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Men of Limbo Personal Armor

Standard Uniform

The most common type of raider.

Chest Armor

Bulky, heavy, and uncomfortable, only the most elite raiders wear this armor. Usually in conjunction with Stinger Machine Guns, RPGs, Heavy Rifles or Flamethrowers. It is effective against small arms.

Much more common, this armor is lighter and more comfortable to wear, but not as protective.

This pattern is widely used by "Firebugs" of the Hellfire division. It makes them stand out, but the fear their reputation brings outweighs the negatives of making them such prominent targets.

Face Armor and Helmets

Essential for any wasteland exploration.

Light face protection.

Yes, this fully enclosed face mask is actually used by snipers. When a sniper is lying prone, it protects him from splinters and sharpnel.

This camouflage is used by the Scout Division snipers.

Face and head protection. Re-purposed mining helmets.

Only worn by the strongest and most elite raiders.

Leader's Armor

The personal armor of the OverBoss, the leader of the Men of Limbo.

Experimental Armor

This armor is exceptionally heavy, but fairly effective. It is in limited use by some elite raiders, usually the personal bodyguards of the OverBoss.