empire and are willin to lend a hand to the current government for they care much for the nation they built. They currently support the current government and their policies even if they disagreed with a couple of them. But if the nation's stability drops below 40% or the Imperial Family's support for the government drops down to Furious, the Imperial Family might take matters into their own hands, and the Military and Church will undoubtedly support them.

The Church of MineLegotia and Equestria - Happy

  • Stability: +10%

  • Political Power Gain: +5%

The Church of Protestant Christianity in MineLegotia and Equestria is a major player of internal politics, with them making sure that the government doesn't step out of the moral line. They're currently happy with the currently administration and support it. If relations with the church drop down to Angry, the Church will undoubtedly call for the end of the current administration, and this will cause many problems for us.

The Military - Placated

  • Justify Wargoal Time: -10%

  • Mobilization Speed: +10%

  • Stability: +5%

  • Drift to Nationalism: +0.05

The Military is a major power in internal politics, with them ensuring the safety of the Empire and the Fatherland. They will demand some things now and then, but they support the current administration. If the Monarchy's support for the Govenrment drops to Furious, or the Military Support for the Government drops to Ignored, the Military will be ready to rise up and replace the current government with one more... Military-minded.

The Citizen's Representive's Council - Stable

  • Stability: +5%

  • Political Power Gain: +5%

  • Drift to Democracy: +0.05

The Citizen's Representive's Council is where the current administration does most of it's work. With any law and policies needing to pass through it in order to be implemented. Due to how MineLegotia and Equestria's political system is structured, coalitions are needed. Currently, our coalition is united, and the opposition is willing to work with us. If the Opposition ends up unwilling to work with us, or our coalition breaks, we might lost control over the Council as we fall into political deadlock and the other players in internal politics might make a move to stabilize it.

Imperial Connections

  • Trade Law Change Cost: +25%

  • Production efficiency: +10%

  • Trade with subjects: +30%

  • Construction Speed: +15%

  • Research Speed: +10%

  • Factory Output: +5%

  • Ideological Drift Defense: -10%

With how big the Empire is, the Fatherland has lots of connections with it's subjects. The Fatherland provides new technology, military protection to the subjects, while the subjects provide labor, resources, and staging posts for the Fatherland. This is a symbiotic relationship and is unlikely to change anytime soon.

Imperial Society

  • Nuclear Research Speed: +10%

  • Magic Research Speed: +15%

  • Electronic Research Speed: +5%

  • Rocket Research Speed: +7%

The Imperial Society is a organization established with the goals of moving the Empire forward with new discoveries every year. They are currently focusing on Nuclear, Magic, Electonics, and Rocket research.

Red Scare

  • Drift to Communism: -0.10

  • Acceptance of Communist Diplomacy: -100

  • Stability: -5%

  • Justify War Goal Time: -25%

  • Justify War Time on Us: -15%

The Red Scare; or the fear of Communism, has scarred the Empire after the attempted 2134 revolution. Now, the government and populace are hunting down the communists like wolves, and are willing to bring the fight to the communists, and it's associates, to extinguish the flame of the devil.

CCD Member State

  • Call Ally Factor: +30

  • Join Ally Factor: +50

  • Resources to Market: +5%

  • Trade with Ally Factor: +25%

  • Consumer Factories: -5%

  • Drift to Nationalism: +0.05

  • Drift to Democracy: -0.05

This Nation is part of the CCD. By being in an alliance, this nation is more likely to call other nations in to help it during wars, and is also more likely to trade with them.