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Pride Lasacris Concept (WIP)

Pride Lasacris, the New Zantine Empire

Symbol of the Pride

Imperial Motto
"Zantines Know No Defeat"


Official Languages
Galactic Basic, Zantine, Mhassari
Zantine, Basilari

Enlightened Absolute Monarchy

Ruling Prince: Basil Lasacris I
Prime Vizier: LinkHaifa Suleiman (Collaborationist Leader)
Marshal of the New Pride Legion: LinkMontu Suleiman (Collaborationist Leader)

The Prince's Conquest (4746)


Sapient Species

Various Iammelonian Species (3%)
LinkMhassari (95%)
Other Migratory Groups (2%)

★ Territories: Three M-class planets

Prince Basil Lasacris, ruler of Pride Lasacris.

The Empire refuses to fall, no matter how far it must travel for safe haven! And it has found itself such a place in the lands of the Mhassari. Pride Lasacris is now one of many Prides in the area, though is exceptional for its security and strange foreign heritage. Its ambitious ruling Prince must carefully walk the balance of appeasing his majority non-Iammelonian Mhassari population and maintaining the status (and loyalty) of his powerful primarily Iammelonian army. To anger either enough would be to lose his throne, and likely his life...

Recent History and Current Events:
Under the leadership of Prince Basil Lasacris, of the ruling Zantine Imperial Family back in Iammelon, remnants of the Zantine Army, defiant Rangian Vanguard, as well as other disparate elements of the Iammelonian Confederacy's Forces who fled the surrender of their faction back home, all teamed up to follow the Prince out of the country, taking their weapons to restore the Zantine Empire to glory elsewhere. They moved northwards after evading pursing union forces, to the highly fractured lands of the feline Mhassari and their prides. Prince Basil decided this area of space was far enough that the Union would not pursue, which was corrected, yet also not too far from Iammelon that they'd forget their origins, as well as still be close enough to receive other fleeing Confederates that may wish to join up. The overwhelming force easily overwhelmed three minor Prides, seizing three planets and firmly placing them under the Prince's control. He wasted no time in establishing "Pride Lasacris", whose legal structure was practically ripped directly from the Zantine Empire's style, although with some changes to accommodate the particular situation this new Pride was in.

Pride Lasacris was thus ruled by a powerful Iammelonian military force, and it quickly set to what it considered its real purpose; establishing a new Zantine Empire. Although it has not yet claimed to take on the full Imperial Mantle, it has the clear intent to do so later when it has the chance. But part of this is continuing important Zantine traditions of conquest; Imperial Assimilation. The Prince has set greatly to work to not merely just assert authority, but to assert culture upon the conquered populace. This has led to many tensions, but the Iammelonians hold the bigger guns, and the Prince used his charm to quickly build up an essential collaborationist movement, led by the former very popular model and singer Haifa Suleiman, who is rumored to also be a mistress of the Prince. Regardless of the status of their relationship, Haifa's quick willingness to accept the new order and encourage acceptance of the Iammelonization policies the Pride is currently experiencing has made quite the mark on the Mhassari populace, planting the very much needed seeds for the process to one day see some real progress. Though that is in the future, and the tension still remains, although the presence of Mhassari in the government ensuring that they still maintain many rights comforts the majority, even if all those felines in the governments are collaborationist cats who report directly to Haifa or even Prince Basil himself.

The Pride hungrily eyes its neighbors for weakness, as to reform an Empire one must be larger than a few meager planets. But it currently avoids this so as to not draw too much attention to itself, and instead subtly continues pressing other Mhassari Prides to fight among themselves and leave the "weak" Lasacris Pride to its corner, all while it gathers strength. The primary goal at the moment is to consolidate its gains and sway enough of the populace into at least accepting Iammelonian Long Term rule, even if they don't properly Iammelonize themselves in the process.

Relations between Conquered and Conquerors:
The relations between the Iammelonian Conquering Army and the Mhassari who have fallen under the rogue Prince's control are tense, to say the very least. Revolt is a constant threat to the new order as the felines do not so easily accept the supposedly justified rule of a foreign monarch, especially one that had just fled the place they had come from and reduced themselves to being a mere warlord! Already are the Mhassari a people who do not easily accept authority, so having to impose a foreign authority on them is another level of difficult. But wide-scale revolt has not occurred, as the conquered Mhassari were from different minor Prides themselves, and the grudges between them are still very close to mind. Rebels distrust eachother just as much as they hate the new Zantine rule. This has been used by the Conquerors, who make sure to make subtle reminders of those old grievances to keep them alive and well. In addition while Iammelonian minority is extremely small compared to the Mhassari populace, the Iammelonians are majority military personnel themselves with top of the line equipment, not to mention the power of the navy which goes uncontested by the planet-locked Mhassari majority. Still, tensions are growing, as the Pride continues to push Iammelonization policies upon the people. Trying to force them to act more Iammelonian themselves, as well as openly accepting any Iammelonian settlers to the Pride's borders, bolstering their ranks.

One thing boosting relations however is the major collaborationist movement headed by former very popular model and singer Haifa Suleiman. She heads the "Progress and Unity Movement", which is not too subtly a movement that believes the rule of the Zantine Prince is good for the Mhassari, and that the Iammelonians bring progress. It insists that if the Mhassari populace just opens up and accepts the new into their lives, they can still maintain the old and forge a new combination culture that will propel them into the future, while resisting this progressive change will just see the old damaged in the process. And nobody, including the ever so benevolent Iammelonians, wants that. While this Movement is largely seen as a bunch of traitors and scum, it has still managed to get some following due to getting some cult-appeal personalities, such as Haifa herself, who use their personal followings to help legitimize the movement. Not to mention there is a little bit of reassurance in the fact that Pride Lasacris often takes prominent members of the movement and places them into important governmental positions, including the "Minister of Culture", meaning there are still Mhassari there. Though, even then, many have a hard time believing that these Iammelonians who brutally and swiftly put down revolts could possibly really be doing this for benevolent reasons, and the Prince is still largely viewed by the Feline Majority as a power hungry Warlord taking advantage of military power to control them, and these attempts to Iammelonize them are simply his efforts to shape them into compliant subjects. Thus, while the Progress and Unity Movement is not totally without influence, it remains pale in comparison to discontent.

Military Situation:
The military of Pride Lasacris is entirely reliant on the Confederate Veterans and Zantine Soldiers who followed Prince Basil to these new lands. They make up the core of the force, making it a hardened, experienced, and deadly fighting force. It has styled itself after the Zantine Military of Old, but due to its position it does really have any sort of uniform equipment policy. Instead, soldiers just use whatever they brought with them from Iammelon, or from the storage of weapons that were also brought from Iammelon. Still, this situation has caused some issues for the Prince. His army, by its very nature, is not exactly the most compliant. It follows his orders, but he is required to make a dance to keep them appeased. The power to remove Prince Basil, should he ever displease the army, is entirely in their hands, as its not like he could raise a force from the Mhassari that could ever hope to outmatch the Iammelonian Veterans. Thus, the military is rather political in Pride Lasacris, with high ranking officers holding their own bits of territory and political positions, and ensuring the portion of the army or navy that is theirs is loyal to them first. It is thus broken up along certain lines for these reasons. Old OMNI Security forces for instance have generally stuck with their old officers, Confederate Soldiers from Avalantus often stick to Avalantine Officers, and so on. The only forces that Prince Basil can say are really reliable are his personal detachment of Rangian Vanguard, who are the loyal household guard of the Prince and are loyal to him and him alone, and also the Zantine Portion of the Pride's Navy. The Zantine ships in the navy all hail from original Royal Fleet Prince Basil had at his disposal in the war, and have been with him since the start. As such, they have become quite loyal to the Prince they've served so long and he who has kept them alive and prosperous. The Loyalist Rangian Vanguard thus serve as Basil's personal bodyguard force, ensuring his direct defenders are loyal and not in the pocket of any ambitious military official, while the Zantine Navy ensures that Basil can exert his authority on any of the three planets in the Pride's territory, not to mention the "inspiration of loyalty" one gets from seeing a well armed spaceship that will happily fire on any traitors it sees.

However, these veteran forces, while making up the bulk and main core of the army, are not the only parts of it. The Prince has been creating a "New Pride Legion", or NPL, to act as the main military of Pride Lasacris in the times to come when the experienced Iammelonians eventually need to retire (or, rather, when the New Pride Legion can take over the role safely without risking revolt). The NPL is a force composed of new Iammelonian settlers as well as local Mhassari who are willing to join the new regime, either because they share the goals of the Progress and Unity Movement or just because they pay well. Of course its officers are composed almost entirely the former type of Mhassari volunteer or Iamelonian settlers, just to ensure loyalty among its officer core. To help satisfy relations, the NPL's official leader is actually the brother of Haifa, that being Montu Suleiman, another collaborationist leader. He has some military experience, but what is most important is that he is just as loyal as his sister is, and happily reports directly to Prince Basil on all matters regarding the NPL. Its forces are made up of LinkMhassari Auxiliary Warriors and the newly created Link"Lasacris Legionaries" whose equipment is all produced in the Pride itself with the intention of updating the gear past that of what they brought with them from Iammelon, and whose members can be any kind of Iammelonian Species or Mhassari. The NPL's forces are limited, but intend to expand and diversify once it grows in strength, and of course funding. For now however, its primary purpose is to garrison the capital, Basilandria. Its stated purpose for doing so is to maintain stability, but in reality it is so Prince Basil can have a military force loyal to him close by at all times, and prevent any ambitious Military Official from maneuvering their forces to garrison the capital, and thus be in the position to quickly commence a military overthrow of the Prince. The NPL currently lacks any naval elements however, and is still reliant on the Zantine Naval Forces to control space. Still, while it may not have the experience of the Ex-Confederates, the NPL are still no pushovers, and represent an important assertion of authority by Prince Basil.