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Men of Limbo Criminal Activities

The Men of Limbo currently engage in a multitude of illegal and illicit activities, such as:

Raiding: This one is pretty self-evident. Raiders find a town or village, and they proceed to steal and pillage anything that isn't tied down.

Slavery: The Men of Limbo are highly prolific slavers. Trading people as a commodity has made the Men of Limbo huge profits during the course of their operations.

Drug Running: The Men of Limbo both manufacture and distribute large amounts of narcotics. They have also been developing new types of drugs, designed to boost the users combat abilities.

Smuggling: The Men of Limbo have no qualms about moving all sorts of contraband. Chances are if its illegal, then they'll try to get it for you.

Gun Running: Making cheap weapons is a Men of Limbo specialty. They'll sell their weapons to just about anyone, provided they have the cash, that is.

Piracy: Any ships that stray to close to Men of Limbo waters risk being hijacked. While raiders sometime steal cargo, their real goal is to keep the crew members for ransom. Speaking of...

Ransom: Abducting high-level targets and holding them for ransom is a Men of Limbo pastime. It's brought in large amounts of revenue for the group.

Illegal Alcohol: In addition to peddling highly dangerous and addictive drugs, the Men of Limbo also enjoy brewing their own kind of alcohol.

Illegal Gambling: Rumor has it that many illegal gambling operations are secretly run by the Men of Limbo.

“Protection Money”: The Men of Limbo will often demand money or resources as part of a “protection tax” over small villages and communities, regardless if they rule them or not.

Fight Club: The first rule of fight club: Don’t talk about fight club! Fights between humans fighting humans, animals fighting animals and humans fighting animals are quite common.

“Death Race”: A popular pastime, these events combine normal races with demolition derby's. They are predictably both destructive and lethal to participant and spectator alike.