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The Men of Limbo

The Men of Limbo is a self-proclaimed "Raider Kingdom" located in the world of Facet. They seek total control of the wastes and will do anything in their power to achieve this goal. Their leader, the OverBoss, rules with absolute authority and has organized his raiders into a legitimate threat against all of Facet. To do this, he has overhauled how the Men of Limbo operate their military, reorganizing it into several different branches:

Scout Division: Their primary job is to explore the wastes, laying claim to new resources and occasionally skirmishing and enslaving people. They use a variety of technicals in their travels, such as Gun Technicals, Amphibious Technicals, and Motorcycle Technicals. They also use Beetle Armored Cars and Grayhound Armored Cars when more firepower is needed. Most of the raiders here are unarmored, to facilitate rapid transport. This division is notable for using snipers.

Raider Division: The primary fighting branch of the Men of Limbo, this division is used to spread Men of Limbo influence throughout Facet. They operate Badger APCs, Armadillo APCs, Rhino APCs, Assault Technicals and Bob Semple Mk 2 "Tanks". Their raiders are usually armored, wearing Raider Vests and Chainmail Helmets. They also have Elite Raiders amongst their Ranks, wearing Heavy Armor and Plate Helmets.

Hellfire Division: One of the most feared divisions, these men are pyromaniacs to the core. They use Molotov Cocktails, Single Shot Flamethrowers, Flame Fougasses, and Standard Flamethrowers indiscriminately, burning entire villages to the ground. They also make use of the "Flame Dozer", skid steers with flamethrowers attached instead of loading buckets. Sometimes they have Hell Cannons firing incendiary projectiles at their disposal. They are usually armored, and often make use of a special type of armor paint to instill fear into their enemies.

Artillery Division: These men operate the long-range weapons of the Men of Limbo. Their Hell Cannons, Rocket Artillery, Rocket Technicals, and Buccaneer SPAs harass enemy targets with long-range fire. They also use the "Rocket Dozer", a bulldozer with 4 Hell Cannons instead of a lifting bucket, and the Giraffe SPA/SPG, a dump truck with a tank turret mounted on top of it. They even have slingshots that can chuck grenades. They are usually unarmored.

Tank Hunter Division: These men are responsible when heavily armored vehicles appear on the battlefield. They use Recoiless Rifle Technicals, Tank Tractors, Hellcat TDs and Cannon-Mounted Gun Trucks to eliminate priority targets. They also use static 105mm Recoiless Rifles and Mobile Tank Turrets as anti-tank guns. They are sometimes armored, but usually not.

Anti-Air Division: These men are responsible for keeping the skies clear of any threats with their AA technicals, AA Gun Trucks and Missile Technicals. Their 23mm Dual AA guns have a blistering rate of fire, while their 57mm AA guns pack a punch. They are usually unarmored.

Engineer Division: These men are responsible for maintaining the Men of Limbo motor pool. They also operate Killdozers and Battledozers, and set up weapon emplacements such as Heavy Machine Gun nests. They make use of both Raider Vests and Heavy Armor.

Death Division: One of the least popular divisions, mainly because of their mission: they're a specialized suicide bomb unit. Mostly staffed by criminals, drug addicts and crazed "volunteers", they have a variety of methods to induce a massive, explosive sacrifice. On the low end, they use explosive vests and even pipe bombs, while on the high end they have Armored Kamikaze Cars, Bomb Dozers and even Kamikaze Speed Boats. They also have specialized "suicide drones", radio-controlled flying bombs. They're lucky to get weapons, forget about armor.

Navy and Air Force: The Men of Limbo have a small Navy and Air Force, mostly modified civilian boats and aircraft. They are rarely used due to how rare and expensive access to these vehicles are and are almost only used for the most desperate or special of occasions. They also have a small amount of drones for reconnaissance.

Tank Division: While it is the smallest of the divisions, it is probably the most prestigious, as tanks are quite rare in Men of
Limbo service. Only the division commander or the OverBoss can authorize its use, and they decide what tanks get loaned out to other divisions (or in the case of the tank bombs, permanently given to).