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Men of Limbo Small Arms

Side Arms

A weapon made by legendary raider Oscar Oscario, this would be massed produced after his untimely death fighting a horde of angry townspeople. Townspople he was raiding and murdering, mind you. It is a fully automatic, .25 ACP caliber machine pistol. Check out the weapon Linkhere.

Another handy little machine pistol, this weapon is compact when its stock is folded yet can hold 20 rounds of .380 ACP ammo.

Sub-Machine Guns

Made by a raider only known as "Luty", these SMG's are some of the cheapest and easiest weapons anyone could ever make. Thousands have been manufactured for use with the Men of Limbo. They are 9mm and have a decent fire rate. They are unreliable and prone to jamming, however.

Another incredibly cheap gun to manufacture, these SMGs are common among new recruits, those not trusted enough to use higher quality weapons.

Another crude SMG, this gun is used only by veteran raiders due to its tremendous rate of fire, around 1,000 rounds a minute. While it can use a drum magazine, they are expensive to make and often don't feed properly, making stick magazines much more common.

(Sorry for the ugly picture) Another sort of combination gun, using the carry handle of the Heavy Rifle. It's been shortened down and given a small magazine for concealment. Check it out Linkhere.


This "rifle" is usually given to new recruits, as it is cheap to make and easy to replace, much like the new recruits themselves. It is semi-automatic and has a 25 round magazine, 7.62mm caliber.

This carbine comes with a folding bayonet attached, useful when you run out of bullets but still need your enemies dead.

Training Rifle

These low caliber weapons are often given to raider children in order to teach them how to shoot and maintain a firearm.


Veteran raiders prefer to use this weapon due to its good balance of accuracy, fire rate and stopping power. It is less common then some of the other SMGs and rifles but still relatively widespread.

These old rifles are semi-automatic and have an 8 round magazine. The "en bloc" clip makes a distinctive ping when it is out of ammunition. It's important to exercise caution when reloading the gun, as the nature of its "en bloc" clip means it is possible to get your thumb stock in the rifle. Ouch.

While antiquated, even an old rifle can still kill in the right hands. The Men of Limbo use a hodgepodge of old bolt-acton rifles. While many are handed off to new recruits, some scoped versions are used by snipers for long range support.

These bolt action rifles are easy to make and maintain, making them a popular choice among raiders who are expected to be operating far away from their home base.

A 12.7mm, 14.5mm or even 23mm anti-material rifle. Made mostly from old AA guns and machine guns, these weapons are only used by snipers, their expertise allowing them to use the guns with maximum efficiency. While match grade ammunition is hard to come by, these weapons can use their old machine gun and AA ammo, although they are single shot rifles.


A huge variety of shotguns exist, although most are 12 gauge and shortened.They are "sawn off" to decrease weight and increase portability at the expense of range.

A 23mm shotgun made from broken AA guns. While incredibly powerful, only the strongest and most elite raiders can handle the weight and recoil of this weapon.

These have a 6 round magazine and can attach a knife at the end.

Heavy Weapons

The RPG, or Rocket Propelled Grenade, can blow apart infantry and vehicles alike. Some have been modified for anti-air use. They are fairly common among the ranks, providing raiders with a good all-around weapon.

The heavy rifle is used nearly exclusively by elite raiders, its powerful .308 cartridges able to tear apart cover. It only comes with a 20 round magazine, so it needs to be used carefully.

Fairly simple to make, these machine guns have a decent rate of fire and can be handle by most raiders with minimal training. They need to be mounted, however, to properly fire them.

Made from a combination of weapons, it can lay down a withering amount of fire. It has the stock of a battle rifle, the main body of a medium machine gun, and the bipod and carry handle of a heavy rifle. It also fires at a blistering 1,000-1,200 rounds a minute, meaning only elite raiders can fire this weapon. Check it out in the flesh Link here.


A sort of flamethrower mine, these weapons fire bursts of flames when their triggered. They are often buried and camouflaged to avoid them being discovered.

Incredibly crude and simple. This weapon is designed to mount a sling on top. The user puts the sling on top of his soldier and carries the weapon underneath his arm. It only has one shot, but it requires no training to use. Recruit "Firebugs" carry one of these under each arm, and discard them when they run out of fuel.

Used to cause fear among the enemy, this weapon is just as dangerous to the user. It looks like a rifle to help hide its true identity, although many of the "Firebugs" who use this weapon paint their armor in distinct colors, negating this advantage. It is heavy and cumbersome but has a massive psychological effect on the user's enemies.