by Max Barry

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The Grand Duchy of
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The History of a new born Nation

It began with a thunder. Loud voices in the streets of all big cities in the southern Lands of Germany. Voices that demanded change and a new way.
The Southern states were dismissive of the once so great Federation of german states, since the economic crysis and a general breakdown of the Government took place.

People wanted to stand up for a new Nation born out of the Ashes of the old and corrupt federation that has stolen all from them but their lives and their hopes.
After disaster followed disaster, the people rose up and stormed the Government Buildings of the state Governments and dragged the corrupt politicians out of there, declaring that their reign of terror had ended. They were thrown into prison and the states fell into anarchy. Bloody civilian war ravaged the lands. Brotherwar occured everywhere and many lives were lost in those dark months.

But after so much bloodshed, it was time for a new order to arise. 6 States emerged in the south, one of it was the Republik Meridionalis Badan, Latin for "South-Baden". Nord-Baden, Königreich Württemberg, Fürstentum Hohenzollern, Republik Franken and Republik Bayern also formed. Southern Germany was again a patchwork of different Nations as it was hundreds of years before.

Since the southern Part of Baden had a big influence of the Romans, the people chose a Latin Name for their Nation. Soon after Order was reestablished and a new Government was formed, the rebuilding of the Lands had begun. People worked hard to bring back civilisation and after Years a flourishing Nation had been established. With a President at the Top who was elected directly by the people after 5 years, with a maximum amount of 3 turns. The economy was running great, the countrysides were used for farming and small companys in the cities were providing Jobs for everyone.

From this point no one knows where the Journey will lead, will it lead to further prosperity? Or will differences and envy start to grow outside the borders. Only Time will tell...