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Of Culture and People

Of Culture and People or "Its about our damn culture you damn unintelluals!"

Society or "Life,"

MineLegoEquestrian society is centralized around the concept of God and the betterment of the Empire. These two concepts are the main pillars of MineLegoEquestrian society and morality. The people of MineLegotia and Equestria hold onto their beliefs strongly and would rather die in nuclear waste than give up their beliefs. Or get executed, bascially the one that is currently available.

The traditions of MineLegoEquestrians date back to the Second Union Age, where Minese, Legotian, and Equestrian cultures were mixed together by the government as they played around with ethnicities and species to make a new united nationality. The end result is that MineLegoEquestrian culture is fairly open to new cultures from anywhere else as log as they don't contradict with their belief of God and the betterment of the Empire.

MineLegoEquestrian households then to follow the traditional concept of a nuclear family, with a father, a mother, and 2-4 children. This is mostly derived from the Minese culture of pride of having a family and a feeling of fulfilling of God's mandate to fill the world...s. MineLegoEquestrian families are okay with cross-species marriages, as the government interference back in the Second Union Age encouraged cross-species marriage, and becuase of this, families tend to have almost all tribes of the Empire in it. It is mathematically impossible to find a "pure-blooded" family, otherwise known as a "one tribe" family anymore in the Empire, the only exceptions are recent introduced colonies or territories where MineLegoEquestrian culture have yet to enroach on.

Racism doesn't exist in the Empire nor does much Specism, but a feeling of Ideological Supremacy is in the hearts of many of the populace. Most MineLegoEquestrians feel the pride of being MineLegoEquestrian as they feel they are superior to non-MineLegoEquestrians morally, technologically, magically, physically and mentally. But they do not usually show any traces of narcissism as Equestrian culture influenced the taught of being superior means not bragging about being superior or, being humble. This tends to cause to the populace to downplay their superiority to other nations, say that their nation isn't that much different from others, but in their hearts they know the truth.

Swearing is seen as something commonplace in the Empire. Since the introduction of conscription back in the Second Union Age, people have found it bascially impossible to escape swearing, especially when you're under fire. Even as they leave the military, swearing stays on the individual as Legotian and Minese culture promotes pride in serving or have served in the military, and swearing is seen as sign of you've been through the military, and the more colourful you swear, the more longer you've been in the military. People don't find it rude to swear in front of older people as the older people has most likely sweared in front of even older people. But it is seen as extremely taboo to swear in front of a minor or yet-to-be-conscripted (YTBC) person. It is seen that swearing as a form of initiation into adulthood.

MineLegoEquestrian culture loves the military. The military is seen as the means to educate the young ones with discipline, loyalty, self restraint, obedience, tolerance of people they don't like, and thinking/planning under pressure. The belief is that under pressure, a individual is more likely to accept the lessons learnt under it. Becuase of this, MineLegoEquestrian Military Boot Camps tend to do tests in situations that put pressure on the conscripts. Those who break down admist the pressure are left untouched by the trainers till the end of the training procedure so that a comrade could have the chance put them back together, and have the spirit to continue the training. This is to see who is blessed with leadership skills and who can keep it cool under immense pressure and be conscripted into ITFs. In Changeling culture, a honorable soldier is one who doesn't give up at any odds, while in Minese and Legotian culture, the best soldier is one who knows when to run and when to strike, while in Equestrian culture, soldiers are held to the highest point of morality, to not stoop down to the level of the enemy is seen as moral victory.

Government wise, MineLegoEquestrian culture is based on the belief that the government must operate on the "The Ends justify the Means" clause in order to achieve the betterment of the Empire, this tends to contradict with their belief of God, but MineLegoEquestrian culture states that it is better the whole government goes into hell to make sure the rest of the populace goes into heaven. The government is seen as the protector of MineLegoEquestrian heritage and culture.