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The OverBoss (WIP)

Who is the OverBoss?

The leader of the Men of Limbo, the OverBoss's orders are absolute. He wields complete power within the Men of Limbo, and he seeks to rule the whole of Facet!

Very little is known about the origins of the OverBoss. Prior to his ascendancy, he had killed the previous OverBoss with nothing more then his own hands. The OverBoss is higly skilled in melee combat, both armed and unarmed. He is also known to be an excellent shot, a rather gifted sniper.
The OverBoss is an adept wheelman, and is known to enjoy racing his personal vehicle, the Ghost Camaro. There are also rumors that the OverBoss is able to pilot aircraft.
The OverBoss has little regard for human life and has been known to exhibit highly sadistic tendencies. That being said, he is rational and cunning enough to lead an entire raider organization. It is highly likely he is a psychopath, or at least just a really, really bad dude.
It is believed that the OverBoss is in his mid to late 20s, and he is around 6 feet 4 inches tall. Broad shouldered yet surprisingly skinny, he is an imposing and mysterious figure to be around. Curiously, he never seems to take off his armor, and some believe that he wears it in his sleep. How he eats with that helmet on, no one can really say.

The "Ghost Camaro", the private and personal vehicle of the OverBoss. It is a highly capable, customized car with a number of beneficial modifications made to it. Its 5.7 liter V8 Engine has been beefed up from 185 to 220 horsepower, and when its nitrous is engaged, it doubles to 440 horsepower. It has both a ram and mine clearing blade bolted onto the front, and its "no-flat" tires allow it to keep moving even when punctured. It has Kevlar panels and steel plates lining the inside of the body, along steel plated windows.

Night vision, heat detection and a ground to air radio are all available to the driver. But perhaps its most beneficial feature is a rather mundane one: its solid gray paint job actually absorbs infra-red light, allowing it to stay invisible on radar. It can carry 400 kilograms of supplies while still reaching over 200 kilometers per hour. Anything to get your from point A to point B alive!
Check out the real vehicle Linkhere.

The rumored personal aircraft of the OverBoss, this MiG 23 is built with parts from at least 3 different airframes. It is unknown if this plane can carry weapons, but it seems likely despite its haphazard construction.