by Max Barry

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The Borderlands of
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Who We Are

Who are the Men of Limbo?

Ostensibly a raider group, the origins of the Men of Limbo have remained shrouded in mystery, although speculation abounds on where they first came from.

Rumor has it that the Men of Limbo were once a mighty criminal syndicate, operating all around Facet. No criminal enterprise was too morally dubious for their tastes. From smuggling to slavery, gambling to drug running, the Men of Limbo had their hands in all types of nefarious activities. They operated in the shadows, making connections around the globe, creating a truly criminal empire.

That all changed with the Great Collapse.

Soon, internal fighting broke out among the Men of Limbo leadership. Petty squabbles and insignificant arguments escalated into all out war, with several factions forming among the Men of Limbo, each one vying for control of the whole organization. This would be their undoing, as all the bands devolved into little more then small time raiders. It would seem that both greed and rage consumed the organization, leaving it as a shadow of itself, left to be forgotten by the annals of history.

But that would all change.

A new claimant to the title of "OverBoss" has appeared. He has brought the surrounding area under his control, forming his own "Raider Kingdom" in the process. Criminals, psychopaths and denizens alike flock to his banner, and the OverBoss seeks to reestablish the Men of Limbo as Facet's dominant group, through any means necessary.

Thus, he covets the Antithesis nodes, caverns filled with a mysterious gas, a gas that seemingly has the power to create life. He who controls these nodes controls Facet, something that the OverBoss is unlikely to ever forget...