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Men of Limbo Armor

This guy is used as an armored personal carrier mainly for more veteran and elite raiders. It has a smokescreen generator, oil slicking device and nail dropping device, along with a 700 volt electrified steel battering ram!

The main assault vehicle of the Men of Limbo, it holds 20 men, has two "sniper" turrets and firing holes for the men inside. And a battering ram, naturally.

A heavy assault vehicle. Holds 13 men and is equipped with, you guessed it, a battering ram. It can withstand a decent amount of small arms fire.

Armed with a 50 caliber Machine Gun and a 37mm cannon. It's fast and decently armored, able to do 90 kilometers. These vehicles have been in service for decades but still run due to the skill of the mechanics at the Men of Limbo.

Used for engineering, its concrete armor makes it hard to kill, although it is rather slow. But it has portholes for weapons and provides good cover. While it has no windows, a camera mounted on the outside provides vision to the occupants inside. Check out its variants here.

When you need some serious fire power, you bust out this guy. It has a 90mm cannon and does 40 kilometers on tracks. It also has no armor, although crew members have added an armored roof for more protection. Another decade's old design,most examples in Men of Limbo service have rubber armor installed, reducing thermal signatures and providing protection from low velocity muntions.

Tanks are expensive to produce and maintain, but provide awesome firepower. As a compromise, and old tank turret was mounted on top of a truck. It's 100mm gun gives it excellent firepower but it is vulnerable to all kinds of incoming fire.

For artillery support, the Men of Limbo have also mounted various cannons and mortars to the back of various trucks. These use whatever they can get their hands on, even this old 19th century naval cannon. After all, if it shoots, it can still kill. They do, of course, use more conventional weapons as Linkwell.

This tank turret has been mounted on the back of a dump truck. It can still move up and down, allowing this vehicle to be used as artillery or for direct fire suppot.

Gun trucks provide a platform for all kinds of weapons, whether it be a 23mm AA gun or a massive 115mm cannon.

One of the most common vehicles in service, they have everything from machine guns to recoiless rifles to anti-air cannons to even rocket pods attached to them. Check out all the variants here.

Fast and agile, the rider can dismount this vehicle and use it as a mobile machine gun emplacement, allowing heavy firepower to be brought to bear almost anywhere.

This armored tractor has no windows, also using a camera to see outside. It uses a heavy machine gun for fire support.It is slow and vulnerable to heavy weapons, but very cheap to produce.

Armored yet agile, this armored car can help break through lines. It is armored enough to withstand mahine gun rounds yet fast enough to provide quick transportation to and from the battlefield.

Yes, I'm aware of the irony. These cars are designed to rush their targets and blow up. Their armor helps them survive until they are close enough to their target to detonate. The drivers are usually criminals given an "opportunity" to redeem their honor.

Made from the hull of a tank, it's part command vehicle and part APC. Quite scare on the battlefield, the presence of one of these indicates a massive operation or heavy investment in a particular area. For more information on Men of Limbo tank variants, click here.

Armed with a variety of cannons, anti-air guns, and machine guns, these trains provide heavy fire support and transportation services. They are rather vulnerable to track sabotage and their size makes them prominent targets.